Friday, June 29, 2007's my birthday!! =)

wowww!!what a day..i am blessed with wonderful family and friends =) just got back from meeting nadz!and she gave me such a lovely gift!!thanks nadz!!it's the cutest gift i ever received!!it was wrapped in my favourite purplink color.and the card was coolness!! ;) and guess what she gave me!!

this is the wrapped one and the cool card

meet marie,the aristocat!

dahla i memang suka kucing pleaseee..hahaha..its ok nadz!i can huggie huggie marie at's s0oo huggable!!thanks again!!( pressies this year mostly in my favourite color =) i loike!) the night before received loads and loads of wishes..even when i was sleeping too!hehe.thanks peeps!!thanx fizz munchkins!!shila and lela =) how i wish u guys are here..a special thanks to azzahraa and denise!!! they made a sweeeet entry for me.aweee u guys!!ssp hug!(like cooper hug in the o.c) hehehe...thanks azz! and denise!! for the entries!!and i was up till 2 with lovely nuwenchunk! <33 had my birthday chat with her..daisuki nuwenchunk!!i am blessed with such lovely friends!! =)

then i went out for a late lunch today with special birthday treat from shila @ secret recipe,ttdi!thanks love!!i kenyang giler makan banyak okei!! <33 but tak sempat nak amek gambar with her..takpe chia.its the thought that counts!! and then i went back home like 30mins je..then my dad ajak celebrate @ my faveret place, pizza hut!!wowieee!! definitely still kenyang till now.i ate 2 pizzas and i surrendered already~!! thanks mama,papa,ash,abang,kak dee and lil ameer!!oh!my lil tiger turned into ladybird today!! s0o comellll~~!!here are the picas.enjoy!

a birthday candid from ash : i was getting ready to celebrate!;)

birthday girl all smiley =)

meet my cute ladybird.haha

the reason i am blessed everyday =)

si kenit destracted with the pizza =p

today i didnt take many pictures coz i was t0o busy enjoying each other's company.all in all..i AM blessed.alhamdulillah =) thanks again,to all.. much love xoxo

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

i am all smiley =)

hey ho!just met nadz kat belakang pasar tadi.haha..sempat lagi kitorang lepak2 like for small chat.i bet nadz all psyched for her jalan2 cari makan in penang this saturday.weee~~!! hahaha..anyways..believe it or not,i am currently reading CLEO,june edition!haha.june's almost over and i am just about flicking through it :p well..nampak sangat i ni pemalas gils sampai magazines pun dah malas nak baca!ayoyo!! hmm..lately mama had been asking me what do i want for my *toot* =D she had been offering make ups,perfumes,and err..even handphone!yikes!!makes me rambang mata idi =p well..if you asked me what i want??i definitely have a l0ots of answers to THAT one! hmm..firstly, i nak n73!!my dream handphone besides the cool samsung ultra thin II,X840 is a definition of super co0ooolll!!! i wish i could own that one.hah!in my dreams la kan.and i had always wanted toshiba lappy.that white one!that is super gadget!! huh!! see!! banyak benda i nak ooiii! :P ape want one of those cute pumps i saw in coleen!cute gile yang polka dots tu!tapi sumtimes material dia tak best.alain delon and momoe had the best materials so far..and ermm..ape lagi eh? oh! i want new handbags! serious,japanese handbags are super kawaiiii and yep! very authentic look though.*ehem2* to nuren and canaz yang membaca blog ini.haha*

BUT! what i wanted the most is to be able to celebrate it with my favourite girls : lela,fiza,shila and nurenchunk =) i never had the chance to celebrate it with them altogether at one time.and oh!nurenchunk,i know u can't be takpe..u balik kita kena pegi makan pizza hut okei ;) and urm..ingat deal kita..u play the guitar and we rock our socks togetha!~ how i wish la kan.. =) but all in all, the best celebration ever is to celebrate my birthday with my love ones! at my favourite food place with my favourite birthday cake la kan ;) aweee..that will definitely put a smile on my face..sweetnesssss

hmmm..lately there had been too many things put a smile on my face too.a good conversation with nuren.million miles away pun rasa cam close at heart.and then listening to MIKA is definitely an all day l0oong smile on my face =) and having my TEA everyday!wow!! TEA-addicts alert!! i had been making like 2-3 cups of tea really soothes me =D but out of all the things above,having my own private time right here right now is an 'aaaahhhh...' feeling ;) noiceee...okie to fetch my bro.can't wait for tomorrow *smile*

