Friday, April 13, 2007

home sweet home..

aaaahhhhh...home sweet home :) rasa cam lama dah tak balik umah..rindunyeee..i think this is gonna be my last week of going back home on weekends..coz i hafta concentrate on my finals and tiba2 bersemangat nak memblog sebab fyp dah ada progress..yosh!!haishh..ever since i switch on my laptop and the media player..the songs were all sappy and very very..errm..mellow? macam tau je i'm in a mellow mood..huhuh...sebab tengah sappy..sebab tuh font pun kaler pink jerk..hihi..currently my song mood is backstreet boys : I Just Want You To Know..haishhh..sangat mellow la that songg..i really2 miss fahrenheit :'( and tetiba gak teringat my old friends in uni..haishh..soon dah nak abes dah buat degree insyaAllah..sedih rasanya nak tinggalkan 4 tahun kat upm..rindu kat my old friends..

windu merekaaa...

anyways..i just received an email from my foster parents in japan..they sent me these beautiful pictures of cherry blossom (sakura) it made me falling in love again with japan and remind me of all those sweet moments i had in japan..its exactly this time of the year when i started to realize that my life was NOT a living fairy was TRUE! i was walking back down MY memory lane..this is the road i used to take when i want to go to Kokugakuin University see all the sakura (cherry blossom) 'clouding' the road..s0oo beautiful..its like walking in heaven.hehe..saya sangat suke sakura~!! sangat canthek!!!!being under sakura is s0oo loike lurve is in da airr..aaaa shiawase naaa

then here is my foster parents, takeshi and kuniko ibusuki..they don't have any children so i'm like their only daughter..but they prefer not to be called parents..sebab taknak nampak tua sangat..heuheuheu

this is sakura..upclose..cantik kan??

this is the shopping mall i went to buy groceries..winduu

saya rindu jalan ini..sob sob

i miss my territory..haishh

oh well..rindu rindu pun nak buat camne..dah masuk 3 tahun this month i left japan.sob sob..i definitely misses japan A LOT..oh!tadi chat ngan stella and siew ping..yeay!!siew ping is coming to KL all the way from sabah this sunday!!we are s0oo gonna meet up dondok!!and stella ..haishh major problem minah tu..huhu..tak sabar nak bercerita panjang..the three of us tiga2 ada masalah besar..elokla tuh..lets get together woohoo~~!!! mari makan sushiiiiiii ahad ini..hehehe..

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