Monday, June 18, 2007

happy birthday nurtushila malek =)

opps..already 18th june.hehe.anyways,hye :) just got back from celebrating shila's birthday with her at the midvalley.although i told mama last minute..nasib baik dapat pergi :D i promised shila by the way..fewh!anyways,shila picked me up at there were three of us,shila,baby and drove us to midvalley and we arrived there aroun 1.30 but cari parking almost 20mins!! so nasib baik we were there first..

then we went to mcD for me to grab my brunch since i woke up at 11am today:P blimey~ so then borak2 sambil tunggu kawan shila sampai and gave her my birthday gift :)

shila open up her pressie

my birthday pressie to shila.noiceee kannn?? :D

then salam we went for a walk sat and met up salam's friends.budak2 sdar..ada one guy ni cute!!hehehe..kan chia?:P while waiting for mizah to come.the guys were making jokes like crazy and i can't stop laughing!!ayiep,mizah's brother is s0ooo funnyyyy pleaseee and handsome mizah came up and we decided to head to nandos for shila and her friends to eat ;) so on the way to nando..we met amir!the funny guy!!he is hillarious!!! and yep..not even a minute stop from his jokes!!then we headed to nandos and makan!!!and there,shila got more pressie!! :) salam gave shila a noiceee 'S' intial necklace and bookmark 'SHILA' for her..and i gave her a choc mud cake for her birthday :)

that's amir!! and shila's sisters ;)

me and the birthday girl!*schmug*:x

shila's reading the bookmark salam gave

salam's bookmark and erin choc mud for shila

yum2..mizah and i had one too :D

shila's trying the 'S' necklace salam gave

the birthday gal :)

birthday gal and besties

after filling up our tummies..ayiep and his friends splitted with us and went back for us..shila+sister,mizah,amir,salam and me..we went for a birthday bowling!!we had a great time!!salam was superb!!at first i was at second place..suddenly amir scored the first place at the end and salam end up 2nd and me,3rd:P funny..too bad,chia last :P its okei long as u had a great time..

that's salam,me and chia :)

the crowd at the bowl.the bowling alley was t0o dark.but it was okei ;)

then mizah came and gave shila her pressie!!its a cute black peep toe!!!seee~!!!

shila trying her new peep toe!noiceee ;)

then we have to head home.i had a great time and i hope shila,YOU had a great time too! ;) to nurtushila abdul malek! HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY!! your one hot mama babe!!hehe.may Allah bless you and may you be one hell a hottie doctor soon.muahsss!! <33 off to bed back's aching and i really..really need a goo0ood rest..still tired from the lo0ooong days of umrahs :) gonna make a warm milk and off to bed.nite nite Zzzz ;)

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