Tuesday, July 31, 2007

putu..in loving memory..april-july 2007

current song : when you're gone by avril lavigne

mood : damn sad and wallowing...

today was really really unexpected..my beloved putu had passed away at 2.15pm today..it was an accident..and it was a tragic..

i just came back from eating lunch when i was sitting at the dining room and i heard cats fighting and a loud bang of the cage hitting something.as usual..i thought it was just the usual 'cat fight'..so i just "shush" them..and i don't know why i had this urge to peek through the window when i saw putu laying on the floor and there were blood everywhere...and i could see putu's feet shivering..as if 'menahan sakit' and it was seriously tragical..i could see my lil putu hanging on to its last breath..and the sight of blood everywhere was really horrific.so i shouted to my mom "MAAAAA~~~ something tak kena!!! darah merata2!!" and the rest..u can see mommy rushing downstairs and me like kucing hilang anak.shouting putu over and over again.and you should see the look on my face..seriously..i feel like fainting..

then mama was like.."dah mati dah..." and i was like "haa??!! betul ke ma???tipu!!!" and my mom was like.. "....." and i peeked under the cage and i could see putu's eyes were wide open and dark blood was coming out from lil putu's mouth,but and nose... :'( she was in pain..but nothing could be done.she died on the spot.....
kesian gilerrr...it was actually because of the stupid 'besi' on the cage..the besi was actually ON top of the cage..hanged there.and i guess the cats inside the cage fought and rocked the cage and putu happened to be nearby..it fell onto her.dat 'besi' was seriously HEAVY!!! and i guess it fell onto her head.and i could imagine how hurt it was..it's like a head chopper chopping your head.although i didn't saw the whole thing but i guess that's what happened..poor putu...

30mins before the incident..i was actually looking at putu and told mama " cantiklah putu..dah macam kucing siamese" (have u seen aristrocat..where there were cats singing.."we are siamese if you pleasee...") yep.that one.and she WAS pretty..and mama told me she was thinking the same thing.and then came the part where the besi fell and i heard a loud BANG and putu was dead......s0oooooooo sedihhh right now.i keep on telling my bro "kesiannnnyeeee" over and over and over..i guess ajal dia dah sampai..i love putu s0oo much and Allah had take her away..i guess cest la vie :(

i buried putu in front of the house today..it was really sad to see her..she was murdered by that stupid besi...during the so-called funeral..syafiq has to take the cat for me..covered with newspaper..i couldn't see putu's face.i DON'T want to see her face..she was too young to die..i guess Allah love her more....

to dear putu..in loving memory...april 07-july 07..may Allah bless your soul and may you rest in peace..aminnn...

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Monday, July 30, 2007

it's not an easy job ;p

finally i get to clean up my room!!huh! dah macam kucing beranak..yesterday was trying to make me enjoy my own space and time.no agendas.no plans.just me and my solitary :) so i switched on my pc.no connection with people and tuned into bic runga and james morrison.plus the weather was a bit cloudy and cool..the air..the birds..just the right mood...i grabbed a book at first.coz i think i need to start reading again.had those books at the back room.novels..mostly read but there are two books which i could never finished.'rich dad poor dad' given by azu and there's one book i bought when i was in high school.a witchery thingy.but BORING..so i end up sitting in my bed.tuning to the music and grab a magazine.one after another..for the first 2 hours..i was feeling...ahhh~~!! just what i need.. B-) but then later..i started to feel bored..i needed to do something..

so i end up cleaning up the room.reorganize the closet.my tshirts are like s0oo banyak!!plus yang kecik2 so menimbun like bukit and i hafta like fold it 'besar2' so that it will end up flat and doesnt take most of the spaces.i rearrange my make up table..tossing finished perfumes ( i need new gucci envy ) and throwing all the empty bottles,lotions..and loads and loads of unwanted receipts in the drawers :P then i went to my 'kucing beranak' bed..and straighten the bed sheet and changed the covers..fewh! it's not an easy job u know ;p and voila~! it's as tidy as a new hotel room.lol.s0o tired earlier in the evening..been babysitting lil ameer..who is getting more and more..grumpier.shouting here and there.walking all over the house.mentang2 dah boleh jalan.tunjuk bakat plak dia ;p and me,mengejarlah dia ke hulu ke hilir mana dia nak pegi.huh!so end up..i tinggal je si ameer ngan umi dia.since i wanna watch G&g at 10 ;p

and couldn't sleep last night.too tired to sleep..end up watching youtube and browsing the internet for God knows how long!! and tengok2 dah pukul 4 pagi?!! so i decided to sleep.takut terlepas subuh.now..i just woke up.clean up the house except my bed.cooked something to eat.boiled the water.washed the laundry and now..i'm sitting in my room..which is becoming like a 'kucing beranak' place AGAIN ;p i just can't keep up huh?definitely not an easy job.lol.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

she's back!! and she's....

well well..short update!! yesterday was really really random!!shila came to my house with a 'friend' at 10pm!! and we end up lepak2 til 12!!hahaa..it was great u know to have friends coming over to your place ;D plus,later at 11pm nadz came to my house just to meet shila and it was hillarious!!huh!lucky my parents sound asleep.fewh! ;p

so then this morning,i was actually planning to go for a walk with nadz!but then end up me,going with dad..so right after the walk..i met HER~~~!! yep..azz is back!!!weee~~!!! we met up for breakfast and we had great time..but we hafta cut it short since nadz has to rush back to her office.kerja on wikens?? ape cer kan nadz??!!;p so yep!!she's back..and she's s0oo thin!!! ;D

me and azz :)

nadz and azz : azz nyorok eh??:P

nadz and i :)

thanks girls for making my day :) lets do it again? ;) okei..i wanna watch one tree hill :D laters~ <33

