Thursday, May 24, 2007

like they said : what a wonderful world~~ ;)

good morning..~~! wahhh what a good feeling today :D yesterday i watched 1-6 episodes of prison break(s1).and woah~!! the riot was chaotic!!!the part yang all the 'fish' terlepas..wahhh!!scarry!!!and scolfield nak selamatkan doctor tuh..huhu!!memang heroic la my macho guy!! :p then tengah dia nak selamatkan..tetiba abes episode 6...kena sambung esoknya!haha.i pun dah ngantuk masa tuh..tapi citer itew sangat bessstttt!!! :D harini tak sabar nak abeskan season1 so i can start with season 2 ;)

today am wearing my new long t-shirt :) its gween in color or is it called turquoise??i'm not sure..u know like the trend now wearing a dress over slim jeans or tights?ahaa..i dun loike those floral patterns i mean..inappropriate sket nak pakai to i bought this one long t-shirt(not too long la..just above your knee :D ) and its long sleeves~~i loike!!its so0 hard to find the long sleeves ones :D so i wore it over my slim jeans.ahaks!saje nak testing2..its my first attempt..i think i looked OK :P haha..boleh tak??

anyways..OMG!!i just got a call from JAC (THAT japanese agent AGAIN!) and this time i was called by a japanese guy agent and guess what?? this time he speaks with me in japanese gila gila!!!and i was like 'suffocated'!! i was in the middle of the sqlserver class when suddenly THAT person called!!huhu..nasib baik i sempat 'bernafas' and talked smoothly although agak terketaq-ketaq..( japanese is not rusted yet after all..haha!betul ke ayat ni?? :P ) so he was asking me in japanese sebab nak test my japanese la tuh..huhu..coz he was saying that he's searching for a job placement for me..scarry!!i am s0oo not ready for the real world!!i nak bersenang lenang bersuka suki dulu.. :D at least 2 months boleh ker??ngeee :D

well..well counting days..tengok2 esok dah jumaat!!! sangat sukeee!! coz i'm gonna go back tomorrow!!weee~!!BUT i can't be too relaxed coz i got the japanese and english test on THIS sunday ( i think nak 40 kali aku ulang..heuheuheu) cuakness pleaseee!! i tak start baca lagi!!! and oh!i think i'm gonna attend the sqlserver for next week too! penat2 datang dua minggu better finish it till 3rd get the certificate right??bukan senang nak dapat certificate free2 :D okeis.wanna go lunch..da daa~* (^__-)v

that's the baju..but i pull it up so its not too long :D nice color kan? ;)

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