Thursday, April 05, 2007

oh welllllll...~~!!

yellop~!! :D harini tak buat apa2 pun except for going to 3hours class for calculus straight..definitely a crazy cults la calculus..susah gills okeiii..Allah is GREAT..bila kita neglect sumthing..He will show that you had done something wrong and made you realized that you should do something about that.itu for those yang kalau Allah nak tunjuk,kalau Allah tak tunjuk mau tak nampakla sampai bila2.huhuhu.

so today me and my friends planned to do discussion on calculus but will come to a dead end.sheesh!we will end up doing nothing and depressed.oh well!i guess we hafta try again :( planning to meet alang tomorrow.i hope i can make it..coz i don't think i can bear being in the room any much longer..staring at the pc and end up fondling with the freaking WRONG coding.shucks!so yeah..insyaAllah will meet her anytime s0on yeay!i was planning to go back to ttdi tomorrow morning..but then dr.ibragimhov had this calculus' consultation class for us this saturday morning..wahh!!!okei..i don't mind on weekdays..but SATURDAY?!!haishhh not again! :( but,oh well,i guess i just hafta sacrifice my weekends now,huh.i hope its all worth it!it SHOULD be!! X(

too many things to do,too little time!!i got this 50 questions of calculus which have to be submitted on the 13th,and i have finals on the 27th and 28th.and now i hafta stop my fyp for a while coz selagi tak abes my calculus..selagi tuh otak i serabut! oh well~!! sob sob..watta do..anyways to azzahraa..happy belated birthday to amir okei ;) and yours is coming soon!!and to chunkie!munchkins..ur killing me here!!dimanakah??

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