Saturday, March 31, 2007

adrenaline pumping..but yet sleepy :P

waahhhh..s00oo tired..maybe everytime i switch into my fyp mood..i will go all tensed and my back all ached..haishh..anyways..watched 300 just now..dayme nice movie i shall say..the brutalism is very the above 21 punya rate oo..huhu..and yeah..its definitely the warriorism in spartans are s0oo high~~~!!!i really really enjoyed watching it..go watch peeps...very da cool ;) today..nothing much..doing laundry,went to the dentist,helping ma cooking ( i made sotong celup tepung okei..very niceeee!! :D ) then off to fyp mood then end up sleeping throughout the rain huh!sangat masyukkk kalau tido time hujan2 nih ;)

then woke up..went to OU with my parents and ash.i dah aimed nak beli kasut baru..i am s0ooo inlove with the adidas ballet shoes...but budget i dah aimed nak beli kat vincci..tapi kan..sangat sedihhh coz i went to both vincci and both out of stock~!the shoes ada,but size yang takde..benci!!! huhuhu..tapi sedapkan hati jugak..pegi makan dulu di nandos..met a cute guy but tak sempat nak ngorat..hehe (nak mampos..parents ku depan mata :D ) acehh buat innocent plak..n then after having our dinner..i went for shoes hunting some more.saw some cute pumps and peep toes..then wedges..takmo la..lenguh kaki nak berjalan.then some stilettoes..urmm..takmo juge..sebab i nak bawak pakai pegi kelas :D and suddenly bling!bling! dari jawooohhh i saw this cute shoes~!!!wahhhh~~!! i very the loike~!! second best shoes collection i ever had..(the first one goes to nike la kan :p ) and's black..suede and got cute beads~!!! wahhh sangat suke!! bought it from alain delon..i went like..ahhhhh sangatttt sukeee twice!! coz ada annual dinner tomorrow..dapatla saya memakai kamu wahai kasut yang comell..heheh..overacting tak :p so here is the cutie pie

comel kan??hehe..but then tak sure plak nak pakai..sebab rasa sayang..ingat nak pakai sandal comel butterfly ku je.. :D hoh!esok ada dinner..mama siap prepare jewelleries for me..sangat sweeet tau mama nih :x then she even tolong carikan tudung for me and all..baiklah!akan ku cuba untuk kelihatan vogue malam esok..hehe..okaylah..badan pun dah sakit..tensed gilerrr....esok nak bangun awal nak pegi jog..and oh!can't wait for alang!!she's coming back tomorrow !!! (^0^)/~ tak sabar nak jumpa si comel!!! nite nite xoxo

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