Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i am so happy~~~!!!! kicking arses :P

oh tak sangka~!!today i can open my blogger~~!!!so people..i'm back and alive..sure u guys like thinking erin is s0oo lazy to update lately~!!NOT!!! lately i dunno why the blogger went s0oo sengal..i had been trying to blog since last week..siap dah drafted like nak dekat 10 entries!! last2 i gave up..bawak laptop pegi faculty hari2 pun buat sakit bahu je~!although my nephew weighted more than the laptop..lagi sakit pikul bag laptop nih..huhu..anyways people..i'm still live and kicking in this world~!!woo-hoo~!!thanks who those still passing by..( i am sure korang pun dah busan asyik duk entry on my sister's but tu la..since blogger went like hampeh for a i thought i can still blog here :)

ouh..hamm..if ur reading this..i was a bit sad last week..but the reasons is remain as secret.hehe..but there's always otai burger to save the day~!hehe..and of coz eskrem kat mesra tew :D alhamdulillah everything's fine now and i can say that i'm the most thankful person on earth~!! recently is just me and my freaking fyp~!!apekah??? huhu..sangat cuaks sebab tengah cam stucked sekejap (harapnya sekejap la~*) sebab dah tak tahu camne nak proceed to the next step..haish~!!tapi alhamdulillah i had learned how to write the data on the mifare card (fyi : mifare card is the card yang korang duk guna untuk touch n go tu..ituler final year project saye) and at the mo am not sure if i'm doing it the right tengah tunggu reply from the reliable person (hope so) then tengah nak memikirler..gimana ler gw harus gunakan vb with that wukastank reader..heuehuheue..

ouh thanks to kak anem and che dar yang menjenguks blog saya di blogger ;) till it gets better..saya akan berblog di sini kejap..but cam tak best aa..sebab taleh gune layout saya yang kewl itew..hehehe..and ham *hugs* ghajinnnn awak update blogger ye~!! to nuwenchunk~~!!!where are thou??sayer rindu kamu ler~~!!! series kena updet with me okeiiiiiii...oh well..u know wat makes me feel better? everytime stress from doing
things yang sememangnye MENGSTRESSKAN..the only soothing song to my ears is 'larut'.makes me larut deeper into my thoughts and dozes off to sleepp peeps..stick aroun and peace ya all~ (^_-)v

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