Tuesday, May 29, 2007

counting days : 3 more days to go

yep..still in skoo..in fact cam malas nak balik umah yet..but sooner or later kena jugak.am going off this saturday :) can't wait to see the miracle..anyways..i'm now staying at the ktdi with my crazy friends..in fact i'm loving it..coz i can laugh like hell..the room's cool (the previous ones was too hottt!! sufocating) got bed of my own..konklusinye..saye sukeee :D hehe.oh,woke up late today coz been up all nite watching the prison break til 2.30am! :D but managed to watch til episode 18.got another 4 episode to go!yoshiii!!semangat tak??haha..ouh!! i bought a kid's swimming pool for lil tiger..its really BIG and deep!!! i bet he's gonna loike it!! bought on sunday but then sempat pump the pool that night and all..tapi si kenit plak tidow :( so0o the next morning i hafta go back to uni dahh..tak sempat nak bermandi manda ngan si tiger..huhu..so i called my mom yesterday and she said "bukan cucu yang mandi,datuk yang naik syiok" hahahahah..papa memang tableh blah..so0oo lawak pleaseee!!!he definitely can't resist the water i bet.lol

oh,today is abang and kak dee's anniversary!!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ABANG & KAK DEE!! semoga kekal hingga akhir hayat<33 you're lucky to have such a cute son :) muhammad ameer syahmie!! may Allah bless all of you..

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