Wednesday, June 27, 2007

counting days (^_-)v

i had always love bloghopping before i crashed the helps me get to sleep easier.something like bedtime stories ;p i somehow feel some kind of emptiness whenever i look at my bedroom.i missed my sister A LOT! it'd been almost 4 months now and she is happily married to the luckiest guy on earth =) oh,well..this room is t0o big for me i guess,that sometimes it makes me feel awkward.but i'm trying my best to get used to it.i had been spending t0o long..away from home that i became stranger to my own bedroom.i was 5years in ssp,1 year in kmns,3years in upm,almost a year in!!total up,i was away for almost 10 years!!out of my 23years of life!huh! and now..i'm happily home sweet home =) there had been many changes in my lives and i guess s0on there's gonna be more too!*sigh*

it's getting closer,huh.thrilled?excited?looking forward?nah..i think it's more of a self consciousness that i'm getting older and I HOPE getting wiser =) i realized that i have BIGGER responsibilities to fulfill now.there are few goodbyes to things that i wish i could say to :

goodbye to old habits..i'm afraid of the dark that i still sleep with the lights on =p

goodbye uni life..start looking at the BIGGER picture.REAL etc etc

goodbye old crushes..for i had been living in my old love lives that i forget to look what's ahead of me

goodbye laziness..i am now the BIG sister in the house..i have to start acting like more 'kakak' doing it for me :'(

goodbye dreamers..for i love to dream but not making my dreams come true.

lastly,goodbye old me..for i need to change some part of me coz people change for i hope i'll be better,everyday =)

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