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

counting days (^_-)v

i had always love bloghopping before i crashed the helps me get to sleep easier.something like bedtime stories ;p i somehow feel some kind of emptiness whenever i look at my bedroom.i missed my sister A LOT! it'd been almost 4 months now and she is happily married to the luckiest guy on earth =) oh,well..this room is t0o big for me i guess,that sometimes it makes me feel awkward.but i'm trying my best to get used to it.i had been spending t0o long..away from home that i became stranger to my own bedroom.i was 5years in ssp,1 year in kmns,3years in upm,almost a year in!!total up,i was away for almost 10 years!!out of my 23years of life!huh! and now..i'm happily home sweet home =) there had been many changes in my lives and i guess s0on there's gonna be more too!*sigh*

it's getting closer,huh.thrilled?excited?looking forward?nah..i think it's more of a self consciousness that i'm getting older and I HOPE getting wiser =) i realized that i have BIGGER responsibilities to fulfill now.there are few goodbyes to things that i wish i could say to :

goodbye to old habits..i'm afraid of the dark that i still sleep with the lights on =p

goodbye uni life..start looking at the BIGGER picture.REAL etc etc

goodbye old crushes..for i had been living in my old love lives that i forget to look what's ahead of me

goodbye laziness..i am now the BIG sister in the house..i have to start acting like more 'kakak' doing it for me :'(

goodbye dreamers..for i love to dream but not making my dreams come true.

lastly,goodbye old me..for i need to change some part of me coz people change for i hope i'll be better,everyday =)

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

God,I am blessed with wonderful friends ;)

wahhhhttttt a day~~~ fewhh!!my back's aching and i'm actually lying on the bed while typing on my tummy.pojoe style.haha.its kinda good sensation though.the lazy one=p just finish reading mails and doing sum bloghopping.its kinda interesting to see people put their thoughts and efforts into writing..putting whatever crossed their minds into wonderful words..oh well!i am blessed with good friends =)

today,woke up early in the morning.went out for a jog with my dad.and came back just in time to went out for breakfast with nadz!it's so nice to talk to ol's like we can talk just about even family ;) to talk about life,there's too much to talk about and i'm sure nadz is a strong girl =) in fact, i'm proud to be her friend for beautiful 13years and guess what??!!i did sumting bey0oond crayzeeness today! i was in the car with nadz when suddenly her friend called.and asked nadz to play for their netball team.and happened to be,they were short of players!s0o..since i was THERE..maka menjadilah beta,bidan terjun!hikhik.sudah lama saya tidak bermain netball okei.seems like what? 6 years i think!! s0o we went to kelana jaya and long story short,we played!yep!i played the GA position and mak oii!!semput pleaseeee~~!! i'm definitely ayam pencen :P and it's actually kejohanan bola jaring terbuka petaling jaya !!denise!! i am s0o pancit babe!!i miss those days!! but yeah..rasa cam nak tergelak pun it was fun =) although we lost.hehe.but i get to know nadz wonderful friends, e'en and alia ;) see,i am BLESSED..*wink twice* so right after the match,we went for lunch and headed soon as i arrived home,i hit the shower and went straight to bed!huh!series penat!!even my thighs are all urm got this sengal2 feeling :P

anyways,what a shocker!!i had a suprise from a wonderful guest today.cik ilham came to my house!!we met for the first time okei.hihi.its kinda funny though.this sweeeet lil cik ham came to my house just to see my adorable cats!so i invited her in and brought her straight to my cats' rude host am i? :P and this young lady even gave me my advanced birthday gifts!!!my very very first birthday pressie!!she's such a doll~~!!! *schmug* thanks ham!!i really really loike it!i'm so0 gonna wear it with my future-pumps! (kena beli pumps baru nih.heuheu) so sweet tau!!those socks made me wanna wear them without shoes :P and the cute lil frame is safely put beside my lappy now ;)

my cute lil presents

so we lepak2 for a while at my house and yes,she is such a lovely doll~~!!sweeet jee and sopaannn too:P azim is s0o lucky okei.hehe.we had a good conversations though.thanks ham!!AGAIN!! for coming and for the gifts!!i really hafta give u sumting la camni..anyways,she's going to UIA wishing u all the best okei.i'm sure u'll be fine ;)

as for me,i am now officially unemployed!and i'm enjoying every part of it *period* and i'm just enjoying every moment while i still can =) okei then.crashing the bed.nite2~

