Tuesday, May 29, 2007

counting days : 3 more days to go

yep..still in skoo..in fact cam malas nak balik umah yet..but sooner or later kena jugak.am going off this saturday :) can't wait to see the miracle..anyways..i'm now staying at the ktdi with my crazy friends..in fact i'm loving it..coz i can laugh like hell..the room's cool (the previous ones was too hottt!! sufocating) got bed of my own..konklusinye..saye sukeee :D hehe.oh,woke up late today coz been up all nite watching the prison break til 2.30am! :D but managed to watch til episode 18.got another 4 episode to go!yoshiii!!semangat tak??haha..ouh!! i bought a kid's swimming pool for lil tiger..its really BIG and deep!!! i bet he's gonna loike it!! bought on sunday but then sempat pump the pool that night and all..tapi si kenit plak tidow :( so0o the next morning i hafta go back to uni dahh..tak sempat nak bermandi manda ngan si tiger..huhu..so i called my mom yesterday and she said "bukan cucu yang mandi,datuk yang naik syiok" hahahahah..papa memang tableh blah..so0oo lawak pleaseee!!!he definitely can't resist the water i bet.lol

oh,today is abang and kak dee's anniversary!!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ABANG & KAK DEE!! semoga kekal hingga akhir hayat<33 you're lucky to have such a cute son :) muhammad ameer syahmie!! may Allah bless all of you..

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

finally..introducing aristro'cats'..

helooowww..just got back from dinner at uptown.its been ages i've been to uptown.since i was t0oo busy with my fyp.alhamdulillah..all the penat lelah was worth it :) anyways,dah lama nak buat entry on my aristro'cats' so let me introduce u the mummies!!

dats kitty :)

dat's baby

dats si anak manja and her mummy

dats si anak manja :P

that's kitty and the kittens

especially for ham :) enjoy the pictures.okei..hafta go shower now and gonna study for tomorrow's entrance exam for post graduate.wish me luck people.and to those dah abes exams.enjoy your lovely summer break before coming back ok!! :D azz!!can't wait to see u soon..alang!! when are u coming back?? lemme know yah! :) okei.may the force be with me tomorrow :D da daa~~*

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

like they said : what a wonderful world~~ ;)

good morning..~~! wahhh what a good feeling today :D yesterday i watched 1-6 episodes of prison break(s1).and woah~!! the riot was chaotic!!!the part yang all the 'fish' terlepas..wahhh!!scarry!!!and scolfield nak selamatkan doctor tuh..huhu!!memang heroic la my macho guy!! :p then tengah dia nak selamatkan..tetiba abes episode 6...kena sambung esoknya!haha.i pun dah ngantuk masa tuh..tapi citer itew sangat bessstttt!!! :D harini tak sabar nak abeskan season1 so i can start with season 2 ;)

today am wearing my new long t-shirt :) its gween in color or is it called turquoise??i'm not sure..u know like the trend now wearing a dress over slim jeans or tights?ahaa..i dun loike those floral patterns i mean..inappropriate sket nak pakai to class.so i bought this one long t-shirt(not too long la..just above your knee :D ) and its long sleeves~~i loike!!its so0 hard to find the long sleeves ones :D so i wore it over my slim jeans.ahaks!saje nak testing2..its my first attempt..i think i looked OK :P haha..boleh tak??

anyways..OMG!!i just got a call from JAC (THAT japanese agent AGAIN!) and this time i was called by a japanese guy agent and guess what?? this time he speaks with me in japanese gila gila!!!and i was like 'suffocated'!! i was in the middle of the sqlserver class when suddenly THAT person called!!huhu..nasib baik i sempat 'bernafas' and talked smoothly although agak terketaq-ketaq..(hmm..my japanese is not rusted yet after all..haha!betul ke ayat ni?? :P ) so he was asking me in japanese sebab nak test my japanese la tuh..huhu..coz he was saying that he's searching for a job placement for me..scarry!!i am s0oo not ready for the real world!!i nak bersenang lenang bersuka suki dulu.. :D at least 2 months boleh ker??ngeee :D

