Monday, April 30, 2007

back and still breathing

hey..setelah sekian lama..finally i boleh tarik nafas lega sket..alhamdulillah my finals semua dah habis..i hope everything will go well..insyaAllah..all i hafta worry now is my monday dah kena present.baru nak start buat power point sebab baru free today.went to gua musang to see kakak last weekends.rindunyaaa..yela..slalunya ada orang nak gaduh sama dah takde..terasa a bit awkward.dulu katil queen rasa cam sempit now rasa nak guling2 pun tak jatuh2 jugak..huhu..but dats life kan :)

actually geram ngan streamyx..ingat nak online semalam..skali dia potong line streamyx ku..huhu..sedey ooo..bersemangat nak chatting ngan nuren nak cakap exam dah abes..hehehe..but its oke..sebab it only takes 2hrs to activatekan here i am activated and haritu pegi umah kak farah and met my lil angel iman!!omg!!he's all grown up now!!he's already 5!!meet my lil boifren..cute kan??dahlah mata sepet huh!nak aku kawenkan anak aku ngan dia..hikhik..

meet the new angel,nasreen,iman's lil jepon!!

then seronok dia we all came to his house coz he can't speak malay and english dat when we came,he was all excited to speak in japanese and he was telling this and that in japanese!!aaaa!!!cute gilerrrr!!!ada this one time we saw this monkey kat tepi jalan..then i was figuring out "ape nak cakap monyet dalam bahasa jepon??" dah lupo!!haha..i went blank for a while..then i was pointing at the monkey..and then i went like "ehh iman!!mite mite.." (iman look!!) and punyalah penat pikir..suddenly iman told me.."ahh!!monkey!!" huhuhu..:"> malu haku..penat2 pikir..rupa2nya dia tahu perkataan "monkey" hehehe..nak tergelak pun ada..but it was the best day ever!!!coz i get to see my angel after 3 years!!rindu pleaseee...he's very handsome tau!!hihihi..

oh,next monday is my presentation day!!wahhh!!i am s0oo scared but at the same time have to keep on completing it..if not..tak complete la my degree..i really hope for the best..insyaAllah..i hope it will go well..oh today i finally dapat main with my ameer!!!rindunyaaaaa si kenit dah boleh cakap..but not really cakap la..more of babababab...tatatata...abuuuabuuu..haha u got wat i mean :D then he was super cute today..he played this cute snowman i got from andrew then he keep on stroking the snowman's hat like i stroke he's head..sangat comel tauu!!!macam paham je bila i stroke his head!!then there's this part he was playing with my mom and she was asking him "ameer syahmie ada????" and suddenly he answered.. "ade!" then he went "heheheh~~!!" s0oo pandai kan????cute gilss!!i geram..i peluk dia kuat gila sampai dia menjerit..hahaha...cuteness!! ameer duk panjat2 my chair already..later.. nak siapkan presentation.. ;)

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