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Friday, June 22, 2007

what a day =)

hey ho!just finished watching the oc.OMG!that volchok is prankster in other word 'perosak hidup orang'!!he was never the kind of person marissa should hangs out with.see~!!now marissa is dead!!yeah..yeah..i know.i'm s0o ketinggalan but at least i wont be to0 bored staying at home waiting for the beautiful moon-work fall into my lap =D which is next to forever! but i'm enjoying it.due to the workload i had been given lately.i am now officially the maid,merangkap supir dan pembantu rumah tak bertauliah.i'm the one who has to clean the house,wash the dishes,cook (sumtimes),hang the clothes,taking care of my lil nephew and yep!recently,i'm the chauffeur for my mom and lil bro to go here and there *sigh* well..what's the use of my license anyway,rite?so went to send ash to his tuition just now,in rain!and i was actually driving ALONE.and pretty shocker!i managed to arrive home safely,and in one piece.haha.its kinda scarry when i drive alone.coz i need sumone to talk to me while i'm driving although i wasn't clearly focused on the conversation but it keeps my nerve calmed ;D last time i was driving alone,i can't remember which route i took and luckily i wasn't lost.haha.alaaa..ttdi ni bukannya besar sangat.hehehehe.

shila is now heavenly on her way to china,enjoying her summer holidays with her family.and i'm sure she's gonna have a blast spending her money shopping-till-she- drop dead gorgeous!haha.and as for me,i'm counting days till the day i'll turn 23!wow!!the number looked like i'm getting older and wiser..but for those who are in 30's and 40's..they'll just say.."you're still young.there's a lot of things to learn" believe me,i agree with them. i am yet not a good cook or even baker.i don't cook,unless my mom told me so.and i DON'T bake.please~ except for baked mac and cheese :D else than that i'm just what they call : "menghabiskan beras" lol.sitting at home doing nothing unless i was told to do mum even asked me to join her class and i was like "woahh~~!i'm not THAT old to spend the rest of my so-called-beautiful life hanging out with people twice my age.." hehehe..kijamnyee..yeah..i know its good for me.but trust me,i'll be the first and the one and only young girl in the class.which will definitely stood out huh?oh the end of the day..i'm just a person who's soon to smash her head against the wall really HARD to make sure she has her consciousness enough to stay alive and go for job a life~

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i'm getting older am i?

helo people.just got back having lunch with baby,shila and her friend,apik.cute :) went out to santai and had late lunch.although sekejap but i had a good time :) shila's going to china tomorrow so i'm gonna miss going out with her.but luckily she's going for 8days.fewh~! :D

anyways,i had always been thinking about how i represent myself in front of how i talk to people can actually show my real age.a friend's thoughts had made me i still a teenager?maybe it's because the way i brought myself,the way i talk or the way i dress?hmmm..i don't think so.because..the teenager's definition is "A person between the ages of 13 and 19; an adolescent" hmmm..definitely NOT me,right?s0o it made me think..what makes a person thinks that i'm still a teenager?honestly,if i'm with my friends..i can be really quiet and listens to everything they said as in agreeing or disagreeing by making head or hand gestures.but when i'm aroun people who are LOUD and TALKATIVES..count me in~ i'm the head of the jokers and the crack that people digs.BUT most of the time..i will keep the conversations simple and entertaining.although it doesnt work all the time but most of the time i don't make people bored easily ;) s0o..besides the need of good communication and social skills..i blend with all kinds of ages.younger kids,teenagers,same age,and elders.when i said elders..they're like 27-35yo ;)

s0o..making conversations with the younger ones are OWN friends..easier! but to blend with older people..fuh! u have to have an talk and not making fool of's not easy.but for me,when i talked to these people..i DON'T talk politics..coz obviously..i lacked in this topic..economics??nah~ NEVER!so not me!shame on myself but i really need to start working on my a book maybe.but lucky me,i had friends who's taking economics who then,could explain to me all about the econ's crap.but making conversations and self front of these elder people..hmm..definitely 'bummer',almost 0! the only thing i'm good at doesnt matter what they are talking about..i listen.i nod,i smile and i respond.that's the key of my friendship.i might not be experienced.but the least i can do is to comfort them,by works,all the people will definitely shocked to hear me say "i'm 23 :) " they will go like : "wowwww!!ur voice are like one of those erm..matured people.some of them might be married by now having babies and all.and those face!hhmm..but ur heights definitely blinding" haha.very funnny.yeah..i always get that.i dont dressed like i'm 23.i'm still in the middle of an age where jeans and tshirts are still a decent clothes for my age.and i still enjoy what's wrong with being young at heart :)

i hate to be those serious face person.or even talk serious issues..or even wearing serious dress me,they looked ugly.i might be making those faces if i was listening to lectures or talking to people..but the next 5minutes,i will be laughing my head out.i just can't :P so tell me,is it fun to be serious and people will see u as one cold face and "don't mess with me" is written all over your face and then only people will considered u as mature =) or is better to be the bubbly you and yet turning older each year and fooled those people that think u are actually aging but you don't look like one?hmmm..i guess i will definitely pick the second one.i admit that i'm getting older but what the heck if i enjoy being a lil bit childish?just to make myself happy =) sometimes people doesnt now that,what's inside you is what that meant the most,rite? ;) its fun to be young at harm what~ ;)