well..well counting days..tengok2 esok dah jumaat!!! sangat sukeee!! coz i'm gonna go back tomorrow!!weee~!!BUT i can't be too relaxed coz i got the japanese and english test on THIS sunday ( i think nak 40 kali aku ulang..heuheuheu) cuakness pleaseee!! i tak start baca lagi!!! and oh!i think i'm gonna attend the sqlserver for next week too! penat2 datang dua minggu better finish it till 3rd week.to get the certificate right??bukan senang nak dapat certificate free2 :D okeis.wanna go lunch..da daa~* (^__-)v

that's the baju..but i pull it up so its not too long :D nice color kan? ;)

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

alhamdulillah..thesis selamat diterima :)

yesterday was a disaster..i almost cried and made me so0o not in the mood when i submitted my corrected thesis but was 'recorrected' AGAIN~~ wahh..sakit hatii!! i didn't bring my printer back to upm..then sebab i nak kena siapkan thesis tu by this week..i even called papa to come back to upm and send my printer just for THAT~~!! :( and i was even out of papers to print please~~~!!!

but then alhamdulillah..today was a good start..early in the morning papa came and send me the printer.he even showed me the new n95 handphone he bought yesterday please?!!! huhuh..very cool!! i loike the phone coz its PURPLE!! and even the leather casing inside is also PURPLE!!i loikeeeee!! but too bad its not mine.anyways,back to the main story.. :D so i woke up early today and printed out all my corrected thesis and sent it to the supervisor.and wallah~!! she's SATISFIED!! finallyyyyy~~!! and yeay for meee!!! i don't have to print and print and print again and again...yada yada yada..hehe..but then when i submitted the corrected one (which i printed like s0oo many..with colored interfaces and all) she doesn't even want it!! >:P haiyoooo...she just want me to submit all the completed versions in the CD!! wahtt?? haishh..i guess..it IS a cruel world after all.. :S but its okei..i don't mind anyway,coz i had finally completed my degree!! woohoo~~!!

anyways,since i'm attending an sqlserver course here..i have to attend 3 weeks of course then only i will get the certificate~! wahhhh..camne nihh?? i planned to attend just for two weeks since the next week i will be busy..barang tak packing lagi nak pegi umrah..huhu..stucked here in upm is s0oo susah..not much things could be done.transportations limited.time is limited too!!and i have this masters exam THIS sunday!! sila tak perasan boleh??!!! satu benda pun tak study lagi..huhuhu..soo many things to do..but s0o little time..i hope i can do it la..pray for me friends :)

oh well,if i'm attending this course the next week..there's 10days left in UPM..huhu..counting days..okei..gonna go and watch prison break season one :D (i just started the episode one..coz i didn't watch the whole season one from the beginning..) so gotta catch up :P

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Monday, May 21, 2007

another week to go..kinda sad la plak

am at home right now.had finally finish corrected the thesis and wanted to submit tomorrow.but suddenly ran out of papers plak!adehhhh..hafta buy new papers esok,or just print at the cyber cafe because i malas nak bawak balik printer to campus :P

tomorrow is the second phase of my sqlserver course.sob sob.if i finish the course and submitted the thesis,cd and all..its actually my final week as student in UPM.wahhh..so0oo sad.i dunno what makes me sad.but i really cherished my friends there.although most of them had graduated..it made me realize that those friends are the one who had been there for me.i met new friends through friends and now my friends are countless.hehe..don't get me wrong,but i DO know all the 5oo over people in my friendster tau :) hehe..cam tak caya ramainye my friends throughout my life!! :P anyways,i can't imagine what lies in front of me nanti bila i dah habis belajar.wahhh..beri saddd ooo..i remembered falling into guys..chinese,indian,malay,sarawakians..haishh..macam2..haha.and yeap even those stupid mistakes i made.i never regretted doing it.it's part of my life :) but alhamdulillah,i don't recall any foes though..just bunch of gedik girls whom happened to be my friends though.these kind of people make your life interesting cause you get to see those weird styles and gedikness which will definitely make u go >:P buwekkss!!but at the same time..those things remind you of the sweetness of campus life.. :)

soon ,in less than a week, it is soon gonna be over.wowww!!dat kinda freaks me out though..huhu..i am s0oo not ready..but i could say i can't wait till its over..i have no reasons but it just want it to be over..what will happen next, i never know.we'll just hafta wait and see :) going to bed now,gonna start a new day tomorrow..counting days ;)

