Saturday, May 26, 2007

finally..introducing aristro'cats'..

helooowww..just got back from dinner at uptown.its been ages i've been to uptown.since i was t0oo busy with my fyp.alhamdulillah..all the penat lelah was worth it :) anyways,dah lama nak buat entry on my aristro'cats' so let me introduce u the mummies!!

dats kitty :)

dat's baby

dats si anak manja and her mummy

dats si anak manja :P

that's kitty and the kittens

especially for ham :) enjoy the pictures.okei..hafta go shower now and gonna study for tomorrow's entrance exam for post graduate.wish me luck people.and to those dah abes exams.enjoy your lovely summer break before coming back ok!! :D azz!!can't wait to see u soon..alang!! when are u coming back?? lemme know yah! :) okei.may the force be with me tomorrow :D da daa~~*

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