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Monday, June 18, 2007

happy birthday nurtushila malek =)

opps..already 18th june.hehe.anyways,hye :) just got back from celebrating shila's birthday with her at the midvalley.although i told mama last minute..nasib baik dapat pergi :D i promised shila by the way..fewh!anyways,shila picked me up at there were three of us,shila,baby and drove us to midvalley and we arrived there aroun 1.30 but cari parking almost 20mins!! so nasib baik we were there first..

then we went to mcD for me to grab my brunch since i woke up at 11am today:P blimey~ so then borak2 sambil tunggu kawan shila sampai and gave her my birthday gift :)

shila open up her pressie

my birthday pressie to shila.noiceee kannn?? :D

then salam we went for a walk sat and met up salam's friends.budak2 sdar..ada one guy ni cute!!hehehe..kan chia?:P while waiting for mizah to come.the guys were making jokes like crazy and i can't stop laughing!!ayiep,mizah's brother is s0ooo funnyyyy pleaseee and handsome mizah came up and we decided to head to nandos for shila and her friends to eat ;) so on the way to nando..we met amir!the funny guy!!he is hillarious!!! and yep..not even a minute stop from his jokes!!then we headed to nandos and makan!!!and there,shila got more pressie!! :) salam gave shila a noiceee 'S' intial necklace and bookmark 'SHILA' for her..and i gave her a choc mud cake for her birthday :)

that's amir!! and shila's sisters ;)

me and the birthday girl!*schmug*:x

shila's reading the bookmark salam gave

salam's bookmark and erin choc mud for shila

yum2..mizah and i had one too :D

shila's trying the 'S' necklace salam gave

the birthday gal :)

birthday gal and besties

after filling up our tummies..ayiep and his friends splitted with us and went back for us..shila+sister,mizah,amir,salam and me..we went for a birthday bowling!!we had a great time!!salam was superb!!at first i was at second place..suddenly amir scored the first place at the end and salam end up 2nd and me,3rd:P funny..too bad,chia last :P its okei long as u had a great time..

that's salam,me and chia :)

the crowd at the bowl.the bowling alley was t0o dark.but it was okei ;)

then mizah came and gave shila her pressie!!its a cute black peep toe!!!seee~!!!

shila trying her new peep toe!noiceee ;)

then we have to head home.i had a great time and i hope shila,YOU had a great time too! ;) to nurtushila abdul malek! HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY!! your one hot mama babe!!hehe.may Allah bless you and may you be one hell a hottie doctor soon.muahsss!! <33 off to bed back's aching and i really..really need a goo0ood rest..still tired from the lo0ooong days of umrahs :) gonna make a warm milk and off to bed.nite nite Zzzz ;)

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

ahlan wasahlan~ i'm back :)

me,at the red sea.on the way to jeddah airport

hye people.its been a while huh?it took forever for me to finally get back to my previous state of been s0oo lazy and not in the mood lately.i guess the weather sucks and made me feel down and drowsy to even reply smses or phonecalls :P anyways,alhamdulillah.i've safely arrived from Makkah.and selamat mengerjakan umrah's been 4days now.and slowly..i'm not missing Makkah anymore (note dat first 2 days..i feel s0oo down and sad that i misses Makkah badly :P ) hehe.alhamdulillah..going to Makkah and Madinah was the greatest holiday ever!i definitely will not forget the moments spent's like..woah!!!tak boleh nak describe..seriously.even the ustaz,the tourist guide, told us that every time a person leaves the tanah haram,a very deep sad feeling..a heavy hearted kinda feeling..huh.i guess the ustaz was right.the moment i left the tanah haram..rasa macam berattttt je hati ni..nak cakap sedih tak nangis pun,nak cakap happy,tak senyum or gelak pun..definitely a deep weirdly sad feelings.but alhamdulillah..thanks papa for giving me the greatest vacation ever :)

