Sunday, June 24, 2007

God,I am blessed with wonderful friends ;)

wahhhhttttt a day~~~ fewhh!!my back's aching and i'm actually lying on the bed while typing on my tummy.pojoe style.haha.its kinda good sensation though.the lazy one=p just finish reading mails and doing sum bloghopping.its kinda interesting to see people put their thoughts and efforts into writing..putting whatever crossed their minds into wonderful words..oh well!i am blessed with good friends =)

today,woke up early in the morning.went out for a jog with my dad.and came back just in time to went out for breakfast with nadz!it's so nice to talk to ol's like we can talk just about even family ;) to talk about life,there's too much to talk about and i'm sure nadz is a strong girl =) in fact, i'm proud to be her friend for beautiful 13years and guess what??!!i did sumting bey0oond crayzeeness today! i was in the car with nadz when suddenly her friend called.and asked nadz to play for their netball team.and happened to be,they were short of players!s0o..since i was THERE..maka menjadilah beta,bidan terjun!hikhik.sudah lama saya tidak bermain netball okei.seems like what? 6 years i think!! s0o we went to kelana jaya and long story short,we played!yep!i played the GA position and mak oii!!semput pleaseeee~~!! i'm definitely ayam pencen :P and it's actually kejohanan bola jaring terbuka petaling jaya !!denise!! i am s0o pancit babe!!i miss those days!! but yeah..rasa cam nak tergelak pun it was fun =) although we lost.hehe.but i get to know nadz wonderful friends, e'en and alia ;) see,i am BLESSED..*wink twice* so right after the match,we went for lunch and headed soon as i arrived home,i hit the shower and went straight to bed!huh!series penat!!even my thighs are all urm got this sengal2 feeling :P

anyways,what a shocker!!i had a suprise from a wonderful guest today.cik ilham came to my house!!we met for the first time okei.hihi.its kinda funny though.this sweeeet lil cik ham came to my house just to see my adorable cats!so i invited her in and brought her straight to my cats' rude host am i? :P and this young lady even gave me my advanced birthday gifts!!!my very very first birthday pressie!!she's such a doll~~!!! *schmug* thanks ham!!i really really loike it!i'm so0 gonna wear it with my future-pumps! (kena beli pumps baru nih.heuheu) so sweet tau!!those socks made me wanna wear them without shoes :P and the cute lil frame is safely put beside my lappy now ;)

my cute lil presents

so we lepak2 for a while at my house and yes,she is such a lovely doll~~!!sweeet jee and sopaannn too:P azim is s0o lucky okei.hehe.we had a good conversations though.thanks ham!!AGAIN!! for coming and for the gifts!!i really hafta give u sumting la camni..anyways,she's going to UIA wishing u all the best okei.i'm sure u'll be fine ;)

as for me,i am now officially unemployed!and i'm enjoying every part of it *period* and i'm just enjoying every moment while i still can =) okei then.crashing the bed.nite2~

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