Friday, June 22, 2007

what a day =)

hey ho!just finished watching the oc.OMG!that volchok is prankster in other word 'perosak hidup orang'!!he was never the kind of person marissa should hangs out with.see~!!now marissa is dead!!yeah..yeah..i know.i'm s0o ketinggalan but at least i wont be to0 bored staying at home waiting for the beautiful moon-work fall into my lap =D which is next to forever! but i'm enjoying it.due to the workload i had been given lately.i am now officially the maid,merangkap supir dan pembantu rumah tak bertauliah.i'm the one who has to clean the house,wash the dishes,cook (sumtimes),hang the clothes,taking care of my lil nephew and yep!recently,i'm the chauffeur for my mom and lil bro to go here and there *sigh* well..what's the use of my license anyway,rite?so went to send ash to his tuition just now,in rain!and i was actually driving ALONE.and pretty shocker!i managed to arrive home safely,and in one piece.haha.its kinda scarry when i drive alone.coz i need sumone to talk to me while i'm driving although i wasn't clearly focused on the conversation but it keeps my nerve calmed ;D last time i was driving alone,i can't remember which route i took and luckily i wasn't lost.haha.alaaa..ttdi ni bukannya besar sangat.hehehehe.

shila is now heavenly on her way to china,enjoying her summer holidays with her family.and i'm sure she's gonna have a blast spending her money shopping-till-she- drop dead gorgeous!haha.and as for me,i'm counting days till the day i'll turn 23!wow!!the number looked like i'm getting older and wiser..but for those who are in 30's and 40's..they'll just say.."you're still young.there's a lot of things to learn" believe me,i agree with them. i am yet not a good cook or even baker.i don't cook,unless my mom told me so.and i DON'T bake.please~ except for baked mac and cheese :D else than that i'm just what they call : "menghabiskan beras" lol.sitting at home doing nothing unless i was told to do mum even asked me to join her class and i was like "woahh~~!i'm not THAT old to spend the rest of my so-called-beautiful life hanging out with people twice my age.." hehehe..kijamnyee..yeah..i know its good for me.but trust me,i'll be the first and the one and only young girl in the class.which will definitely stood out huh?oh the end of the day..i'm just a person who's soon to smash her head against the wall really HARD to make sure she has her consciousness enough to stay alive and go for job a life~

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