Friday, June 01, 2007

it's june!!counting days : 0 (^__-)v

assalamualaikum had been a while.feels like too many things to do,but too little time's june now!! (^0^)/~ june is ameer birthday and in june is my birthday too!:D hihi.can't wait!!yesterday we even celebrated ameer's advanced pizza hut.he lovveesss the birthday song so much!!he even danced to are some pictures of lil tiger ;)

meet the cheekiest birthday boy ;p

meet the shy parents

apelaa yang si ameer buat sampai kitorang nak tergelak :P

anyways,let me update on my sqlserver course :)

alhamdulillah..i made it through the 3 weeks course and i got the cerficate..yeay2! :D so today was the last day and we were all happy course we're all going back to kampung soon,FOR GOOD! but i was feeling a bit sad coz i'm leaving UPM for good.tsk must go on.. :) thanks to all my friends who had been there for me through hardships and happiness and to those who had always help me to get my A's :) to nisa and yus,thanks for being the best company ever!!you guys are crazy brainiac!! :D so here are the picture of us during the last day of sqlserver course,mdec :)

from left : me,the sunburnt girl:P,umi,yus,nisa,bob,zam,din and in front is lukmin ;) certificate :P

and that's mr siva kumar :D and us

so alhamdulillah..everything is over now.and insyaAllah i am graduating this august :) pray for me yah.rite now..i'm unpacking my stuffs from uni and packing back my stuffs for tomorrow which i am s0o clueless right now...i'm going off to mekah tomorrow for umrah for 13days,for those i remember..insyaAllah i will pray for you..but for those i don't i'm so0 sorry,i tend to forget things A LOT!!so pray for me to 'selamat pergi dan selamat balik' ke mekah.may Allah bless you all..aminnn...take care..see you when i get back ;)

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