Monday, April 23, 2007

my day out with fizzo to da izzo!!

fewh..hisashiburi..yokosou.. :) counting usual..but i need to update on my outings with fizzo to da izzo..hehe..planningnya nak jumpa lela before she gone back to london..but turned out her flight was earlier than it should the plan end up me and fizz je :P alang..good luck for your coming exams okei ;) but then no hal..plan tetap plan..met fizz at midval aroun 12pm then we went jalan2 cari kasut.hehehe..end up..the wedges she bought was killing her feet..huhuhu sian dalam sakit kaki duk menahan pakai wedges tuh..aroun 1 we decided to go for lunch and we're meeting madine!!at teppanyaki!! was our first time eating there (me and fizz) which i think the ONE and only japanese food which i DON'T like..very much!!sangat oily!!!i prefer monjayaki and sushi!! we ate and talk and talk until madine hafta to curi2 masa lepak with us!!hehehe..thanks madine..the food there was really yucky!!oily satu hal..and then TOO MANY garlic..and the green tea!!ewwww!!!sorry teppanyaki lovers! :P i really don't like teppanyaki :P

then fiza nak minum usual la kan :D so we went lepak at the san fran..huh!!i loike caramel cappucino!!(since fiza told me that starbucks tak halal..betul ke??i loike the caramel frap kat sitew!! :"( )

itew gamba saya dalam handset fiza ;p

comey tak those handphones..same kaler lagi :P

madine and me =D poyo je i..hehe

ape la yang korang gelakkan tu?? :)

anyways we lepak and borak and borak some more until madine hafta ciao..since she's memonteng terlalu lama..takut dia kantoi je nanti :P actually banyak je gamba..tapi tak terletak ler..huhu..i nak buat short update je :P so then i went jalan some more with fiza..until its almost 5pm then we hafta i went jalan2 some more at mph and oh!i found this interesting book!i was reading while waiting for fiza..the title is "japanese women don't get old or fat" it was really..really interesting book!but i tak sempat nak its too much for my budget..but i think i'm gonna buy it la :P

actually i nak beli buku john are from mars..tapi dah abes..huhu..nak beli!!!so after pampering myself with some food and a lil innocent shopping :P i hit the road back to upm.haishhh...too bad its over now.i'm meeting my supervisor to mengadu about my fyp.i am s0oo buntu right now!!i really need help..i'm left with only 2 weeks!!!sempat ker???? :(

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