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Friday, July 27, 2007

happy birthday my nucuk!!<33

it's her birthday!! nor hafizah haji masram!! she had been my friend since i was 13!! she had been there through thicks and thins.she had been my sweet..she had been my sour..she had been there throughout my life in ssp.she's my walking contradictions.she is my yin..i am her yang.eceeehh..hehe..she likes pink.i like purple.she likes very very bitter coffee..i like very sweet ones.. ;D through 10 years of friendship and still counting..we will always make sure that we always have each other..from her first boyfriend..till the latest (maybe her future husband ;p)..or even my ehem2 ;p we always have something to gossip about..she's my world.. :)

listens to the same songs.laugh at the same jokes.cried at the same sappy stories..and make fun of the same people.she's my nucuk!!! *you smell s0oo 'nice' that i should call u one :P * if she's not here with me..i would not have the person to turn to..knowing that shila and lela are t0o far away to reach ;p i know i could always rely on her..but now she's busy..rasa rindu plak kat minah ni.i hope she's doing fine :) she had always been the charming girl,bubly,crazy,smart,funny,and pretty girl too! <33 she's everything i'm not.. :)

to my fiza,my nucuk,my crazy buddy,my drama queen =D

happy 23rd birthday!!!may Allah bless you always!! love yah muchos muchos muchos!! and thanks for being the best i ever had, my bestfriend!! ;) hope you had a great day and can't wait to see u soon!!muahsss!!!hope *ehem2* give you someting special for your birthday ok ;) nanti we meet up and celebrate okei.enjoy!! <33 quoting this :

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times

It's you, it's you, You make me sing.

You're every line, you're every word, you're everything. =)

here's a gift for you =)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

i'm everything you're not

wowww~!!! finally..it's sunny day and i had a good start today..as usual woke up at 10am.haha..yeahh..yeah..anak dara bangun lambat?!! ;p but i just couldn't help myself.the comforter is s0oo..comforting? ;p well..just received an email from kaem yesterday..i was close to tears reading it.i wasn't in the right mood at that moment..but as soon as i read the email i feel like.yep,Allah is Great.. =) that's what friends are for.i'm everything they're not..they complete me..thanks babe!<33

so i woke up,did the laundries!! and washed the dishes!!,hanged the clothes!! and cleaned up the house..wow!!i'm definitely turning into surirumah yang berjaya.lol.had been having 'more' than enough sleeps lately..10hours!!haha.yep!!i'm sure you all jealous..hehehe..especially those girls yang baru balik and still jetlag ;D peace (^__-)v i had a verrrryyyyyy longggg sleeeeeppp girls ;p so i have to work more.been controlling my meals and weight..i'm graduating s0on.takmo la baju tak muat plak kang =p lol.i gained 4 kilos after 2 years!!huh!

but i had loads of nice food lately..had sambal petai for dinner minus the petai.eww..terima kasihlerrr...i makan sambal je.petai tidak ye >:P with ikan bakar.wow!!the simplest cook is s0o delicious!! and then had tiramisu ice cream for dessert and i'm still holding back to eat my cheese cake ;p save the best for the last..hehehe..and i was having loads of chocolates lately..to keep me 'alive'.eh 'alive' ke 'lively'?hehehe..ntah la kan..both pun boleh.i need to get out laa..dah almost 2 weeks tak keluar rumah.as in going out with friends la.i havent watched transformers,harry porter and even yang cite lama like ocean's 13, pirates of the carribean, fantastic four..ape lagi?u name it.sila jangan gelak.giler sengkek now.since elaun kena catu.so end up saving money and definitely in need of job!! sebab nak kena beli gifts.one last one : fiza!! ;D and i wanna watch transformer next week!! haruss!!! i don't care!! ;p

others than that..the only movies i can watch are the one at HBO,SMV,CINEMAX.lol.even dah bosan asyik tengok reruns.buweks!! and had been doing some online shopping.getting mama her aigner bag.suka dia! haku nih..haish..i want la one of those XOXO bag.cute!but nanti2 la..since dah tau website dia now..boleh la shopping selalu..window shopping pun takpe.cheaper ;p alamak..lapar plak tetiba.nak makan aiskrim la ;D later~

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Monday, July 23, 2007

i really want to be a better person

lately i am not feeling well..although u can say i can chat to nuren for like 4hours and kaem for 3hrs!!and saying i'm sick? *cough*cough* but i am..maybe it's the weather..it's raining all day long yesterday..even today..haiyo...and the langit was like mendungggg je..otak haku pun mendung...je. ;D memang mood swings gilerr2..like times 1000000..huhuhu..i dunno why..hormones?nah..i'm lack of dat ;p it must be the weather..

