Saturday, April 07, 2007

okei..quick update

elopppp...quick updates~!!!huhu..yesterday gone out lunch with alang!! aju and nora~!!woohoo~!!! fizz was right~!once in a while kena gak pergi meronggeng time tension2 camni.. :) so we went lunch at the restoran peranakan..all of us tak pernah pergi makan kat it was our first time..and turned out the food was nothing much..we just hangout lunch makan2..then jalan a bit then balik..and fizz!!we definitely HAVE TO go lunch together with alel okei~!! here are some pictures of us hanging out except for there's no picture of ME :P anyways,today got class calculus!!!just balik from class!!giler kan??!!saturday pun ade klass..haishhh... :( oh well~~!!cest la vie

that's si kuwos choosing shorts :P

which one is kakak?cuba teka? :P that's aju

and that's nora =) thanks for the ride ;)

and that's minah belalang malu2 :D

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