Monday, April 30, 2007

back and still breathing

hey..setelah sekian lama..finally i boleh tarik nafas lega sket..alhamdulillah my finals semua dah habis..i hope everything will go well..insyaAllah..all i hafta worry now is my monday dah kena present.baru nak start buat power point sebab baru free today.went to gua musang to see kakak last weekends.rindunyaaa..yela..slalunya ada orang nak gaduh sama dah takde..terasa a bit awkward.dulu katil queen rasa cam sempit now rasa nak guling2 pun tak jatuh2 jugak..huhu..but dats life kan :)

actually geram ngan streamyx..ingat nak online semalam..skali dia potong line streamyx ku..huhu..sedey ooo..bersemangat nak chatting ngan nuren nak cakap exam dah abes..hehehe..but its oke..sebab it only takes 2hrs to activatekan here i am activated and haritu pegi umah kak farah and met my lil angel iman!!omg!!he's all grown up now!!he's already 5!!meet my lil boifren..cute kan??dahlah mata sepet huh!nak aku kawenkan anak aku ngan dia..hikhik..

meet the new angel,nasreen,iman's lil jepon!!

then seronok dia we all came to his house coz he can't speak malay and english dat when we came,he was all excited to speak in japanese and he was telling this and that in japanese!!aaaa!!!cute gilerrrr!!!ada this one time we saw this monkey kat tepi jalan..then i was figuring out "ape nak cakap monyet dalam bahasa jepon??" dah lupo!!haha..i went blank for a while..then i was pointing at the monkey..and then i went like "ehh iman!!mite mite.." (iman look!!) and punyalah penat pikir..suddenly iman told me.."ahh!!monkey!!" huhuhu..:"> malu haku..penat2 pikir..rupa2nya dia tahu perkataan "monkey" hehehe..nak tergelak pun ada..but it was the best day ever!!!coz i get to see my angel after 3 years!!rindu pleaseee...he's very handsome tau!!hihihi..

oh,next monday is my presentation day!!wahhh!!i am s0oo scared but at the same time have to keep on completing it..if not..tak complete la my degree..i really hope for the best..insyaAllah..i hope it will go well..oh today i finally dapat main with my ameer!!!rindunyaaaaa si kenit dah boleh cakap..but not really cakap la..more of babababab...tatatata...abuuuabuuu..haha u got wat i mean :D then he was super cute today..he played this cute snowman i got from andrew then he keep on stroking the snowman's hat like i stroke he's head..sangat comel tauu!!!macam paham je bila i stroke his head!!then there's this part he was playing with my mom and she was asking him "ameer syahmie ada????" and suddenly he answered.. "ade!" then he went "heheheh~~!!" s0oo pandai kan????cute gilss!!i geram..i peluk dia kuat gila sampai dia menjerit..hahaha...cuteness!! ameer duk panjat2 my chair already..later.. nak siapkan presentation.. ;)

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Monday, April 23, 2007

my day out with fizzo to da izzo!!

fewh..hisashiburi..yokosou.. :) counting usual..but i need to update on my outings with fizzo to da izzo..hehe..planningnya nak jumpa lela before she gone back to london..but turned out her flight was earlier than it should the plan end up me and fizz je :P alang..good luck for your coming exams okei ;) but then no hal..plan tetap plan..met fizz at midval aroun 12pm then we went jalan2 cari kasut.hehehe..end up..the wedges she bought was killing her feet..huhuhu sian dalam sakit kaki duk menahan pakai wedges tuh..aroun 1 we decided to go for lunch and we're meeting madine!!at teppanyaki!! was our first time eating there (me and fizz) which i think the ONE and only japanese food which i DON'T like..very much!!sangat oily!!!i prefer monjayaki and sushi!! we ate and talk and talk until madine hafta to curi2 masa lepak with us!!hehehe..thanks madine..the food there was really yucky!!oily satu hal..and then TOO MANY garlic..and the green tea!!ewwww!!!sorry teppanyaki lovers! :P i really don't like teppanyaki :P

then fiza nak minum usual la kan :D so we went lepak at the san fran..huh!!i loike caramel cappucino!!(since fiza told me that starbucks tak halal..betul ke??i loike the caramel frap kat sitew!! :"( )

