Thursday, June 28, 2007

i am all smiley =)

hey ho!just met nadz kat belakang pasar tadi.haha..sempat lagi kitorang lepak2 like for small chat.i bet nadz all psyched for her jalan2 cari makan in penang this saturday.weee~~!! hahaha..anyways..believe it or not,i am currently reading CLEO,june edition!haha.june's almost over and i am just about flicking through it :p well..nampak sangat i ni pemalas gils sampai magazines pun dah malas nak baca!ayoyo!! hmm..lately mama had been asking me what do i want for my *toot* =D she had been offering make ups,perfumes,and err..even handphone!yikes!!makes me rambang mata idi =p well..if you asked me what i want??i definitely have a l0ots of answers to THAT one! hmm..firstly, i nak n73!!my dream handphone besides the cool samsung ultra thin II,X840 is a definition of super co0ooolll!!! i wish i could own that one.hah!in my dreams la kan.and i had always wanted toshiba lappy.that white one!that is super gadget!! huh!! see!! banyak benda i nak ooiii! :P ape want one of those cute pumps i saw in coleen!cute gile yang polka dots tu!tapi sumtimes material dia tak best.alain delon and momoe had the best materials so far..and ermm..ape lagi eh? oh! i want new handbags! serious,japanese handbags are super kawaiiii and yep! very authentic look though.*ehem2* to nuren and canaz yang membaca blog ini.haha*

BUT! what i wanted the most is to be able to celebrate it with my favourite girls : lela,fiza,shila and nurenchunk =) i never had the chance to celebrate it with them altogether at one time.and oh!nurenchunk,i know u can't be takpe..u balik kita kena pegi makan pizza hut okei ;) and urm..ingat deal kita..u play the guitar and we rock our socks togetha!~ how i wish la kan.. =) but all in all, the best celebration ever is to celebrate my birthday with my love ones! at my favourite food place with my favourite birthday cake la kan ;) aweee..that will definitely put a smile on my face..sweetnesssss

hmmm..lately there had been too many things put a smile on my face too.a good conversation with nuren.million miles away pun rasa cam close at heart.and then listening to MIKA is definitely an all day l0oong smile on my face =) and having my TEA everyday!wow!! TEA-addicts alert!! i had been making like 2-3 cups of tea really soothes me =D but out of all the things above,having my own private time right here right now is an 'aaaahhhh...' feeling ;) noiceee...okie to fetch my bro.can't wait for tomorrow *smile*

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