Friday, April 20, 2007

nothing much..

as i was browsing through the blogs..i was reading azz's dupdapness..when i dupdapness was getting stronger everytime i meet dead ends..i am s0o cooked!!fried,steamed and seangkatan dengannya..huhu..everytime i open my project..i always end up feeling frustrated and close to cry..i am not giving up but everytime i just couldn't find the solution..i just think its the end of everything!even i am definitely NOT doing the project (as u can see :P) am blogging myself to distract my mind from my so-called dupdapness too!anyways,congrats to azz!!u got Deloitte!!yippie!!am happy for you..i wish i am strong like u..keep going on although u feel like there's nothing left..but as for me..i am hanging on..holding on to alang's advice..don't stop doing the end u will get wat u want..insyaAllah lel..i hope u are right.. :)

even right now..i am sitting in the library..hoping that i can at least do sumting i am good at..reading notes!huhu..yesterday i wasn't in the mood to read!even flipping through the notes..i end up adobe photoshopping..then i sang to every songs on my mp3 player then i end up sleeping and Allah knows wat else i'm doing..nothing but membazirkan masa :'( sumtimes i feel like there's nothing else i can do..but i just the end..i can complete my fyp..dahla i orang pertama yang present on the 7th..i'm left with two more weeks!!ya pray for me..i just feel like i need to talk to someone..but nuren had been s0o busy,fiza keje..alang..hmm..esok kita jumpa k..and pojoe..just called him yesterday..but i plak credit tinggal skit..sempat cakap seminit year is sangat depressing okei...oh well..stop ranting...i better get back to memang kena baca notes..had been too concentrating on my fyp (which definitely frustrates me) so better i habiskan my revisions for my coming finals this 27th and 28th..ya give me strength... :'(

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