Friday, June 29, 2007's my birthday!! =)

wowww!!what a day..i am blessed with wonderful family and friends =) just got back from meeting nadz!and she gave me such a lovely gift!!thanks nadz!!it's the cutest gift i ever received!!it was wrapped in my favourite purplink color.and the card was coolness!! ;) and guess what she gave me!!

this is the wrapped one and the cool card

meet marie,the aristocat!

dahla i memang suka kucing pleaseee..hahaha..its ok nadz!i can huggie huggie marie at's s0oo huggable!!thanks again!!( pressies this year mostly in my favourite color =) i loike!) the night before received loads and loads of wishes..even when i was sleeping too!hehe.thanks peeps!!thanx fizz munchkins!!shila and lela =) how i wish u guys are here..a special thanks to azzahraa and denise!!! they made a sweeeet entry for me.aweee u guys!!ssp hug!(like cooper hug in the o.c) hehehe...thanks azz! and denise!! for the entries!!and i was up till 2 with lovely nuwenchunk! <33 had my birthday chat with her..daisuki nuwenchunk!!i am blessed with such lovely friends!! =)

then i went out for a late lunch today with special birthday treat from shila @ secret recipe,ttdi!thanks love!!i kenyang giler makan banyak okei!! <33 but tak sempat nak amek gambar with her..takpe chia.its the thought that counts!! and then i went back home like 30mins je..then my dad ajak celebrate @ my faveret place, pizza hut!!wowieee!! definitely still kenyang till now.i ate 2 pizzas and i surrendered already~!! thanks mama,papa,ash,abang,kak dee and lil ameer!!oh!my lil tiger turned into ladybird today!! s0o comellll~~!!here are the picas.enjoy!

a birthday candid from ash : i was getting ready to celebrate!;)

birthday girl all smiley =)

meet my cute ladybird.haha

the reason i am blessed everyday =)

si kenit destracted with the pizza =p

today i didnt take many pictures coz i was t0o busy enjoying each other's company.all in all..i AM blessed.alhamdulillah =) thanks again,to all.. much love xoxo

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