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Friday, May 18, 2007

wowwww!!way to go erinchunk!! <33

wowww!!i made it through!!the first week of the course was NOT that bad but since i'm having this flu.it made me feeling lousy and slothy :P but i'm okei now.went to see the doctor idi.today i came back early from the course and cooked!! yep i cooked telur bungkus and sayur kangkung!i'm s0oo proud of myself!! :P hehe..yelah..i'm now staying with this group of R.As (research assistants) i ni duk menumpang.and i had been such a lousy guest.seriously i malas nak mix aroun.with my condition right now.haishh..i'm not even in the mood to chat :( but i'm getting hang of it..see!!i started cooking idi.that's a good sign right?? :D oh!recently i'm loving the oc mix!!been downloading the songs and one of the songs was one of my old time fave the rooney!! i have the whole collection of rooney!!i had always love 'shakin' it was the song when i was in japan.stella gave it to me as a farewell gift :) terkejut tetiba dengar kat the oc mix!go rooney!!do u know that the singer of the rooney is actually the guy starring in princess diary 1??yep!!ngeee..had always love the hairrrr :D cutenesss!!

anyways,the sqlserver course was actually nothing.its not like if you didn't come u will get expelled.no :P but it can actually strengthen my database knowledge on my database manipulating.haishh..me and database=freak!!but,if we made through the whole 3weeks.we can actually sit for the test for microsoft and if we able to pass the test we can actually get the microsoft certificate which actually made us a certified programmer!!best kan??!oh!i applied for monbusho (japan's government scholarship) for masters and alhamdulillah.i made it through the first phase which i need to take the exams on the 27th.if i make it through..then only i will get the interview.if i pass then only i can get the scholar.susah kan?fuh!!pray for me people k :) insyaAllah i will try my best.

oh!i missed mother's day with mama,i hafta get back to college the other day.so sad and now i'm missing her so much :'( haihh..i had been away from her for too looongg..since high school,then matriculation,then japan now degree..wow!!when did i actually at home??its my turn to take care of her plak :) insyaAllah..i will try my best to return her favor although i'm sure 'tak terbayar'..in fact i'm going back today!!ngeee :D but yeah,being in other people's house is hard.u feel like a stranger.i wish i'm at home.i can do anything i want and i don't hafta jaga hati certain2 people.its not easy to have housemates yang kita tak kenal hati budi.ada yang baik hati ada yang the other way roun.but i guess this teaches me in future how to face having house share with friends :D lucky me i got kak dura,my old room mate :D at least i can always talk to her.oh well,fuh!!i made through the first week of sqlserver!! yoshiiii!!!another week to go and i'm free!!!i am s0oo gonna update on my cats!! ;)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

cyber lab : sqlserver

hey peeps..hawau u? :D at the cyber lab at the mo..and waiting for the technician to erm..fix sumting at the host's pc.as usual..not feeling well..and my cough..hmm..getting worse (i think) but i hope it'll get better..i miss home.. :'( i dont like the food here..and i really wanna go home right now :'( opps..gotta go..the host dah settled..hope to see all my friends soon..missing them s0oo much

