Friday, May 18, 2007

wowwww!!way to go erinchunk!! <33

wowww!!i made it through!!the first week of the course was NOT that bad but since i'm having this made me feeling lousy and slothy :P but i'm okei now.went to see the doctor i came back early from the course and cooked!! yep i cooked telur bungkus and sayur kangkung!i'm s0oo proud of myself!! :P hehe..yelah..i'm now staying with this group of R.As (research assistants) i ni duk menumpang.and i had been such a lousy guest.seriously i malas nak mix aroun.with my condition right now.haishh..i'm not even in the mood to chat :( but i'm getting hang of it..see!!i started cooking idi.that's a good sign right?? :D oh!recently i'm loving the oc mix!!been downloading the songs and one of the songs was one of my old time fave the rooney!! i have the whole collection of rooney!!i had always love 'shakin' it was the song when i was in japan.stella gave it to me as a farewell gift :) terkejut tetiba dengar kat the oc mix!go rooney!!do u know that the singer of the rooney is actually the guy starring in princess diary 1??yep!!ngeee..had always love the hairrrr :D cutenesss!!

anyways,the sqlserver course was actually nothing.its not like if you didn't come u will get :P but it can actually strengthen my database knowledge on my database and database=freak!!but,if we made through the whole 3weeks.we can actually sit for the test for microsoft and if we able to pass the test we can actually get the microsoft certificate which actually made us a certified programmer!!best kan??!oh!i applied for monbusho (japan's government scholarship) for masters and alhamdulillah.i made it through the first phase which i need to take the exams on the 27th.if i make it through..then only i will get the interview.if i pass then only i can get the scholar.susah kan?fuh!!pray for me people k :) insyaAllah i will try my best.

oh!i missed mother's day with mama,i hafta get back to college the other sad and now i'm missing her so much :'( haihh..i had been away from her for too looongg..since high school,then matriculation,then japan now!!when did i actually at home??its my turn to take care of her plak :) insyaAllah..i will try my best to return her favor although i'm sure 'tak terbayar' fact i'm going back today!!ngeee :D but yeah,being in other people's house is hard.u feel like a stranger.i wish i'm at home.i can do anything i want and i don't hafta jaga hati certain2 people.its not easy to have housemates yang kita tak kenal hati budi.ada yang baik hati ada yang the other way roun.but i guess this teaches me in future how to face having house share with friends :D lucky me i got kak dura,my old room mate :D at least i can always talk to her.oh well,fuh!!i made through the first week of sqlserver!! yoshiiii!!!another week to go and i'm free!!!i am s0oo gonna update on my cats!! ;)

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