Thursday, July 12, 2007

alang is coming back!!!

current song : definitely MIKA

mood : happyyyyy

just received testi from alang and she's coming back tomorrow!!!weeee~~!!!<33 wahhh rasa cam dah lama tak meet her!!haha padahal baru like 3-4 months kut ;p anywas,been driving around a lot lately .but nasib baik duit minyak takyah bayar.haha.and had been receiving calls for interviews and all.the latest one was as research analyst.but it's a japanese of coz i am s0oo thrilled..but at the same time..more like scaredddd because i'll be meeting japanese clients and definitely,i have to start flip back all my japanese books..aiyayaiyayai!!! ;p oh!!
insyaAllah am planning to meet my ssp girls this weekend!!weeeee~~!!! i hope berjaya la far in the list is nadz,kaem,qoyye,gg,apoo..but tak sure if inarah and fattie could join us.hope so boleh la~~ ;D OMG guess who? is going to be on air in...5mins..i wanna watch my ashton!! toodles~

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