Sunday, June 17, 2007

ahlan wasahlan~ i'm back :)

me,at the red sea.on the way to jeddah airport

hye people.its been a while huh?it took forever for me to finally get back to my previous state of been s0oo lazy and not in the mood lately.i guess the weather sucks and made me feel down and drowsy to even reply smses or phonecalls :P anyways,alhamdulillah.i've safely arrived from Makkah.and selamat mengerjakan umrah's been 4days now.and slowly..i'm not missing Makkah anymore (note dat first 2 days..i feel s0oo down and sad that i misses Makkah badly :P ) hehe.alhamdulillah..going to Makkah and Madinah was the greatest holiday ever!i definitely will not forget the moments spent's like..woah!!!tak boleh nak describe..seriously.even the ustaz,the tourist guide, told us that every time a person leaves the tanah haram,a very deep sad feeling..a heavy hearted kinda feeling..huh.i guess the ustaz was right.the moment i left the tanah haram..rasa macam berattttt je hati ni..nak cakap sedih tak nangis pun,nak cakap happy,tak senyum or gelak pun..definitely a deep weirdly sad feelings.but alhamdulillah..thanks papa for giving me the greatest vacation ever :)

the trip was 12days..4days in Madinah and 8days in Makkah.the first 4days was quite relaxing coz we did our own activities like just hanging aroun the Madinah..jalan2 and do some shoppings.we went to dates farm and we went to bukit uhud and we went to the para shuhada's was like walking back in those ancient time.seriously,i was captivated in disbeliefs.the hill's still there and the tomb,yep!definitely.we also went to makam Rasulullah saw.and perform our prayers in Raudhah (Taman Syurga)..being like being really really close to Rasulullah saw..subhanAllah..and to get the chance to pray in Raudhah is s0o lucky coz people berebut2 nak solat kat situ :)so then, after the 4days in Madinah,we drove off to Makkah.the trip took 5hours by bus.and we were all in our ihram for the first time :) so once in Makkah..we're all full speed for umrah.since it's not easy for us,one family to get together and get the chance to go Makkah,so we make full use of our stayed there :) Makkah is fascinating.the Masjidil Haram is undescribable!! i even met Amy Search and Jimmy Shanley there :P in Makkah,we went to historical places like gua hira',jabal nur,jabal tsur,jabal rahmah,arafah,mina and ja'ranah.i even rode the camel at arafah!very scarry!!but fun!! :) the food there was ok.but since we're under a most of the time the food was cooked by the indonesian cook.and sumtimes if we're too hungry..we go and eat the chicken mandi..the best ever!!its rice with this roasted chicken.arabian style :D sedap gilsss!!and yep!the kebab was superb!!yum2 ;) so on the last day before going back to malaysia.we stopped by at the floating mosque on the way to jeddah.and we saw the red sea!! :) overall,the days spent and the moments treasured was like 'subhanAllah' and trust me..i wanna go there many times as i can..i'm sure you all do are some of the pictures..there's like 500pictures.i managed to post some of those yang nak tengok the rest of the pics.lemme know.coz i made it private ;) so,enjoy the pictures :)

us in masjidil nabawi

masjidil nabawi at night.pweeeetyyyy

papa and abg,arab style : in ladang kurma ;P

me and mama at ladang kurma

us at bukit uhud at the back

us in front of the masjidil haram

kaabah at night from second floor

kota mekah

me and papa riding unta

me and abang at jabal rahmah,arafah

jalan2 kota mekah

help us,we're lost :P

papa and mama on our last day umrah in makkah :(

ash in front of kaabah on our last day in makkah

the last sight of mekah before heading to jeddah airport

us at the floating mosque in red sea heading to airport

the red sea

taking off : leaving the land i'm gonna miss the most.sob.sob

actually i have many pictures of kaabah.but i think i should put one je la kut.coz even nak amek gamba kat sana pun sorok2 sebab takut guard getting ready to meet shila at 2pm.she's picking me up!! it's her birthday!! <33 wanna go and celebrate with her.will update on her birthday yah! later ;)

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