Monday, May 21, 2007

another week to go..kinda sad la plak

am at home right now.had finally finish corrected the thesis and wanted to submit tomorrow.but suddenly ran out of papers plak!adehhhh..hafta buy new papers esok,or just print at the cyber cafe because i malas nak bawak balik printer to campus :P

tomorrow is the second phase of my sqlserver course.sob sob.if i finish the course and submitted the thesis,cd and all..its actually my final week as student in UPM.wahhh..so0oo sad.i dunno what makes me sad.but i really cherished my friends there.although most of them had made me realize that those friends are the one who had been there for me.i met new friends through friends and now my friends are countless.hehe..don't get me wrong,but i DO know all the 5oo over people in my friendster tau :) tak caya ramainye my friends throughout my life!! :P anyways,i can't imagine what lies in front of me nanti bila i dah habis belajar.wahhh..beri saddd ooo..i remembered falling into guys..chinese,indian,malay,sarawakians..haishh..macam2..haha.and yeap even those stupid mistakes i made.i never regretted doing's part of my life :) but alhamdulillah,i don't recall any foes though..just bunch of gedik girls whom happened to be my friends though.these kind of people make your life interesting cause you get to see those weird styles and gedikness which will definitely make u go >:P buwekkss!!but at the same time..those things remind you of the sweetness of campus life.. :)

soon ,in less than a week, it is soon gonna be over.wowww!!dat kinda freaks me out though..huhu..i am s0oo not ready..but i could say i can't wait till its over..i have no reasons but it just want it to be over..what will happen next, i never know.we'll just hafta wait and see :) going to bed now,gonna start a new day tomorrow..counting days ;)

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