Saturday, May 12, 2007

counting days

today woke up early coz i hafta send my draft for my thesis and i hafta babysit kenit now we call 'botak' coz his walid shaved his hair till bald!wahahha..sangat comell!!looked like young shaolin soccer to after sending the draft..playing aroun with ameer and his favourite work out for me, climbing up and down the stairs!!wahh!!driving me insaneeee~~!!! but wattado..his umi hafta go to school :) cikgu maa..

been feeling s0oo NOT me for a week now.head spinning all the time.i wonder coughing is getting worse and face starts to 'cengkung' again.but my butt still cannot suck it in aaa..haihhh.. :P anyways,feeling s0 dizzy right now.but can't sleep..tomorrow is my last day at home.gonna go for a 2 week sqlserver course.and i wonder how cengkun'er' i'm gonna be!hoh! oh!i went to see the new perodua,viva!coolness!!i kinda loike it..coz its quite 'tinggi' like myvi and luas like kelisa..but 660cc je..hmm..but then i still love myvi :D wait kak mizz~!! will join you with your black stallion nanti .ahaks!i wish i could get the car now..i am s0oo driving's so hard to drive sumone else's car (refering to my mom's) my dad is s0oo not gonna let me driving his perdana.and i am s0o not good with manual.although kak dee just bought the new iswara saga.but i can't drive it.tak berani,kereta baru :P but she bough it murah!!coolness okei!!26K only!!believe it!?! but its until the end of august..should i buy it??hmm..i dun like sedan cars..i prefer cute like 'bugs' beetle~!!ouuhhh!!my dream day i am definitely buying it!at least urmm..ride on it?? :P oh well..enough 'berangan'..signing off..missing lela isa tetiba :P alang,good luck for exams..its okei to go to library on weekends..most sspians did :P daa~

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