Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i'm getting older am i?

helo people.just got back having lunch with baby,shila and her friend,apik.cute :) went out to santai and had late lunch.although sekejap but i had a good time :) shila's going to china tomorrow so i'm gonna miss going out with her.but luckily she's going for 8days.fewh~! :D

anyways,i had always been thinking about how i represent myself in front of how i talk to people can actually show my real age.a friend's thoughts had made me i still a teenager?maybe it's because the way i brought myself,the way i talk or the way i dress?hmmm..i don't think so.because..the teenager's definition is "A person between the ages of 13 and 19; an adolescent" hmmm..definitely NOT me,right?s0o it made me think..what makes a person thinks that i'm still a teenager?honestly,if i'm with my friends..i can be really quiet and listens to everything they said as in agreeing or disagreeing by making head or hand gestures.but when i'm aroun people who are LOUD and TALKATIVES..count me in~ i'm the head of the jokers and the crack that people digs.BUT most of the time..i will keep the conversations simple and entertaining.although it doesnt work all the time but most of the time i don't make people bored easily ;) s0o..besides the need of good communication and social skills..i blend with all kinds of ages.younger kids,teenagers,same age,and elders.when i said elders..they're like 27-35yo ;)

s0o..making conversations with the younger ones are OWN friends..easier! but to blend with older people..fuh! u have to have an talk and not making fool of's not easy.but for me,when i talked to these people..i DON'T talk politics..coz obviously..i lacked in this topic..economics??nah~ NEVER!so not me!shame on myself but i really need to start working on my a book maybe.but lucky me,i had friends who's taking economics who then,could explain to me all about the econ's crap.but making conversations and self front of these elder people..hmm..definitely 'bummer',almost 0! the only thing i'm good at doesnt matter what they are talking about..i listen.i nod,i smile and i respond.that's the key of my friendship.i might not be experienced.but the least i can do is to comfort them,by works,all the people will definitely shocked to hear me say "i'm 23 :) " they will go like : "wowwww!!ur voice are like one of those erm..matured people.some of them might be married by now having babies and all.and those face!hhmm..but ur heights definitely blinding" haha.very funnny.yeah..i always get that.i dont dressed like i'm 23.i'm still in the middle of an age where jeans and tshirts are still a decent clothes for my age.and i still enjoy what's wrong with being young at heart :)

i hate to be those serious face person.or even talk serious issues..or even wearing serious dress me,they looked ugly.i might be making those faces if i was listening to lectures or talking to people..but the next 5minutes,i will be laughing my head out.i just can't :P so tell me,is it fun to be serious and people will see u as one cold face and "don't mess with me" is written all over your face and then only people will considered u as mature =) or is better to be the bubbly you and yet turning older each year and fooled those people that think u are actually aging but you don't look like one?hmmm..i guess i will definitely pick the second one.i admit that i'm getting older but what the heck if i enjoy being a lil bit childish?just to make myself happy =) sometimes people doesnt now that,what's inside you is what that meant the most,rite? ;) its fun to be young at harm what~ ;)

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