Sunday, March 11, 2007

finally...i dapat upload all the pictures..there are 800pics altogether..u just tengok kat my fotopages okei..i had been linking tiga pelik plak..actually..dah type like for the fourth time..asyik expired je page i are the pictures at the hall..enjoy :)

the people started to fill in the hall

the 'backbones' waiting for the pengantin..

the bunga manggar boy waiting patiently :)

finally the pengantin arrived

getting all nervous entering the hall..

the flower gal all excited

the camera gal getting a pose ;)

the pengantin all happy and smiley

the family too :)

even the kids were happy..

thanks to the wedding planner

making her BIG day a memorable one

and their moments captured together were the greatest one...

oke..for more picture just go to the fotopages yeah..thank u :) hope u enjoyed the pictures ;)

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