itew gamba saya dalam handset fiza ;p

comey tak those handphones..same kaler lagi :P

madine and me =D poyo je i..hehe

ape la yang korang gelakkan tu?? :)

anyways we lepak and borak and borak some more until madine hafta ciao..since she's memonteng terlalu lama..takut dia kantoi je nanti :P actually banyak je gamba..tapi tak terletak ler..huhu..i nak buat short update je :P so then i went jalan some more with fiza..until its almost 5pm then we hafta i went jalan2 some more at mph and oh!i found this interesting book!i was reading while waiting for fiza..the title is "japanese women don't get old or fat" it was really..really interesting book!but i tak sempat nak its too much for my budget..but i think i'm gonna buy it la :P

actually i nak beli buku john are from mars..tapi dah abes..huhu..nak beli!!!so after pampering myself with some food and a lil innocent shopping :P i hit the road back to upm.haishhh...too bad its over now.i'm meeting my supervisor to mengadu about my fyp.i am s0oo buntu right now!!i really need help..i'm left with only 2 weeks!!!sempat ker???? :(

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Friday, April 20, 2007

nothing much..

as i was browsing through the blogs..i was reading azz's dupdapness..when i dupdapness was getting stronger everytime i meet dead ends..i am s0o cooked!!fried,steamed and seangkatan dengannya..huhu..everytime i open my project..i always end up feeling frustrated and close to cry..i am not giving up but everytime i just couldn't find the solution..i just think its the end of everything!even i am definitely NOT doing the project (as u can see :P) am blogging myself to distract my mind from my so-called dupdapness too!anyways,congrats to azz!!u got Deloitte!!yippie!!am happy for you..i wish i am strong like u..keep going on although u feel like there's nothing left..but as for me..i am hanging on..holding on to alang's advice..don't stop doing the end u will get wat u want..insyaAllah lel..i hope u are right.. :)

even right now..i am sitting in the library..hoping that i can at least do sumting i am good at..reading notes!huhu..yesterday i wasn't in the mood to read!even flipping through the notes..i end up adobe photoshopping..then i sang to every songs on my mp3 player then i end up sleeping and Allah knows wat else i'm doing..nothing but membazirkan masa :'( sumtimes i feel like there's nothing else i can do..but i just the end..i can complete my fyp..dahla i orang pertama yang present on the 7th..i'm left with two more weeks!!ya pray for me..i just feel like i need to talk to someone..but nuren had been s0o busy,fiza keje..alang..hmm..esok kita jumpa k..and pojoe..just called him yesterday..but i plak credit tinggal skit..sempat cakap seminit year is sangat depressing okei...oh well..stop ranting...i better get back to memang kena baca notes..had been too concentrating on my fyp (which definitely frustrates me) so better i habiskan my revisions for my coming finals this 27th and 28th..ya give me strength... :'(

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Monday, April 16, 2007

quicky update!! <33

elloppp...quick updates lagi..boleh je nak update later2 tapi takut takde idea..hoh!been i a mellow mood lately..but hey!ini erin la..tak mellow,tak rock babe! azz's blog~~!!!sangat sweeeeet la rog and wa!!untung dapat wa as adek..hehe..takde adek pompuan la plak eh :P i told you i went to meet up my ol close friends a.k.a coursemates..tanoshikatta!!!!

that's us,chelle tukang tangkap gamba ;p

that's michelle!,stella and siew ping

stell picked me up at college then we met up siew ping at the midvalley..stella hafta go and fetch her cousins,rachel and i went and waited siew ping at her hotel tunggu punya tunggu...AAAAAAAGHHHHH!!sangat seronok!!there she was!!berpeluk2 semua..then we went to midvalley..went jalan2 for a while,sambil tunggu jess pegi beli kek untuk jess coz her birthday was on last saturday..i sememangnye lupa..but then i pun responsible la beli we bought choc fudge cake then baru nak sorok cake..suddenly jess showed up!!huhu..almost terkantoi when she asked whose box is that..*pointing to her own birthday cake :P* then siew ping pun coverla cakap..her friend pesan blabla..fewh~!!she bought it! :P

then we planned to wait for stella at the sushi king since stella wanna treat us all there..but she was still in we went for jalan2 for a while..then after 30mins later..we met up and went sushi-inggg!!!we ate A LOT!!!!! i ate like 4-5 plates then i ate tendon..then michelle and rachel went sushi craze like all the ebiko,unagi,sake and all..huh!!i went green tea craze went i drank like almost 8cups of green tea~~~heuheuheu sangat sedappppp..then suddenly the suprise party for jess..i went like tetiba put the box on the table..and buat2 bisik ngan siew ping..suruh dia baca what's on the cake..then jess pun menyebuk nak baca wats on the cake she read :" happy birthday jess..??oh..kawan ko nama dia jess juga ya siew ping?" we all went like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!!"