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

hoh!back to work erin!!ganbatte!! <33

hye peeps..just a short update.been bloghopping and just wanna wish good luck to ALANG!!,azz and jido!5th june..all the best.am going bed in secs..but just feel like blogging..oh i accidently bumped into nadz this morning and we had a short breakfast.sorry nadz!tak planned but if i'm healthy and settled everythings we will definitely gonna have a lo0oonng breakfast together okei..and CONGRATS babe!! ;) to ham,i dunno wat happened to you coz i think sumting HAD happened..but fill me in later..and nurenchunk,i am sure ur having a blast with arezoo..fizz!! kenapa tetiba rasa cam nak ajak ko kuar makan!! rindu lee :'( this time confirm sushi!! :P

anyways,been typing and editing resumes and had submitted few of them to vads,tsmasia,and even to adesh's company sumting to do with SAP :D while typing the resumes i was listening to the media player and kinda weird tho..coz most of my favourite songs were playing randomly but however according to MY own favourite sequence.weird huh? does it happen to you sometimes? :) so i was like s0oo in the mood and smiley while typing :P insyaAllah ada rezeki la tuh..hehe..then tetiba teringat kat sumone (u-knoe-who nurenchunk ;p ) coz most of the songs reflected kamu..huhu..girl..haruskah?? buweks >:P and realized that it had been 5years now.wowww!!dats good!!even relationships kalau dah 4 years tu bukan senang nak maintan.haha.just kidding but yeah..its good to have nice people around you..as long as they are there for me.dats good enough for me.oh well,hafta sleep now.am going back to uni tom morning and we'll be spending 2 weeks in lab.for the sqlserver thingy.and i havent start studying for my coming monbusho test yet!!aiyarkkk!! ya Allah do guide me and my friends to success..aminnnn.. later aite ;) have a nice weekends.toodles~

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

counting days

today woke up early coz i hafta send my draft for my thesis and i hafta babysit ameer.haishh..si kenit now we call 'botak' coz his walid shaved his hair till bald!wahahha..sangat comell!!looked like young shaolin soccer to me.so after sending the draft..playing aroun with ameer and his favourite work out for me, climbing up and down the stairs!!wahh!!driving me insaneeee~~!!! but wattado..his umi hafta go to school :) cikgu maa..

been feeling s0oo NOT me for a week now.head spinning all the time.i wonder why..my coughing is getting worse and worse.my face starts to 'cengkung' again.but my butt still cannot suck it in aaa..haihhh.. :P anyways,feeling s0 dizzy right now.but can't sleep..tomorrow is my last day at home.gonna go for a 2 week sqlserver course.and i wonder how cengkun'er' i'm gonna be!hoh! oh!i went to see the new perodua,viva!coolness!!i kinda loike it..coz its quite 'tinggi' like myvi and luas like kelisa..but 660cc je..hmm..but then i still love myvi :D wait kak mizz~!! will join you with your black stallion nanti .ahaks!i wish i could get the car now..i am s0oo driving it.it's so hard to drive sumone else's car (refering to my mom's) my dad is s0oo not gonna let me driving his perdana.and i am s0o not good with manual.although kak dee just bought the new iswara saga.but i can't drive it.tak berani,kereta baru :P but she bough it murah!!coolness okei!!26K only!!believe it!?! but its until the end of august..should i buy it??hmm..i dun like sedan cars..i prefer cute like 'bugs' hehe..like beetle~!!ouuhhh!!my dream carrrrrrrr..one day i am definitely buying it!at least urmm..ride on it?? :P oh well..enough 'berangan'..signing off..missing lela isa tetiba :P alang,good luck for exams..its okei to go to library on weekends..most sspians did :P daa~

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

am i in hell?nope..ur in heaven dear.. the sweetest escape XD

heeelllooooo..OMG!!my eyes are daymee bengkak and sepet!!i looked like a swollen katak face!! due to my swollen eyes..it reminds me of urrm..KATAK!!huhuhu..i'm in hell??my nose is 'sokseksoksek',and alternately with uhuk2 here and there and my head hoh!!rasa cam nak antok kat dinding.puh-leaseeee!!i had been having this fever since monday and still tak kebah2..i really need to recover A.S.A.P!!coz i have to start waking up early next week!!huhuhuhu..but move away HELL!! alhamdulillah..i've completed my thesis writings..yoshiiii!!!so i can sing lalalala and sleep early!!woohoo~!!!tetiba rasa macam ada cahaya datang dari langitttt~~~ala..macam dalam komik shin chan tuh..!apekah??i'm in heaven now?? hahaha..see this thesis writings is driving me INSANE!but alhamdulillah it's over now.its actually a draft.so kalau okei takyah tulis balik.kira settle la.kalau tak kena ubah balik tu yang susah sket.so hafta submit it tomorrow so that i can get the feedback from the supervisor by next week.at least i don't have to get : "erin,bila nak tido?dah lambat ni" from my mom neemore :D i'll be sleeping like a baby and offf~~~ for a jog tomorrow!!