azz called me today.it's s0o good to hear familiar voices through the phone.it makes you feel like 'sunny day'.it's been a while since pee called anyway.i know,you're on tight budget.it's ok :) me,defintely on tight budget too.just bought alang's gifts and hafta wait till next week.to get fiza's gift plak ;p i need cash to even buy a card phone.so i can call pee.promised him.but nanti2lah..anyway,msn kan ada.. =) i hope it will be sunny on saturday..so i can go for a walk with azz and nadz at the park..and breakfast too..finger crossed v

well..i really wanna be a better person.good one.body and soul..but ada..je benda yang halang.i cried again today.why?ntah.i dont have any specific reasons.it must be the weather.i hate being guilty..it's the worst and the weirdest feelings ever! it's not like i did something wrong..but sometimes even other people yang buat salah..i plak yang rasa bersalah..huhu..to mama..although you're not reading this..i dunno why..i just feel like saying sorry to you..BIG time..i may be the kinda of person who likes to choose her own way..stubborn and spoilt.if i'm not a good person.teach me to be one.if i'm not a better person.teach me to be one.how i hope i could be a better person each day.ya Allah..do give me strength..amin...

it must be the weather..haishh..

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

hey ho lets go!

woww!!2 fuggin days is what i needed.and thanks to chunkie and kaem!! <33 remedies..just what i need.talking to friends and getting myself preoccupied.bloghopping and pojoe! huh!! suprise suprise!! you made me laugh thinking of it ;D takpe takpe..at least i have 'something' to tease you next time!anyways..so i'm done with 'him'.insyaAllah..pray for me..although it needed more time to heal (it wasnt THAT hurt though..but the ache is still there)..but i hope dat i can move on..(dun worry..it was nothing actually..it's something in the past)

so..had been listening to 'patah seribu' (quoting nadz ;p ) on and on and on..and suddenly 'menghapus jejakmu' was really really helping.it's weird when you feel like u needed more time alone..you will end up pouring to your besties to make you feel better..coz you know they will always be there for you..to listen to your crap although it's not like a 'major' WWII crisis.so anyways,yesterday met lela at OU.although for like 45mins.but sempat borak2 and saw her bowling..it's good to see her.and congrats to aju!she's such a smart arse i shall say.bravo bravo! i can't imagine myself doing medicine.huhu.very bad 'view'.haha.but happy happy! met lela..after..3months ;p she's doing great and looking great too! and we are now both graduated!! weee~!! but as for me..i'm looking for a job..and i wasnt sure if i can still apply for masters this year..macam tak sempat je..but if tak sempat pun takpe..i can always hantar by the end of the year.no rush ;)

and azz!! yeay!! you're back!! can't wait to see you.saw you in your cute white robe! and you looked lovely dear ;) hope to see you anytime soon..and as for now..i am busy sending resumes to here and there.i'm to picky i guess..getting offers from shah alam and klang..most japanese and computer companies are there.but i could not think of how to get there and my dad said that it's too far and it might be not worth it to travel all the way there..just for work.there are still other companies aroun kl..note that : close to my house and public transports are available :p so i have to decline them.recently applying for some companies in PJ and i hope for the best.finger crossed.at the same time i am sending proposal for my master's programme.but i have to consult with the supervisor in japan first.because i think the application for this year is closed.

others than that..i just don't understand firefox!!haha..my blog looking figgin ugly bila buka guna firefox!urghhh!! tak suke..so adalah dinasihatkan kepada kawan2 bloggers saya..gunalah IE untuk membaca blog saya ;D sekian..terima kasih.peace y'all.have a nice weekend! (^__-)v

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

..menghapus jejak mu..

terus melangkah melupakanmu

lelah hati perhatikan sikapmu

jalan pikiranmu buatku ragu

tak mungkin ini tetap bertahan

perlahan mimpi terasa mengganggu

kucoba untuk terus menjauh

perlahan hatiku terbelenggu

kucoba untuk lanjutkan itu

engkau bukanlah segalaku

bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkahku

usai sudah semua berlalu

biar hujan menghapus jejakmu

terus melangkah melupakanmu

lelah hati perhatikan sikapmu

jalan pikiranmu buatku ragu

tak mungkin ini tetap bertahan

perlahan mimpi terasa mengganggu

kucoba untuk terus menjauh

perlahan hatiku terbelenggu

kucoba untuk lanjutkan itu

engkau bukanlah segalaku

bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkahku

usai sudah semua berlalu

biar hujan menghapus jejakmu

lepaskan segalanya

lepaskan segalanya

engkau bukanlah segalaku

bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkahku

usai sudah semua berlalu

biar hujan menghapus jejakmu

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Friday, July 20, 2007

why must now??

current mood : confused!!

current song : ella : jujur ta'kan melupakan

why not another two years..??when i'm totally over you??seriously..when i received the text..i feel like throwing the phone straight to the wall!!shait!! kenapa??why must you ruin my weekend?! seriously..i think i'm such a hypocrite.lying to myself.lying to my friends about my feelings for him.right after reading the text..it says :
"***** ada kat mesia.." i went like WTF???? and right at that moment,
the same old feelings came rushing back inside me.hatred.confused.sad.betrayed.frustrated.and definitely insecure! kenapa??? kenapa mesti sekarang?? kenapa tak nanti?? bila aku dah tak ingat langsung kat ngko..now is too early.the scar is still there..the pain started to bleed again.all the memories and images came flashing into my head.dayme! i definitely...........

still..not over him (>___<) ....

