Sunday, April 15, 2007

things happened for a reason

its 2.14 am and i am still figuring out my i read the and alhamdulillah..adik yin is found safe..baru je tadi i went to sogo with my parents and we were discussing about adik yin..about how he can get lost but not caught in the camera..alhamdulillah..dah jumpa.then i read plak about catriona ross,the kelantanese-scottish actress, had serious injuries,broke both legs and bruises everywhere after involved in an accident on her way to melaka.Allahu Akhbar..kesian..but things happened for a reason..kita tak duga..benda nak jadi..macam jugak my lil bro..he just broke up wif his girlfriend..poor wonder he asked me to top up for him the other day..but i just can't dear..tak tau plak lead to thie...haish..but maybe things happened for a reason..THEY have their reasons..maybe sometimes..its not like we can always satisfy people right?its not like we can always BE there for each other..sometimes we have to learn to be's not easy,i know..subhanAllah..

anyways,in less than 12 hours..i am meeting my old friend!yeay!!there were 6 of us.stella,from sarawak,jessica,siew ping and kak ona from sabah,siti from johor and ME from here :D we were close friends back in upm..but all of them had graduated.but jess and me are graduating this year!!insyaAllah..ada juga kawan nak teman kongsi kenangan indah :) so i'm meeting siew ping,stella and jessica later in midvalley.i surely can't wait to let them update me with all the hot news and of coz belanja me makan at the sushi king!!yeay!!i can't wait to eat piri piri chicken..hehehe..padahal baru je makan fish and chip,beef lasagna and chocolate indulgence kat secret recipe tadi..hehe..okei peeps..keep me updated with yours too..insyaAllah..ada masa i update..but since i'm getting busier i might be less blogging..but for now.enjoy your life and lead a healthy one ;)

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