wahh!! its been a while u know..and i think i had gained few kilos LAGI!!but boleh si denise cakap i kuwoss??:P nway,yesterday did name sloganizing with pee..haha series aku mereng!dah nak tido tu..sempat mamat ni buat lawak bangang dengan slogan2 ntah pape dia generate..ntah2 dia reka sendiri (hmm..i wonderr..) then there's this one :"With A Name Like Pojoe, It Has To Be Good" tableh blah pleaseeeee..then suddenly dah nak tido nampak ada cicak atas lantai!!!ewwww geli!!then i told my dad..sebab macam pelik cicak atas lantai,selalunya cicak kat dinding.boleh tak dia cakap :"cicak pun nak takut..tu cicakman tuh..jalan atas lantai" wahtt??!! LOL gelak guling2 aku!!terus tak ngantuk aku..then end up sleeping at 2am.thanks pa! >:P so today is definitely a celebration!wanna indulge myself with urm..tiramissyou ice cream..tapi alaa..sakit tekak!!taleh makan eskrem!! >:( huhuhu..nak makan ceklat pun taleh..nanti lagi teruk my batuk.eeiiii bencinyeee!!oh well..there's always another day.and to cik ilham,saya sudah tangkap gambar kucing saye... :D nanti i update about the cats okei ;) to azzahraa annuar,good luck exams.u know delloite's waiting for you right? :) all the best xx

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

s0oo..shall we enjoy now?? ;)

fewh!!finally!!alhamdulillah..i had finished my presentation last monday and alhamdulillah..it was fine..as long as i don't feel bad about it :)so yeah..the nite before i was too busy helping kak dee shopping for her stuffs at home..since i will be staying with her for 2 weeks in her house..so we went to buy some groceries and even 'tong gas' because she was s0oo excited that me and kak dura are going to stay in her housefor quite some time..so we went to jusco balakong and i loike!!it's aHUGE place and we went like craze when i found tized outlet!!i am s0oo liking it..FYI,i went to midvalley the day before that with kak dura to watch spiderman3.we were so determined that we 'sanggup' to line up for such a l0oo0ong queue and we even prayed every seconds standing there.because the tickets were selling FAST!!so anyways the movie was okei..and a bit OUT la..i think i even felt sleepy for the first time in my life!!watching a movie..haha..okei..its not that bad..but maybe i was too tired to wait for the crappy part.but i lurveee when spidey went bad.coz he looked s0oo like the good charlotte.lol.plus james franco's smile is a yes-yes!!haha..melted me mann!!s0o,then we went for window shopping but i end up buying myself 2 cute tops!!arghhh!!see!that's why i am feeling s0o guilty.. :D but i think it felt good though..lol..girls and shopping definitely inseparable :P

so then,back to yesterday..went to the jusco and bought myself YET another cute top!:D apekah??but i loike that top very much!!since its not easy to find longsleeves tops..so i just grab it plus it's cheap!hehe..no harm about that,huh?so after going to the jusco..i was too tired by then and we headed home aroun 11pm (i have a presentation the next day!!) so took a shower and hoping i still have the mood to prepare for my slides and gone to bed at 2am!i wished i could sleep earlier but it's my first night sleeping at kak dee's house so i haven't adapt myself with the place yet.so the next day,woke up early went to the hall as early as 8 am (my presentation starts at 9am) and getting prepared for the presentation.so at 9..the evaluator and my supervisor came in and the rest of the day was a smile on my face when i can actually take a deep breath..fewh!its over :) and here's me presenting my fyp :D

