Tuesday, May 08, 2007

s0oo..shall we enjoy now?? ;)

fewh!!finally!!alhamdulillah..i had finished my presentation last monday and alhamdulillah..it was fine..as long as i don't feel bad about it :)so yeah..the nite before i was too busy helping kak dee shopping for her stuffs at home..since i will be staying with her for 2 weeks in her house..so we went to buy some groceries and even 'tong gas' because she was s0oo excited that me and kak dura are going to stay in her housefor quite some time..so we went to jusco balakong and i loike!!it's aHUGE place and we went like craze when i found tized outlet!!i am s0oo liking it..FYI,i went to midvalley the day before that with kak dura to watch spiderman3.we were so determined that we 'sanggup' to line up for such a l0oo0ong queue and we even prayed every seconds standing there.because the tickets were selling FAST!!so anyways the movie was okei..and a bit OUT la..i think i even felt sleepy for the first time in my life!!watching a movie..haha..okei..its not that bad..but maybe i was too tired to wait for the crappy part.but i lurveee when spidey went bad.coz he looked s0oo like the good charlotte.lol.plus james franco's smile is a yes-yes!!haha..melted me mann!!s0o,then we went for window shopping but i end up buying myself 2 cute tops!!arghhh!!see!that's why i am feeling s0o guilty.. :D but i think it felt good though..lol..girls and shopping definitely inseparable :P

so then,back to yesterday..went to the jusco and bought myself YET another cute top!:D apekah??but i loike that top very much!!since its not easy to find longsleeves tops..so i just grab it plus it's cheap!hehe..no harm about that,huh?so after going to the jusco..i was too tired by then and we headed home aroun 11pm (i have a presentation the next day!!) so took a shower and hoping i still have the mood to prepare for my slides and gone to bed at 2am!i wished i could sleep earlier but it's my first night sleeping at kak dee's house so i haven't adapt myself with the place yet.so the next day,woke up early went to the hall as early as 8 am (my presentation starts at 9am) and getting prepared for the presentation.so at 9..the evaluator and my supervisor came in and the rest of the day was a smile on my face when i can actually take a deep breath..fewh!its over :) and here's me presenting my fyp :D

so today i had this job interview with the agent..and hmm..i could say i was psyched..but at the same time..it was funny coz i was all dressed up like a orking woman when it was only an interview with an agent.s0oo went to the menara UBN and i think ittook me 2 hours throughout the process and i tell u wat..i don't like talking to the agent..because they were actually asking you too many questions..(i thought they were gonna ask me the real interview!!) and gives you a l0ooongbreifing but oh well!i hated the part when i have to speak in japanese!!i don't like to make myself looked like a fool!i was stumbling for words (hello!!how am i supposed to describe my strength and weaknesses in japanese!) i was close to tears actually..but i realized..maybe this is NOT what i wanted..so i just tried my best to look confidence but at the end.it wasn't the real interview so i don't have to feel bad about it.so now,i'm at home..not feeling well due to lack f sleeps since the last 2 months.but i am glad i am having the fever AFTER the presentation.so i have 1 week to recover and i hope it will get better anytime soon.coz i'll be having a two weeks course on sqlserver.so to all my gal friends,who's having exams tomorrow or anytime soon..good luck and may Allah lead u all to success..take care :)

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