Saturday, March 17, 2007

fewh~~ finally i get to sit and started blogging..and fewhhh~~ so many pictures!!!hehe..just got back from kelantan..the kenduri belah lelaki..i wasn't in the mood to balik kampung since the journey took 6-8hours by car..but since i will not be seeing my one and only sister after this,so i took the chance and gone back to kampung by car with just papa and me..mama and kak dee went back by plane.. :) the journey was more of me singing and papa driving calmly..hehe..just to keep papa accompanied so that he won't feel sleepy (haha..yeah..right) i was bored to death but alhmdulillah there weren't so many cars on road since it was the journey only took 6 1/2 here are some pictures of the journey balik kampung:D

the pweeety view

just the two of us :)


then mama arrived jsut about 30mins while waiting for her..i watched ayah libathing labulutong..its a name of a sheep..note that its fur dah takde :P so it was my first time to see a biri2 to be bathed..series~~~!!!

dat's ayah li mandikan labulutong

then i had this all time favourite past times..riding a bicycle..its been ages!!!

that's abg

and that's me :)

then i took this cute lil baby pineapple..cute kan??

so the main agenda has finally come.....kakak was to wear this pweeeety light purple on her 'menyambut menantu day' :) so here are the pictures...enjoy.. pictures here : ++ sini ++

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