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

i'm such a hypocrite...

i woke up this morning with this weird feelings.talked to kaem and i thought..i must be a hypocrite.there's too many things that i want in my life that could show my hypocritenesses.haihh..but as usual..we are humans....

i might be happy with whatever i have in life..so far..i AM.i am thankful for i am still breathing and yet feel the pain in my head this morning.yep another sign of fever i think..dizziness.anyways,i am happy for i have my mom,dad,lil bro,bro,sis and even the new family members : kak dee,ameer and abg amin.but somehow..being with all of them doesnt make me happy enough? ok,so i add more..i have friends which i can never exchanged with any other things in this world.my crazy bunch who's always there for me through thicks and thins.and my ultimate listeners who'll always listen to my kinkiness and still..i'm unhappy? hhmmm..so i thought..what makes me a better person and thankful for the way i am?? maybe...there's too many things that i wanted in life that sometimes..i could not fulfill all of it that makes me feels like.."haishh..what am i doing??"

sometimes..i want to make everyone happy..but me,i'm not happy?? it's hard to 'jaga hati' semua orang than to take care of ours.does that makes me a hypocrite? i said i will do it..but i didn't..for i have reasons to not fulfilling it..does THAT makes me a hypocrite? i keep on saying i'm a walking contradiction.i'm happy,funny,bubbly,friendly,hardworking,punctual,loving but actually..i'm none of those above..does THAT makes me hypocrite? well,its not that i am NONE of the above..but i CAN be NONE of the above..see..there's too many things that i wanted in life.. i'm always an ambitious person..i hoped that one day i could continue my studies in japan.doing my master there and talk fluently in japanese.and later,i hoped that i could work in one of those japanese industry..but which company..i dunno yet.might be in IT company..or like one of those FUJITSU,TOSHIBA bla bla..so much of ambitious..my a*se! ;p

i had few options in my life..like furthering studies on my own..as in learn MORE japanese,improve my japanese and work at one of the company which requires me to speak japanese.or maybe further my studies in RFID but in JAPAN ( still! ) and while studying while making myself fluent in japanese..hehe..but then..i,myself..am not sure of what i wanna be?? a programmer? a system analyst? research analyst? translator? what else? ..but recently..my options are more on consulting firm.which i have NO IDEA,what it is all about.but yet, requires me to speak japanese..but talking business is NOT me.i never learnt business in my whole life..so i wonder how can i speak japanese and talk about business?woahhh~!! seriously..i can NOT imagine. or maybe..i just work for 2 years..and reorganize my future..maybe in that way..i can try to figure things out.huhuhu.oh well..i hope things will go my way...

but then again..being a walking contradiction, myself, is pretty much being a hypocrite.people see me as innocent..but i dare not to say that..coz i MIGHT be innocent..i guess ;D people see me as smart ass..but tell you what..this smart ass is not smart anymore.maybe i acted like one.haha! very very hypocrite.. ;p so,that is why.....what's with being hypocrite? was it for better or worse? or is it just to cover up what reality's not..hmmm..i feel bad..for what i did to myself.trying to make me believe..that i can be THAT kind of person..but in the end..i am just another person who's trying her best to be THAT person..the harder i try..the farther it gets.so i guess..PEOPLE can be hypocrite sometimes..how,when and where..is subjective..right? 'you' tell me ...

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the reason i smiled

finally..the time has come!wee~!! kakak was back yesterday..it's been 2 months since we went and visit her in kelantan.and yep yep yep!she brought me 'the cake'! i've been waiting for!!<33 it was for my belated birthday since i didn't get a cake for my birthday the other day!! and lucky me~!! she bought me my favourite!! cheesy choc!! ;D i finally got the whole cake to myself!!hehe.

but we saved the cake for the last.coz then kakak treat us all for dinner!my belated birthday dinner =) awee..thanks kak!! <33

kakak and hubby =)

kakak and me <33

so then after the dinner..we all went back home for the birthday ceremony..hehe.pretty much just the candles blowing thingy je la ;p and si kenit joined me!! hehehe.s0oo comel tau ameer!! he wanted to blow the candles too!!

si kenit excited!

us blowing our belated birthday cake ;)

i had a great day yesterday!!even mr eel made my day~!! weee~!! haish...shiawase na~ hontou ni dattara~!! tsk tsk..nuwen chunk~!! tatsukete kure..

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

weeeee~~!!! no doubt!i heart my ssp girls very much!!

wahh!! yesterday was the best day ever!!i bet the best of the year so far ;) because...i went out with these beautiful and crazy girls!!! weee~~!!! ;) i went out with nadz,kaem,fatie,nerk and aisyah!!wowww!!memang best giler!! supposedly apoo,gg and qoyye should come..but last minute..they can't..sob sob..

anyways,me and nadz went to pick up kaem at taman bahagia..she just finished taking her english exams.kaem is gonna be one good lecturer soon!!she's leaving for warwick insyaAllah~~!!! we all pray for you kaem!!