so today i had this job interview with the agent..and hmm..i could say i was psyched..but at the same time..it was funny coz i was all dressed up like a orking woman when it was only an interview with an agent.s0oo went to the menara UBN and i think ittook me 2 hours throughout the process and i tell u wat..i don't like talking to the agent..because they were actually asking you too many questions..(i thought they were gonna ask me the real interview!!) and gives you a l0ooongbreifing but oh well!i hated the part when i have to speak in japanese!!i don't like to make myself looked like a fool!i was stumbling for words (hello!!how am i supposed to describe my strength and weaknesses in japanese!) i was close to tears actually..but i realized..maybe this is NOT what i wanted..so i just tried my best to look confidence but at the end.it wasn't the real interview so i don't have to feel bad about it.so now,i'm at home..not feeling well due to lack f sleeps since the last 2 months.but i am glad i am having the fever AFTER the presentation.so i have 1 week to recover and i hope it will get better anytime soon.coz i'll be having a two weeks course on sqlserver.so to all my gal friends,who's having exams tomorrow or anytime soon..good luck and may Allah lead u all to success..take care :)

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Monday, May 07, 2007

happy 23rd birthday my crazy bunny~!! xoxo

guess which one is dell?the stylo one fo coz! ;p

okei..actually i wanted to update on my presentation but need to upload the pics and still need to draft it out..hehe..so let me make my birthday shoutout first :) today is my long lost bestfriend,dell the mighty's birthday!!!!hehehe..its not actually long lost la coz we always meet up everytime she came back from japan :) well..its been such a l0oong time and thank Allah for our friendship..since primary skool,high skool,in japan and till now.she's always dell the girl from ttdi,the kembara minah rempit..ahaks!and the cute voice dell oh!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELL!!otanjyoubi omedetou gozaimasu!!may Allah bless you always and may you have a great birthday bash!!love yah babe!!<33

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Friday, May 04, 2007

ok short update

am now in the library..its s0oo kosong..i loike!!its like i have the whole place to myself.just a few groups of masters student were sitting few tables away from me.oh well at least i dah dapat siapkan most of my slides.. :D tinggal lagi satu slide je.yosh!!erin come one!! ;) lately suka plak dengar lagu "hey now now" hehe..sedap aa pee!!menarik@@ sebab lagu dia cam happy2 time i tengah takde mood,malas and cuakness sebab monday present!!huhu.nak cari as ringtone takde plak.huhu.kena buat sendiri la ni.. :) sure cool..i sorang je ada lagu itew..(ye la tuh.. :P )

well today dah balik uni..pagi tadi pun papa siap macam nak provoke taknak bagi i balik coz malam ni ada bbq for abg mal.my long lost cousin.hehe.he stayed in richardson in states coz he's married to a phillipino..but then he came back!! after all these years..i miss him a lot!!but tu la..sebab nak siapkan fyp ni.papa cakap siapkan ur kerja then only u can enjoy :( siap pujuk i cakap..bbq nanti kita buat masa kakak balik kl ;) u better papa!!i dont mind the bbq but i wanna meet abg mal.i did meet him last week but tak sempat nak borak lama :( but wattado.studies come first!okei.hafta get back to my room.lapar plak rasanya..will update on my presentation this monday.huhu.cuakness!!

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lately hati rasa sakit jee

hey peeps..am going back tomorrow but till my presentation day je..i kena start concentrate on my slide..tinggal lagi 4 chaps to splash into those powerpoint presentation..heuheu..

lately hati ni rasa sakit jee..urmm sumting my adik did to sumone make me feel the ache too..i rasa macam nak marahhhhh je..but tengah bersabar lagi..i dont think you should having a relationship at such a young age if you can't handle it.seriously..u'll be distracted,spoilt,wasting time,money and making other people hurt too..enough said..but tell you what..whatever you do..better make sure it only will involve you yes,just yourself..don't let others involved and hurt by it..see i started to ranting already..huhuh..anyhouuu..enough about that...guess what i did today?window shopping!!but this time i don't have to go out and sakitkan my feet walking aroun the mall to find my so-called one piece..hihi..i did at home!with nuren..thanks chunkie <33 hehe we went to this website and started to cyber shopping!!bought myself this one cool one piece!!hehe..can't wait till nuren to come home..definitely 'double' window shopping!!

