Thursday, May 03, 2007

starting to stay up late again..but its okei..i'm getting used to it but a bit tired since i have to wake up early..funny thing is that i thought i'm gonna go back to college this morning..even my dad was checking on me every seconds..checking if i wanna go back to college or not..hmm..turned out i said " saya tak tau nak balik bila.." huhuhu boleh tak?then my mom asked me : "kalau kamu tak balik tak boleh ke?"..hhmm..lemme see..boleh jeee..hehehe..cuma rasa insecure sket la..since my presentation slides tak siap lagi..and actually..i need to serach for more codes for my fyp..this one last part i need to do..i can't remember how to write the if i go back to college..i will end up mengeluh all the if kat umah..all i need is a lil bit of discipline..hehe..hope so :P

so i was listening to cassie and the beats were like "lalalalalala.." hehehe..and then few songs back and forth..been listening to the radioblog.sambil mendengar sambil mengdownload lagu..oh!!i had the best brownies ever!!!i didn't know that TTDI has such good brownies with cheap price!!last time i had the marble cheese was with nadz.yum2!haritu tengok this one indo story "brownies" so like suddenly feels like nak makan brownies!!and went to the pasar besar for breakfast this morning..and i terus cari brownies!!and i bought this tow yummy2 rocky road and double choc brownies for only rm5!!*haammm note that the name of the brownies is rocky road hehehe..sedapppp tau ham!!and azzz!!!u balik nanti kita pegi makan breakfast kat situ and we try the brownies okei~~!!rocky road is definitely recommended!

taken by my v3..tak clear sangat ler..prefer samsung but looks yummy kan? :P suddenly i miss nadz and azz :'( nadz!!i heard ur working sumwhere else eh?tak bagitau pun?!! anyhouuu,puas hati rasanya dapat lepas rindu babysit my lil ameer..rindu giler kat budak kecik tu!nanti june we're gonna celebrate our birthday together!!i plan nak bagi dia swimming pool for kids tapi yang tinggi sikit so that the water can be deep..he lovesss the water!! *note that he takut dengan furry things..including teddy bears and cats!!* but that day..he was trying to memberanikan diri..he saw my cat masuk rumah and ameer was crawling at that time..he was actually saying "meow~" as in he wanna play with that first the cat come to him and he went like "bababababa" while crawling away as fast he can from the cat..but then the second time he tried to provoke the cat to come to him..instead..the cat plak lari..hahaha..then he went and kejar the cat!!!wahhh!!now THAT's my nephew!!!hehehe..our family semua suka kucing tau!but ameer still takut with the teddy bear...that's weird :P hmm..i was thinking..nak balik ke taknak esok... :D coz i will be having 3 weeks of sqlserver course in upm and confirm takleh balik also :( hhmmm...

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