so then off~!! we go to one utama to wait for nerk,fatie and ecah.nerk was the first to arrive and we took her to wait at the side of the road.and while waiting for ecah and fattie..we end up gossiping in nadz car!!ape lagi?!!! gamat la~!! itu baru 4 orang sspian!! then ecah came and then finally..fattie came!!it was funny though..if you happened to pass by the one utama..u can see cars were parking by the side of the road like in the middle of the nowhere.hahah.macam ada convoy je~~ hahah..so off we went to santai where we booked a place for our lunch ;)

bila dah kat santai..sila lah~~!!menjerit sana menjerit sini.gelak sana gelak sini..suka hati nak buat ape..orang lain tak kesah pun.heheheh..and wahh!!fatty!! lama giler tak jumpa dia!! like after spm!!! eh was it??;p but yeah~!! she's s0oo....fatty :D heheh..pweety as always..and she's gonna be our future architect!! the cool thing is..she took double degree in architecture and engineering!! woww!! titie!! s0oo pandaiiii~!!

and then there were nerk!!wahhhhh~!!! s0oo happy to seee her!! hah! yang nih memang confirm after spm tak jumpa langsung!! and wahh!! sudah menjadi QS consultant for 2 years now!! i'm s0o proud of you nerk!! so we lepak2 makan and woah!!we were s0o lapar okei.i was supposed to share my 'lauk' with fattie..end up ..i abeskan most of it.haha.sorry fattie~~ <33 so bila nerk dah jumpa ngan nadz and kaem..huh!! ape lagi!
cheeky2 ;p gossip sakannnn~!!!

and then on my side was ecah,fatie and me.so i was about to take pictures with ecah..si kaem mesti ada~~!! hahaha..kaem..kaem ;p

so then we makan2 and borak2..so like 3 something..we all headed to my house for solat and MORE gossipss~!!! ;D


got loads of pictures of us gossiping..but most of it could not view here..so if u wanna see it..just leave me a message :)

so then..after that we all went to nadz's house for basketball~!!!best sangat sangat!!! we all played 3 on 3..and definitely best la..although we played like agak beriye..but still, we played for fun..and hafta stopped since everyone dah semput!hahaha.so we lepak2 for some shots!!

overall..we had a blast!!i definitely had a great time!!kan nadz?!! we think that we should do MORE of this kinda meeting..gonna be great fun and good for your health too ;p but i think maybe we can do this when everyone's back for good :) so here are the rest of the pictures okei ...enjoy!! =)

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Friday, July 13, 2007

anytime now... ;)

wee~~!! anytime now..alang's gonna be in klia.anyways,i had been thinking..many thoughtful thoughts..like kenapa..orang tu dia rajin giler,tak tinggal solat and he/she had done everything she could.but still,she/he tak dapat apa yang dia nak. sedangkan pulak,orang yang otak memang power tuh tayah cite la..but then clubbing,minum arak,and buat2 benda tak elok..(bukan la kita ni tak buat benda2 tak elok..but like MAJOR benda tak elok ;D is considered here ) tapi still,dapat kejayaan yang takde orang boleh lawan..well,no offends.but this IS reality. not all,but there are segelintir like this.so i went and ask my dad..kenapa macam tu? s0o my wise man said :

Allah itu Maha mengasihi.kenapa dia buat macam tuh? sebab..mungkin Allah nak uji dia..adakah seseorang insan itu akan sedar bahawa walaupun dia melupakanNya,melakukan dosa tapi Allah masih mengasihinya..masih memberi dia peluang untuk memperoleh kejayaan.sedangkan yang bertungkus lumus itu tidak pernah melupakanNya..sering kali tidak putus asa..masih tidak mendapat kejayaan atau kenikmatan yang dikehendaki..maka Allah akan sentiasa mengasihi mereka.mungkin mereka-mereka ini tidak mendapat kejayaan yang dikehendakinya di dunia ini..tetapi di akhirat..insyaAllah,Allah mejanjikan kejayaan dan kenikmatan yang pasti..kerana sentiasa mengingatiNya dan redha dengan ketentuanNya.maka mereka yang tidak sedar diri itu pula,Allah juga akan berjanji..jika mereka melupakanNya..Dia juga akan melupakan mereka :)..

wow!! see...it's veryyy deep.i always sighed every time i didn't get what i want.i thought i've tried.but yet...things just won't go my way.so my dad taught me : SABAR :) hehe.i ni memang short tempered sikit.eh sikit ke?banyak kut ;p even tadi masa nak beli CD R/W i dah nak flipped dah!ye aa..kat upm,satu CD rm1 je..tapi tengok2 kat kedai tadi rm2.20!!wth??i was about to mengomel dah..but then i angkat casing dia,skali ada dua daaa ;p seee!!;D mane kesabaran ku itew??hahaha.and then my bro plak..is s0o NOT helping tau.i was driving..dia pegi side orang yang nak masuk lane and honked me! bukannye nak sokong i! i dah signaled tauuu!! i kan 'P'..kasi muka la sket..hehe.but all in all..ada hikmah disebaliknye rite :)

wow!!anytime now..like in less than 12hrs ;D i will be meeting my ssp gals!!yippie! sangat tak sabar pleasee~~!! i hope alang could go to.hafta call her tonite.finger crossed v i had been going out EVERY weekends since i got back from s.a.went out with shila like 3times.then went out with nadz,and then with my nipponism freaks, and esok plak nak pegi jumpa my ssp gals.and then like next week azz dah balik!
confirm she nak meet me up ;D kak mizz is getting engaged plak next saturday!! wahhhh~~!!i'm jobless and runnning out of cash!!ngeee =D i nak kawen orang kaya boleh?? ;p hahahaha.okei.gtg shower.got wedding bells to go tonite ;) tunggu saya hapdet pasal outing kami besok ye ;) toodles~

p/s:alang sampai esok so tak sempat nak join.sob2 :"(

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

alang is coming back!!!

