Sunday, April 01, 2007

oh pweeety girls and pweeeety boy?? :P

woohoo~~!!reallyy really tired..woke up early today coz abang called to watch the ptptn play football and netball against some other teams which i am not sure who..because i saw this cute guy wearing jersey number *toot*.very da handsome and eye-catchy!!heuheuheu..and happened to be i know his name laggiiii :D so then i saw kak yaya played the netball too..tak sangka i could see familiar faces at the field anyway..

so00..last nite was great!!the dinner in the dewan seri endon was superb~!!i never thought that the dinner would be such an EVENT~!!believe it or's my first dinner and i bet the my uni.. :) the theme was blue and back to the 60's.they started with 'us' the final year students going down the main stage as the 'diraikan'.then we had aroun 8 pairs of girls and guys walking hands in hands slowly to the song 'love me tenderly' by elvis presley.the pairs were so sweeet..wearing cute oldies skirts,with cute headbands..and guys were looking like 'jimi asmara'..and then a girl sitting at the back of a vespa and a guy strolled with her..veryyyy sweeet!!it was really like walking back down the memory lane... but too bad i couldnt take any decent pictures...tak sempatla..all the people were sitting so kinda segan nak bangun and take pictures..but i did take few of nice pics :P then these girls and guys were actually dancers and they danced to all the 60's songs like 'oh!fatimah','harapan hampa','keindahan pantai' etc..even WE were seated according to the title of songs was really interesting..i was seated at the table 'keindahan pantai'..seee

then as usual..the makan2 part and taking pictures then got the lucky draw and all..oh well typical dinner ocassion thingy :p so here are some of the pictures..enjoy ;)

the pweeety ladies :P

the dancers

the agogo singer

the hidangan :)

the menu

the ever sedap ubi rebus

me smooching the graduation pooh :D

me and pweety huda ;)

me getting cheeky :p

aah..the decent me :)

ok then..hafta get back to my fyp.. :) happy april fool day! xx dont get fooled okei :P

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