she went blur kejap then she was like.. "oh!!!my cake eh??!!hahahahaha..thanks!!" kitorang gelak giler..minah ni memang blur nak mampus!!then we all went eating the cake..hoh!!kenyang giler..sushi and cake~~ mak aih..imagine nasi pulut and creams and flour..giler kenyang!!!but we had great laughssss ;)

seronok nyerrr...i miss those days!!!masa jess kena balik..rasa cam sedih sangat..rasa cam lepas nih bukan senang nak jumpa..she's married with a kid,stella dah keje..siew ping in sabah..huhuhu..but i just treasured the moments while i still can..

dats lara,anak jess ;)

so we all went jalan2 for a while..then me and stella went to send siew ping back to her stella pun hantar me balik..wahhhhhhh...what a day...everyone was s0oo tired and i can still sensed stella's stress (personal problems) then masa balik we listen to "i don't love you" by my chemical romance like 10 timessss..serious!!that song is s0oo meaningful..haishh...:P

now i'm back in uni..then found out that i kena present paling awal~!!!! :'( wahttt????but then watta do??...dah my id number pun awal..huhuhu..s0o..gotta go..siapkan my fyp..A.S.A.P ..daaaa

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

things happened for a reason

its 2.14 am and i am still figuring out my i read the and alhamdulillah..adik yin is found safe..baru je tadi i went to sogo with my parents and we were discussing about adik yin..about how he can get lost but not caught in the camera..alhamdulillah..dah jumpa.then i read plak about catriona ross,the kelantanese-scottish actress, had serious injuries,broke both legs and bruises everywhere after involved in an accident on her way to melaka.Allahu Akhbar..kesian..but things happened for a reason..kita tak duga..benda nak jadi..macam jugak my lil bro..he just broke up wif his girlfriend..poor wonder he asked me to top up for him the other day..but i just can't dear..tak tau plak lead to thie...haish..but maybe things happened for a reason..THEY have their reasons..maybe sometimes..its not like we can always satisfy people right?its not like we can always BE there for each other..sometimes we have to learn to be's not easy,i know..subhanAllah..

anyways,in less than 12 hours..i am meeting my old friend!yeay!!there were 6 of us.stella,from sarawak,jessica,siew ping and kak ona from sabah,siti from johor and ME from here :D we were close friends back in upm..but all of them had graduated.but jess and me are graduating this year!!insyaAllah..ada juga kawan nak teman kongsi kenangan indah :) so i'm meeting siew ping,stella and jessica later in midvalley.i surely can't wait to let them update me with all the hot news and of coz belanja me makan at the sushi king!!yeay!!i can't wait to eat piri piri chicken..hehehe..padahal baru je makan fish and chip,beef lasagna and chocolate indulgence kat secret recipe tadi..hehe..okei peeps..keep me updated with yours too..insyaAllah..ada masa i update..but since i'm getting busier i might be less blogging..but for now.enjoy your life and lead a healthy one ;)

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Friday, April 13, 2007

home sweet home..

aaaahhhhh...home sweet home :) rasa cam lama dah tak balik umah..rindunyeee..i think this is gonna be my last week of going back home on weekends..coz i hafta concentrate on my finals and tiba2 bersemangat nak memblog sebab fyp dah ada progress..yosh!!haishh..ever since i switch on my laptop and the media player..the songs were all sappy and very very..errm..mellow? macam tau je i'm in a mellow mood..huhuh...sebab tengah sappy..sebab tuh font pun kaler pink jerk..hihi..currently my song mood is backstreet boys : I Just Want You To Know..haishhh..sangat mellow la that songg..i really2 miss fahrenheit :'( and tetiba gak teringat my old friends in uni..haishh..soon dah nak abes dah buat degree insyaAllah..sedih rasanya nak tinggalkan 4 tahun kat upm..rindu kat my old friends..