current song : definitely MIKA

mood : happyyyyy

just received testi from alang and she's coming back tomorrow!!!weeee~~!!!<33 wahhh rasa cam dah lama tak meet her!!haha padahal baru like 3-4 months kut ;p anywas,been driving around a lot lately .but nasib baik duit minyak takyah bayar.haha.and had been receiving calls for interviews and all.the latest one was as research analyst.but it's a japanese thingy.so of coz i am s0oo thrilled..but at the same time..more like scaredddd because i'll be meeting japanese clients and definitely,i have to start flip back all my japanese books..aiyayaiyayai!!! ;p oh!!
insyaAllah am planning to meet my ssp girls this weekend!!weeeee~~!!! i hope berjaya la kan..so far in the list is nadz,kaem,qoyye,gg,apoo..but tak sure if inarah and fattie could join us.hope so boleh la~~ ;D OMG guess who? is going to be on air in...5mins..i wanna watch my ashton!! toodles~

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

happy birthday to you ;)

to my everdearest kaem!!she had been such a lovely friend!!we were in the same skool til matrix!!and yep..we had fun!!it had been 10 wonderful years!! you had been such a good friend and good sport too!!

had a wonderful year last year with you!!roadtrip is definitely a YES-YES!!=) and we definitely had a blast at batu pahat kan!!!i loveeee those moments!!it's the best part of the year!! we were crazy but hey,that's just plain us,huh?

trust me,knowing you..you will do just fine in warwick (is it warwick?? :P) wishing you all the best and may Allah bless you always..happy 23rd birthday nurul karimah!!and psst!!don't forget to call me :D can't wait to see you!! <33 have a GRRREAT day on your birthday! ;) love yah!! <33

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

it's not easy to get what u want..

heya!fewh!!what a GREATTT weekends! i went out with my beautiful ladies as you can see =) and we had like s0oo many things to catch up with each other.so ecah picked me up at home,all the way from puchong and off we go to midvalley.the plan was supposed to be at 12pm but end up..all of us had something came up,so we end up meeting at 1pm at kenny rogers! it had been ages since i last eaten the mac and cheese and definitely healthy grilled chicken.yum2.i even asked for 2 portions of mac and cheese for my side dishes.but end up the portions was like ONE portion!!so sikit la that person letak for me! i'm mac and cheese BIGGEST fan tau!! ;p nway,although we met up quite late.but it doesnt keep us from hearing aishah's Xrated stories like "woahh~~!!"..hehehe..very very XRATED!! we even continued the stories later on at the san francisco.. ;D

so anyways,i really miss those gals.havent meet up like a year!! we had like this crazy chemistry going on..like we can talk forever..we first met in tokyo.during the hari raya 2004.back then i never met sofia before..so we end up meeting again during rina's birthday party and we went parteyyy!!! at the karaoke til wee hours (even hafta wait for the earliest train the next day ;p ) so that's when i met piah!hehe.and we had this weirdest connections like out of no where *kapoff* we're friends for life!!and the funny thing is that we happened to be 'not' liking the same person too!! hhmm..definitely chemistry =) so yeah..they are like sisters to me..even! sofia is the same age as my eldest brother!! ;p people said we looked like twins.even when i was in japan,people called us 'futago' : twins.hehe.but i somehow don't know..which part of us is 'same'?hmmmm...

so anyways,we end up talking and talking and talking till like 4 something then jana came and joined us.too bad jana was quite late that we hafta 'ciao-ciao' idi :( but we sempat had fun like 30mins!!coz we took like 30-40pictures!!! with definitely weird poses :P knowing us~~!! quoting aishah : 'camera whores!' haha.so after having this spastic and hmm pretty much like retarded friends meeting ;p we hafta leave early..since sofia has somewhere else to go and me+ecah hafta go back early.

so ecah sent me home and it was aroun 5.40pm and guess what?mom's not at home and i end up continuing our l0oong conversations in the car! til 7pm!hehe.we just can't have enough of each other can't we? :P all in all..i had a GGRRRREAT time with my gals <33 thanks babes!!we even promised to each other to make a monthly meeting since all of us are working now ( me:soon ;p )

anyways,i just had an interview today ;) alhamdulillah..everything went well.i was early..managed to do the requirement test : system analyst.answered most of the questions they asked.so i met the two main person in the interview..and roughly,i would say it went well..and i'd tried my best.so the rest..is Allah's desicions..lets just pray for the best.so the interview was for the first round,so if i am qualify for the post..i will have to attend another interview with the BIG man ;) loads of thanks and kisses to nadz!! <33 it's not easy to get what u want u know..so anyways,will keep updated..i'm meeting kaem and jijie this weekends with nadz!!insyaAllah..i hope we could have our crazy plans 'berjaya'!! can't wait!!! xoxo

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

i had a blast

too tired to write..let the pictures do the talking =)

p/s: will update later tomorrow.and by the way,we didn't go sushi but having a blast at kenny was priceless!! <33 thanks to cah and eya.cayunk korang!! xoxo