the trip was 12days..4days in Madinah and 8days in Makkah.the first 4days was quite relaxing coz we did our own activities like just hanging aroun the Madinah..jalan2 and do some shoppings.we went to dates farm and we went to bukit uhud and we went to the para shuhada's was like walking back in those ancient time.seriously,i was captivated in disbeliefs.the hill's still there and the tomb,yep!definitely.we also went to makam Rasulullah saw.and perform our prayers in Raudhah (Taman Syurga)..being like being really really close to Rasulullah saw..subhanAllah..and to get the chance to pray in Raudhah is s0o lucky coz people berebut2 nak solat kat situ :)so then, after the 4days in Madinah,we drove off to Makkah.the trip took 5hours by bus.and we were all in our ihram for the first time :) so once in Makkah..we're all full speed for umrah.since it's not easy for us,one family to get together and get the chance to go Makkah,so we make full use of our stayed there :) Makkah is fascinating.the Masjidil Haram is undescribable!! i even met Amy Search and Jimmy Shanley there :P in Makkah,we went to historical places like gua hira',jabal nur,jabal tsur,jabal rahmah,arafah,mina and ja'ranah.i even rode the camel at arafah!very scarry!!but fun!! :) the food there was ok.but since we're under a most of the time the food was cooked by the indonesian cook.and sumtimes if we're too hungry..we go and eat the chicken mandi..the best ever!!its rice with this roasted chicken.arabian style :D sedap gilsss!!and yep!the kebab was superb!!yum2 ;) so on the last day before going back to malaysia.we stopped by at the floating mosque on the way to jeddah.and we saw the red sea!! :) overall,the days spent and the moments treasured was like 'subhanAllah' and trust me..i wanna go there many times as i can..i'm sure you all do are some of the pictures..there's like 500pictures.i managed to post some of those yang nak tengok the rest of the pics.lemme know.coz i made it private ;) so,enjoy the pictures :)

us in masjidil nabawi

masjidil nabawi at night.pweeeetyyyy

papa and abg,arab style : in ladang kurma ;P

me and mama at ladang kurma

us at bukit uhud at the back

us in front of the masjidil haram

kaabah at night from second floor

kota mekah

me and papa riding unta

me and abang at jabal rahmah,arafah

jalan2 kota mekah

help us,we're lost :P

papa and mama on our last day umrah in makkah :(

ash in front of kaabah on our last day in makkah

the last sight of mekah before heading to jeddah airport

us at the floating mosque in red sea heading to airport

the red sea

taking off : leaving the land i'm gonna miss the most.sob.sob

actually i have many pictures of kaabah.but i think i should put one je la kut.coz even nak amek gamba kat sana pun sorok2 sebab takut guard getting ready to meet shila at 2pm.she's picking me up!! it's her birthday!! <33 wanna go and celebrate with her.will update on her birthday yah! later ;)

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Friday, June 01, 2007

it's june!!counting days : 0 (^__-)v

assalamualaikum had been a while.feels like too many things to do,but too little time's june now!! (^0^)/~ june is ameer birthday and in june is my birthday too!:D hihi.can't wait!!yesterday we even celebrated ameer's advanced pizza hut.he lovveesss the birthday song so much!!he even danced to are some pictures of lil tiger ;)

meet the cheekiest birthday boy ;p

meet the shy parents

apelaa yang si ameer buat sampai kitorang nak tergelak :P

anyways,let me update on my sqlserver course :)

alhamdulillah..i made it through the 3 weeks course and i got the cerficate..yeay2! :D so today was the last day and we were all happy course we're all going back to kampung soon,FOR GOOD! but i was feeling a bit sad coz i'm leaving UPM for good.tsk must go on.. :) thanks to all my friends who had been there for me through hardships and happiness and to those who had always help me to get my A's :) to nisa and yus,thanks for being the best company ever!!you guys are crazy brainiac!! :D so here are the picture of us during the last day of sqlserver course,mdec :)

from left : me,the sunburnt girl:P,umi,yus,nisa,bob,zam,din and in front is lukmin ;) certificate :P

and that's mr siva kumar :D and us

so alhamdulillah..everything is over now.and insyaAllah i am graduating this august :) pray for me yah.rite now..i'm unpacking my stuffs from uni and packing back my stuffs for tomorrow which i am s0o clueless right now...i'm going off to mekah tomorrow for umrah for 13days,for those i remember..insyaAllah i will pray for you..but for those i don't i'm so0 sorry,i tend to forget things A LOT!!so pray for me to 'selamat pergi dan selamat balik' ke mekah.may Allah bless you all..aminnn...take care..see you when i get back ;)

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