Sunday, May 13, 2007

hoh!back to work erin!!ganbatte!! <33

hye peeps..just a short update.been bloghopping and just wanna wish good luck to ALANG!!,azz and jido!5th june..all the going bed in secs..but just feel like blogging..oh i accidently bumped into nadz this morning and we had a short breakfast.sorry nadz!tak planned but if i'm healthy and settled everythings we will definitely gonna have a lo0oonng breakfast together okei..and CONGRATS babe!! ;) to ham,i dunno wat happened to you coz i think sumting HAD happened..but fill me in later..and nurenchunk,i am sure ur having a blast with arezoo..fizz!! kenapa tetiba rasa cam nak ajak ko kuar makan!! rindu lee :'( this time confirm sushi!! :P

anyways,been typing and editing resumes and had submitted few of them to vads,tsmasia,and even to adesh's company sumting to do with SAP :D while typing the resumes i was listening to the media player and kinda weird tho..coz most of my favourite songs were playing randomly but however according to MY own favourite sequence.weird huh? does it happen to you sometimes? :) so i was like s0oo in the mood and smiley while typing :P insyaAllah ada rezeki la tuh..hehe..then tetiba teringat kat sumone (u-knoe-who nurenchunk ;p ) coz most of the songs reflected kamu..huhu..girl..haruskah?? buweks >:P and realized that it had been 5years now.wowww!!dats good!!even relationships kalau dah 4 years tu bukan senang nak maintan.haha.just kidding but yeah..its good to have nice people around long as they are there for me.dats good enough for me.oh well,hafta sleep going back to uni tom morning and we'll be spending 2 weeks in lab.for the sqlserver thingy.and i havent start studying for my coming monbusho test yet!!aiyarkkk!! ya Allah do guide me and my friends to success..aminnnn.. later aite ;) have a nice weekends.toodles~

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