windu merekaaa...

anyways..i just received an email from my foster parents in japan..they sent me these beautiful pictures of cherry blossom (sakura) it made me falling in love again with japan and remind me of all those sweet moments i had in japan..its exactly this time of the year when i started to realize that my life was NOT a living fairy was TRUE! i was walking back down MY memory lane..this is the road i used to take when i want to go to Kokugakuin University see all the sakura (cherry blossom) 'clouding' the road..s0oo beautiful..its like walking in heaven.hehe..saya sangat suke sakura~!! sangat canthek!!!!being under sakura is s0oo loike lurve is in da airr..aaaa shiawase naaa

then here is my foster parents, takeshi and kuniko ibusuki..they don't have any children so i'm like their only daughter..but they prefer not to be called parents..sebab taknak nampak tua sangat..heuheuheu

this is sakura..upclose..cantik kan??

this is the shopping mall i went to buy groceries..winduu

saya rindu jalan ini..sob sob

i miss my territory..haishh

oh well..rindu rindu pun nak buat camne..dah masuk 3 tahun this month i left japan.sob sob..i definitely misses japan A LOT..oh!tadi chat ngan stella and siew ping..yeay!!siew ping is coming to KL all the way from sabah this sunday!!we are s0oo gonna meet up dondok!!and stella ..haishh major problem minah tu..huhu..tak sabar nak bercerita panjang..the three of us tiga2 ada masalah besar..elokla tuh..lets get together woohoo~~!!! mari makan sushiiiiiii ahad ini..hehehe..

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

happy birthday azzie baby!!!

that's us masa lepak kat rasta..sama tak muka?? :P

to my everdearest azz..this year i nak bagi wish yang best sket..hehe..ape ek?? goes..thanks for discovering me during my life in ssp..especially masa PMR..haha..funnynyer..macam ape je :P discover maksudnyer being the person menjumpai permulaan friendship kita..acehhhh...lawakla pulak bunyinye..anyways,thanks for helping me to get A for my geography (yeay!!)..ur definitely a noble friend who is willing to help a friend who is in need..the moment we know each other is the moment i was blessed with a true friend like you :) thanks for being such a good neighbour as in merak and ur room la kan..thanks for the nasi goreng your mom brought every weekend and the moments you help me throughout my life in ssp..although we have our own friends and circles but u never being choosy about friends..i know we were not THAT close at school..but ever since we left the school our friendship was bonded even more..

thanks for always picking me up at home..hehe..sayang ko!!!thanks for being supportive about me and my 'japan' were always there to give opinions..and the one and only quote i won't forget from you is : "erin ni nak kawen ngan orang jepun..dia tak cari mamat kat sini" hahaha..sangat tak boleh lupa please!!!akan ku ingat sampai mati!!!hehehe..sebab i loike that quote!!and munchkins you are such a chatter~!!!i tak pernah boring lepak ngan you...ada je benda nak cerita..i definitely gonna miss us (you,me and nadz) lepak kat rasta and breakfast at pasar...i looooooveeee that moment very much!!!!sebab kita cam this sspians merangkap ttdi girls..although korang dua tak duduk kat ttdi..but ur my ttdi girls at heart!!! xxx hahah..i very appreciate and treasured those moments!!thanks for keeping in touch although we are thousand miles from each other..thanks for visiting me everytime you visit amir in ttdi and thanks for being such a good friend in my life...okei2 back to the birthday wish.. :P

s0oo..another year older..another year wiser..so0o to azzahraa annuar~~ HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY!!i always pray for your happiness with amir and i hope i can go to ur wedding one day (kat dewan perdana felda kan azz? :P) and i hope you can come to mine too!although kat jepun tau!!hahaha..and i hope everything will go the way you planned and wanted..
and may Allah bless you always..coz having you as a friend is a bless ;) happy birthday you!!!!take care!!enjoy your day okei =)