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

saya sangat penatttt

wahhh..what a day~!! it's reallllly hot lately!!and everytime i'm out of the air conditioned territory..i am surely to sweat or my face went like 'belengas'.just chatted with pee..and he sounded s0oo having fun!! he's in wellington now.roadtrip with friends.and he even went to the urm..ape ntah swing thingy like the one u saw in tv.i know how it looks like la.and i know it's supercooollll~~!! s0o noicee!! i had always wanted to do that and bungee jumping too!but hmm..i guess i need permission from my mom,huh?huhu.anyways, today is kak aishah's engagement ceremony..congrats kak ecah!!finally u got the date 07.07.07 huh?dowry also must be rm77,777.77 la baru best!!:P haha.kidding.i hope she had a wonderful day today...

as for me..i woke up at 10am!!and yep..u can tell that i didn't go for a jog today.end up dad was asleep too!haha.s0o much of 'road of perdition' huh?;p both end up t0o tired to wake up early (my dad said he woke me up today..but i was sound asleep.so pretty much..he joined me jugee =p ) s0o..i was s0o hungry and hurriedly woke up my bro so he 'teman' me to a dear friend's sis' wedding!! ;) the ceremony was supposed to be from 10am to 12pm.so guess what time i arrived la kan??=D tepat2 jam dua belas!hahahaha..seb baik sempat.so just in time to meet the bride and my dear friend renee =)

mind the chubbiness..saya baru bangun tido =D

renee was a good friend back in skttdi..but she moved out to melawati i think and never met since then.but then last year..after like what..10 years!!we met again!! but the thing is,we met in UPM!!huh!so much of a jodoh huh?and she was pretttyyy noww~!! she always had =) so we get back together and today was like our real first meeting to sit and chat =) then took the picture with her pretty sister,kak reeva.

kak riey and me =)

happened to be,kak riey is my sister's best friend back then!what a small world huh?so i went there as 'wakil' for my sister since kakak is in kelantan.i feel s0o tired today....maybe sleeping in late last nite..although i used to sleep late.but somehow yesterday was worst! and i am supposed to meet up with putri today.i guess i blew it off..feel bad though.coz she's leaving for indon tomorrow =( oh well..hope i could catch her tomorrow..am going out with my japanese freaks tomorrow =D *peace* we're going for a movie and sushiiiii!! weeee~~!! <33

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weeeeee seronottt..

wahhhh tetiba malam ni macam tak mengantuk plak..just finished watching 'road to perdition'.i think i've watched it a few times and i still like the story line..i always have this softspot for mobsters..hahaha.mereka sangat kewl okei ;p so..dats why my eyes are all wide rite now.coz me and ma dad sanggup tunggu nightline gara2 nak tunggu the story sambung after that..and huh!satisfying!! BUT i hafta sleep..esok another day for jog!!and weeeee~~!!! saya sudah menukar layout saya!!! hehehe..i suddenly got an idea of using this happy colors and i loike!! plus..i think all the background and layout are from my own colllections and the combinition of colors..saya suke! =D tetiba dapat ilham nak color nih.ceria kan??ok then..nak hapdet pasal tu jer :P esok kena bangun awal..nite nite

i rasa ni gara2 happy dapat makan kek.lol.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

updated for today!!

hey ho.just a short update.wahhh s0oo happy today!!dd bought me a cake!!alaaa..
i rasa nak nangis pun ada.yeaa..i had been asking for cakes but happened to be my family misunderstood each other.my mom thought,my big bro will buy me the cake and and my mom and dad will treat me for my birthday dinner.my big bro thought my mom will buy the cake.haha.bagusla tuh!so end up,NO CAKES on my birthday!!s0o sad!!opss!!but i did get my birthday cake from shila though earlier on that day =D thanks shila <33

so then..i malas nak cakap i sedih la kan.(if kakak was here.i bet she already bought my favourite cake.sob.sob) so end up.till today...dd said "lets go find a cake for you" alaaa...i terkejut please..not only one,but two of my favourites!! and now..i'm all smileyyyy =)=)

thanks dd <33

my all time favourite : raspberry cheese!!<33

and my heavenly chocolate indulgence aaahh~~

oh i only get the slices one because i know everyone else doesnt like my choice of cakes.haha.bagus jugak!i makan sorang2 lagi best!! hahahah..no lah..i'm planning to eat the whole cake when kakak is here.thanks dd..i l0oove you s0oo mucchhh xoxo and still..i am waiting for kakak to come back for my birthday gifts and my baskin robins' cake!! i hope =p well at least..secret recipe is a must!!=D okei..later~

p/s: i defintely eat loads of cakes huh?;p

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it's about time =)

haishhh...had been browsing and browsing for new skin for my blog.but none yang menawan hati saye..hehe..well..it's about time jugak for me to change into sumting brighter..but i totally attached with dark color kut..plus..i like the retro 'bulat2' thing as the background.cool kan? :P

anyways,in 4 days..banyak benda dah jadi.like two days ago..i went for my first job interview at lenovo..which i loveee s0oo much the place and all..and the position was as a web technical writer..at first was superrr finee..but then..in the middle..something happened..i know i have this web thingy inside me..BUT takde rezeki i guess.and i just received an email saying that i 'tidak berjaya' ( i knew it the moment i walked out that door :( ) sob sob..but its okei..better luck next time ;) plus,mama was hoping i could work at ....hmmm..i hope so too =)

then got my next birthday present!yep!another blouse from mommy.see...good things keep on coming ;) so here's the so-called blouse i guess :P

