Tuesday, May 22, 2007

alhamdulillah..thesis selamat diterima :)

yesterday was a disaster..i almost cried and made me so0o not in the mood when i submitted my corrected thesis but was 'recorrected' AGAIN~~ wahh..sakit hatii!! i didn't bring my printer back to upm..then sebab i nak kena siapkan thesis tu by this week..i even called papa to come back to upm and send my printer just for THAT~~!! :( and i was even out of papers to print please~~~!!!

but then alhamdulillah..today was a good start..early in the morning papa came and send me the printer.he even showed me the new n95 handphone he bought yesterday please?!!! huhuh..very cool!! i loike the phone coz its PURPLE!! and even the leather casing inside is also PURPLE!!i loikeeeee!! but too bad its not mine.anyways,back to the main story.. :D so i woke up early today and printed out all my corrected thesis and sent it to the supervisor.and wallah~!! she's SATISFIED!! finallyyyyy~~!! and yeay for meee!!! i don't have to print and print and print again and again...yada yada yada..hehe..but then when i submitted the corrected one (which i printed like s0oo many..with colored interfaces and all) she doesn't even want it!! >:P haiyoooo...she just want me to submit all the completed versions in the CD!! wahtt?? haishh..i guess..it IS a cruel world after all.. :S but its okei..i don't mind anyway,coz i had finally completed my degree!! woohoo~~!!

anyways,since i'm attending an sqlserver course here..i have to attend 3 weeks of course then only i will get the certificate~! wahhhh..camne nihh?? i planned to attend just for two weeks since the next week i will be busy..barang tak packing lagi nak pegi umrah..huhu..stucked here in upm is s0oo susah..not much things could be done.transportations limited.time is limited too!!and i have this masters exam THIS sunday!! sila tak perasan boleh??!!! satu benda pun tak study lagi..huhuhu..soo many things to do..but s0o little time..i hope i can do it la..pray for me friends :)

oh well,if i'm attending this course the next week..there's 10days left in UPM..huhu..counting days..okei..gonna go and watch prison break season one :D (i just started the episode one..coz i didn't watch the whole season one from the beginning..) so gotta catch up :P

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