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

okei..quick update

elopppp...quick updates~!!!huhu..yesterday gone out lunch with alang!! aju and nora~!!woohoo~!!! fizz was right~!once in a while kena gak pergi meronggeng time tension2 camni.. :) so we went lunch at the restoran peranakan..all of us tak pernah pergi makan kat it was our first time..and turned out the food was nothing much..we just hangout lunch makan2..then jalan a bit then balik..and fizz!!we definitely HAVE TO go lunch together with alel okei~!! here are some pictures of us hanging out except for there's no picture of ME :P anyways,today got class calculus!!!just balik from class!!giler kan??!!saturday pun ade klass..haishhh... :( oh well~~!!cest la vie

that's si kuwos choosing shorts :P

which one is kakak?cuba teka? :P that's aju

and that's nora =) thanks for the ride ;)

and that's minah belalang malu2 :D

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

oh welllllll...~~!!

yellop~!! :D harini tak buat apa2 pun except for going to 3hours class for calculus straight..definitely a crazy cults la calculus..susah gills okeiii..Allah is GREAT..bila kita neglect sumthing..He will show that you had done something wrong and made you realized that you should do something about that.itu for those yang kalau Allah nak tunjuk,kalau Allah tak tunjuk mau tak nampakla sampai bila2.huhuhu.

so today me and my friends planned to do discussion on calculus but will come to a dead end.sheesh!we will end up doing nothing and depressed.oh well!i guess we hafta try again :( planning to meet alang tomorrow.i hope i can make it..coz i don't think i can bear being in the room any much longer..staring at the pc and end up fondling with the freaking WRONG coding.shucks!so yeah..insyaAllah will meet her anytime s0on yeay!i was planning to go back to ttdi tomorrow morning..but then dr.ibragimhov had this calculus' consultation class for us this saturday morning..wahh!!!okei..i don't mind on weekdays..but SATURDAY?!!haishhh not again! :( but,oh well,i guess i just hafta sacrifice my weekends now,huh.i hope its all worth it!it SHOULD be!! X(

too many things to do,too little time!!i got this 50 questions of calculus which have to be submitted on the 13th,and i have finals on the 27th and 28th.and now i hafta stop my fyp for a while coz selagi tak abes my calculus..selagi tuh otak i serabut! oh well~!! sob sob..watta do..anyways to azzahraa..happy belated birthday to amir okei ;) and yours is coming soon!!and to chunkie!munchkins..ur killing me here!!dimanakah??

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

oh pweeety girls and pweeeety boy?? :P

woohoo~~!!reallyy really tired..woke up early today coz abang called to watch the ptptn play football and netball against some other teams which i am not sure who..because i saw this cute guy wearing jersey number *toot*.very da handsome and eye-catchy!!heuheuheu..and happened to be i know his name laggiiii :D so then i saw kak yaya played the netball too..tak sangka i could see familiar faces at the field anyway..

so00..last nite was great!!the dinner in the dewan seri endon was superb~!!i never thought that the dinner would be such an EVENT~!!believe it or's my first dinner and i bet the my uni.. :) the theme was blue and back to the 60's.they started with 'us' the final year students going down the main stage as the 'diraikan'.then we had aroun 8 pairs of girls and guys walking hands in hands slowly to the song 'love me tenderly' by elvis presley.the pairs were so sweeet..wearing cute oldies skirts,with cute headbands..and guys were looking like 'jimi asmara'..and then a girl sitting at the back of a vespa and a guy strolled with her..veryyyy sweeet!!it was really like walking back down the memory lane... but too bad i couldnt take any decent pictures...tak sempatla..all the people were sitting so kinda segan nak bangun and take pictures..but i did take few of nice pics :P then these girls and guys were actually dancers and they danced to all the 60's songs like 'oh!fatimah','harapan hampa','keindahan pantai' etc..even WE were seated according to the title of songs was really interesting..i was seated at the table 'keindahan pantai'..seee

then as usual..the makan2 part and taking pictures then got the lucky draw and all..oh well typical dinner ocassion thingy :p so here are some of the pictures..enjoy ;)

the pweeety ladies :P

the dancers

the agogo singer

the hidangan :)

the menu

the ever sedap ubi rebus

me smooching the graduation pooh :D

me and pweety huda ;)

me getting cheeky :p

aah..the decent me :)

ok then..hafta get back to my fyp.. :) happy april fool day! xx dont get fooled okei :P

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