dats the baju..its purpleee..i loike

and dats me putting on the baju.. :P

and this is the baju without me =D

haha..yeap dats the close up..so me lookie hugeee :P anyways,had been dloading manjalara from youtube..the previous episodes..OMG i am s0o not confessing this but jehan miskin in that drama..seriously...melting laaaa...<33 i definitely tableh tahan mamat mate sepet pleaseee.. hahah..shhh~~!!rahsia kita2 je.hahaha..yeahhh rightt..but real thing..i just don't really fancy him.uiks!boleh tak? ;p neeways,had been having trouble to sleep lately..even in the evening like for a short nap.so i end up back aching coz i lo0ve laying down on the bed while using the lappy.BAD habit!!:P so since i duk layan manjalara and endless supercoolness chats with my buah hati.haha 'nurenchunk' laaa~~ <33 so pretty much..i need to stop doing this.hehe.plus,lately..i had been s0oo not constantly go for my jog..so i need to keep up working out..i need the energy and stamina for err...house keeping??:p

had been supir,maid,gardener and fulltime unemployed..so i definitely need to work out more..cleaning up the house..definitely tiring.oh well,heading to bed now.hafta wake up early for a jog tomorrow.counting days til 16th..kakak is coming!!can't wait!!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

its her birthday!!<33

she had been in my life for a decade now and God knows how l0ong is that??she is the person who doesnt talks about herself or her feelings that much,but she listens..she's the one who listens to all my crappy jokes..and saying yes to all my yes-no questions...she is a definition of vogue,vintage and reserved.she can be such a drama queen and unpredictably crazy..sumtimes =p

and yet..she is sweeeett and niceee =)

she's always there for me through thicks and thins..the shoulder to lean on..and my favourite driver when she's back for summer! <33

and she can be really really quiet..and she thinks a lot too..i think she talks to herself sometimes :p no kidding..hehe

but most of the time..she is fun!!funny and laughs to all of my jokes.MOST of it ;) and she can't stand being teased that she will blush or laugh and urm..take a hide under her shades??haha

she can be a damsel in distress to be saved by a knight in a shining armor..but she is loving to her friends <33 ...to her family...

and to her love ones..

she is the answers to his love =) and so is he to hers..and i hope they are happy and blessed..with each other..coz i know,i AM..i am blessed with such pure heart and such honesty and such greatest gift of all..i am blessed with her friendship.may our friendship remain forever..insyaAllah..

to my all time best friend in the world..

to one and only, LELAWATI ISA..
happy 23rd birthday alang!! may Allah bless you always and my your hopes and dreams come true!!may you have the greatest birthday ever and i know azz will accompany you on your birthday..so enjoy! and live in the moment while u can =) love yah!! and thank you for being such a helluva friend!! mmuahss <33

p/s: hope to see u soon xoxo

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

thank you darlinkss <33

hey peeps!although yesterday was my birthday..but the tempias still terasa still today.hehe.trust me..it will be happening till alang come back from londie~~ xoxo and oh!!thanks pee <33 calling all the way....i was about to 'tuntut' u a GOOD present since i thought u almost forgot my burfday ;p nasib baik,huh?haha.hope you had fun in new zee.the land of sheep eh??anyway..mama decided to give me her present today.my choice :):) it s0oo niceeee...it's deep purple in color.i think a mix of purple and maroon in color.and it's bling bling.hehe.i love it ma!thankssss xoxo

the box also in maroon ;)

the pretty baju i loikee =)

the happening box and kapoof!!it's a pweety bohemian shirt@blouse i think!!;)

i wanted to make it more like detail pictures..but i'm kinda sleepy =p had been staying up for urm..14hours a day lately.i just edited the songs i wanted to put in my handphone and guess what?? my handphone is fully mika-sorize and o.c-cerized too! hehe..i transfer into the nokia pc suite,my favourite songs : relax and love today by mika and of coz!california by phantom planet.coolness!! saya suka kalau orang menelefon atau sms saya sekarang ;p anyway..i had been having these unpredictable telepathics communication with nurenchunk lately and in fact,i'm loving it.haha.making me wishing to be in japan even more!! how i wish we were neighbours..ahhh..shiawase naaa...~~ insyaAllah..i am still working on it.ada rezeki adalah kan?=)
oh well!still no sign of cakes yet...although i did have my birthday cake from shila yesterday..and i ate two slices of pizza,AGAIN today!!wowieee..but still..no signs of cake..hmmm..i was planning to buy brownies instead.it looked s0o yummy!!but my dad said he doesnt like brownies.darn!but i KNOWWW..abang promised me to give me the cake ;) by hook or by crook!=p oh!my bro went and watched the transformers ALONE today!!s0o not fair!!and came back telling me all the details which i definitely NOT interested coz i was t0o envied to listen.so he end up sleeping in my bed dozzing off peacefully.with no signs of his 'anak and isteri'.kak dee and ameer went to school since they had this gotong royong thingy..haishh..bukan main lagi..he still enjoys being single huh..i wonder did he realize that he actually has a one year old son??=p oh well..need to shut some eyes now..too sleepy to stay awake

*hmm..i wonder is nadz asleep yet?i bet she's playing cards or jalan2 pusing penang at the mo sambil melepak di mapley mana2 ni..jeles2*

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