Friday, May 04, 2007

lately hati rasa sakit jee

hey going back tomorrow but till my presentation day je..i kena start concentrate on my slide..tinggal lagi 4 chaps to splash into those powerpoint presentation..heuheu..

lately hati ni rasa sakit jee..urmm sumting my adik did to sumone make me feel the ache too..i rasa macam nak marahhhhh je..but tengah bersabar lagi..i dont think you should having a relationship at such a young age if you can't handle it.seriously..u'll be distracted,spoilt,wasting time,money and making other people hurt too..enough said..but tell you what..whatever you do..better make sure it only will involve you yes,just yourself..don't let others involved and hurt by it..see i started to ranting already..huhuh..anyhouuu..enough about that...guess what i did today?window shopping!!but this time i don't have to go out and sakitkan my feet walking aroun the mall to find my so-called one piece..hihi..i did at home!with nuren..thanks chunkie <33 hehe we went to this website and started to cyber shopping!!bought myself this one cool one piece!!hehe..can't wait till nuren to come home..definitely 'double' window shopping!!

this morning i got a call from JAC (Japan Action and Consultancy)!! I just sent in my resume last monday..and the funny thing is..i never thought they will call me!!so when they called me..i was just done taking shower..then the lady was asking me about my resume where i stated there i can speak japanese..and i was explaining to her about my exchange student program blablabla and she later asked me to introduce myself in japanese...then the next thing i know..the rest of our conversation was in japanese!!!wahhh!!such a shocker!!!i can't believe the whole conversation thingy went well when she actually asked me to go for an interview next tuesday!!alhamdulillah~~ but its only an interview..but i hope i will get the job (which i dunno where and what position yet..i applied for system analyst and programmer) the rest of the day just spending my time in front of this laptop..i will definitely gonna get blind la like this :P

oh,i did go out to buy some stuffs when nadz called when i was crossing a road..and she was saying "aku nampak ko cross jalan..aku tengah nak park kat depan makbul" speak of the devil..haha..macam tau jeeee...then i crossed the road again just to meet her.we spoke for a while since both of us were in rush..but sangat rindu minah itu pleaseee!!azz!!i met nadz!!hehe..jangan jealous tau!! :P anyways,will be away for a while..stick aroun.. ;)

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