this morning i got a call from JAC (Japan Action and Consultancy)!! I just sent in my resume last monday..and the funny thing is..i never thought they will call me!!so when they called me..i was just done taking shower..then the lady was asking me about my resume where i stated there i can speak japanese..and i was explaining to her about my exchange student program blablabla and she later asked me to introduce myself in japanese...then the next thing i know..the rest of our conversation was in japanese!!!wahhh!!such a shocker!!!i can't believe the whole conversation thingy went well when she actually asked me to go for an interview next tuesday!!alhamdulillah~~ but its only an interview..but i hope i will get the job (which i dunno where and what position yet..i applied for system analyst and programmer) ..so the rest of the day just spending my time in front of this laptop..i will definitely gonna get blind la like this :P

oh,i did go out to buy some stuffs when nadz called when i was crossing a road..and she was saying "aku nampak ko cross jalan..aku tengah nak park kat depan makbul" speak of the devil..haha..macam tau jeeee...then i crossed the road again just to meet her.we spoke for a while since both of us were in rush..but sangat rindu minah itu pleaseee!!azz!!i met nadz!!hehe..jangan jealous tau!! :P anyways,will be away for a while..stick aroun.. ;)

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

starting to stay up late again..but its okei..i'm getting used to it but a bit tired since i have to wake up early..funny thing is that i thought i'm gonna go back to college this morning..even my dad was checking on me every seconds..checking if i wanna go back to college or not..hmm..turned out i said " saya tak tau nak balik bila.." huhuhu boleh tak?then my mom asked me : "kalau kamu tak balik tak boleh ke?"..hhmm..lemme see..boleh jeee..hehehe..cuma rasa insecure sket la..since my presentation slides tak siap lagi..and actually..i need to serach for more codes for my fyp..this one last part i need to do..i can't remember how to write the codes..haishh..so if i go back to college..i will end up mengeluh all the time..so if kat umah..all i need is a lil bit of discipline..hehe..hope so :P

so i was listening to cassie and the beats were like "lalalalalala.." hehehe..and then few songs back and forth..been listening to the radioblog.sambil mendengar sambil mengdownload lagu..oh!!i had the best brownies ever!!!i didn't know that TTDI has such good brownies with cheap price!!last time i had the marble cheese was with nadz.yum2!haritu tengok this one indo story "brownies" so like suddenly feels like nak makan brownies!!and went to the pasar besar for breakfast this morning..and i terus cari brownies!!and i bought this tow yummy2 rocky road and double choc brownies for only rm5!!*haammm note that the name of the brownies is rocky road hehehe..sedapppp tau ham!!and azzz!!!u balik nanti kita pegi makan breakfast kat situ and we try the brownies okei~~!!rocky road is definitely recommended!

taken by my v3..tak clear sangat ler..prefer samsung but looks yummy kan? :P suddenly i miss nadz and azz :'( nadz!!i heard ur working sumwhere else eh?tak bagitau pun?!! anyhouuu,puas hati rasanya dapat lepas rindu babysit my lil ameer..rindu giler kat budak kecik tu!nanti june we're gonna celebrate our birthday together!!i plan nak bagi dia swimming pool for kids tapi yang tinggi sikit so that the water can be deep..he lovesss the water!! *note that he takut dengan furry things..including teddy bears and cats!!* but that day..he was trying to memberanikan diri..he saw my cat masuk rumah and ameer was crawling at that time..he was actually saying "meow~" as in he wanna play with that cat..at first the cat come to him and he went like "bababababa" while crawling away as fast he can from the cat..but then the second time he tried to provoke the cat to come to him..instead..the cat plak lari..hahaha..then he went and kejar the cat!!!wahhh!!now THAT's my nephew!!!hehehe..our family semua suka kucing tau!but ameer still takut with the teddy bear...that's weird :P hmm..i was thinking..nak balik ke taknak esok... :D coz i will be having 3 weeks of sqlserver course in upm and confirm takleh balik also :( hhmmm...

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