Monday, April 16, 2007

quicky update!! <33

elloppp...quick updates lagi..boleh je nak update later2 tapi takut takde idea..hoh!been i a mellow mood lately..but hey!ini erin la..tak mellow,tak rock babe! azz's blog~~!!!sangat sweeeeet la rog and wa!!untung dapat wa as adek..hehe..takde adek pompuan la plak eh :P i told you i went to meet up my ol close friends a.k.a coursemates..tanoshikatta!!!!

that's us,chelle tukang tangkap gamba ;p

that's michelle!,stella and siew ping

stell picked me up at college then we met up siew ping at the midvalley..stella hafta go and fetch her cousins,rachel and i went and waited siew ping at her hotel tunggu punya tunggu...AAAAAAAGHHHHH!!sangat seronok!!there she was!!berpeluk2 semua..then we went to midvalley..went jalan2 for a while,sambil tunggu jess pegi beli kek untuk jess coz her birthday was on last saturday..i sememangnye lupa..but then i pun responsible la beli we bought choc fudge cake then baru nak sorok cake..suddenly jess showed up!!huhu..almost terkantoi when she asked whose box is that..*pointing to her own birthday cake :P* then siew ping pun coverla cakap..her friend pesan blabla..fewh~!!she bought it! :P

then we planned to wait for stella at the sushi king since stella wanna treat us all there..but she was still in we went for jalan2 for a while..then after 30mins later..we met up and went sushi-inggg!!!we ate A LOT!!!!! i ate like 4-5 plates then i ate tendon..then michelle and rachel went sushi craze like all the ebiko,unagi,sake and all..huh!!i went green tea craze went i drank like almost 8cups of green tea~~~heuheuheu sangat sedappppp..then suddenly the suprise party for jess..i went like tetiba put the box on the table..and buat2 bisik ngan siew ping..suruh dia baca what's on the cake..then jess pun menyebuk nak baca wats on the cake she read :" happy birthday jess..??oh..kawan ko nama dia jess juga ya siew ping?" we all went like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!!"

she went blur kejap then she was like.. "oh!!!my cake eh??!!hahahahaha..thanks!!" kitorang gelak giler..minah ni memang blur nak mampus!!then we all went eating the cake..hoh!!kenyang giler..sushi and cake~~ mak aih..imagine nasi pulut and creams and flour..giler kenyang!!!but we had great laughssss ;)

seronok nyerrr...i miss those days!!!masa jess kena balik..rasa cam sedih sangat..rasa cam lepas nih bukan senang nak jumpa..she's married with a kid,stella dah keje..siew ping in sabah..huhuhu..but i just treasured the moments while i still can..

dats lara,anak jess ;)

so we all went jalan2 for a while..then me and stella went to send siew ping back to her stella pun hantar me balik..wahhhhhhh...what a day...everyone was s0oo tired and i can still sensed stella's stress (personal problems) then masa balik we listen to "i don't love you" by my chemical romance like 10 timessss..serious!!that song is s0oo meaningful..haishh...:P

now i'm back in uni..then found out that i kena present paling awal~!!!! :'( wahttt????but then watta do??...dah my id number pun awal..huhuhu..s0o..gotta go..siapkan my fyp..A.S.A.P ..daaaa

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