Wednesday, April 11, 2007

happy birthday azzie baby!!!

that's us masa lepak kat rasta..sama tak muka?? :P

to my everdearest azz..this year i nak bagi wish yang best sket..hehe..ape ek?? goes..thanks for discovering me during my life in ssp..especially masa PMR..haha..funnynyer..macam ape je :P discover maksudnyer being the person menjumpai permulaan friendship kita..acehhhh...lawakla pulak bunyinye..anyways,thanks for helping me to get A for my geography (yeay!!)..ur definitely a noble friend who is willing to help a friend who is in need..the moment we know each other is the moment i was blessed with a true friend like you :) thanks for being such a good neighbour as in merak and ur room la kan..thanks for the nasi goreng your mom brought every weekend and the moments you help me throughout my life in ssp..although we have our own friends and circles but u never being choosy about friends..i know we were not THAT close at school..but ever since we left the school our friendship was bonded even more..

thanks for always picking me up at home..hehe..sayang ko!!!thanks for being supportive about me and my 'japan' were always there to give opinions..and the one and only quote i won't forget from you is : "erin ni nak kawen ngan orang jepun..dia tak cari mamat kat sini" hahaha..sangat tak boleh lupa please!!!akan ku ingat sampai mati!!!hehehe..sebab i loike that quote!!and munchkins you are such a chatter~!!!i tak pernah boring lepak ngan you...ada je benda nak cerita..i definitely gonna miss us (you,me and nadz) lepak kat rasta and breakfast at pasar...i looooooveeee that moment very much!!!!sebab kita cam this sspians merangkap ttdi girls..although korang dua tak duduk kat ttdi..but ur my ttdi girls at heart!!! xxx hahah..i very appreciate and treasured those moments!!thanks for keeping in touch although we are thousand miles from each other..thanks for visiting me everytime you visit amir in ttdi and thanks for being such a good friend in my life...okei2 back to the birthday wish.. :P

s0oo..another year older..another year wiser..so0o to azzahraa annuar~~ HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY!!i always pray for your happiness with amir and i hope i can go to ur wedding one day (kat dewan perdana felda kan azz? :P) and i hope you can come to mine too!although kat jepun tau!!hahaha..and i hope everything will go the way you planned and wanted..
and may Allah bless you always..coz having you as a friend is a bless ;) happy birthday you!!!!take care!!enjoy your day okei =)

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