Saturday, March 31, 2007

tetiba rasa cam malassss je nak balik college..the same old perangai came...hehe..baik masa kat ssp,kat matriks,or even japan! the mo listening to the samsons-dengan nafasmu..sangat sweeeet lagu nih :) i loike the starting..suare dia cam robot sket..tapi kewl~!! anyways..barang2 semua dah siap packed..tapi hati ni berattt je nak balik college :'( although a dinner malam...huhu..even my lil bro went like

ash :"ala erin takyah la balik~"
me : "saya ada dinner la malam ni"
ash : "ala..pastu awak datang cni balik..then pagi isnin awak balik..."

haishhh..mane tak lagi berat jee rasa nak balik..but i promised to myself..bulan ni iAllah taknak balik umah sebab nak siapkan fyp :'( huhuhu..sesungguhnye i have no idea how to do my fyp huarggghhh~~!!!tadi went like shopping all the groceries and toiletteries and all..saya borong jacob sunlife sangat bessshh~!!perasa ceklat :D then chipsmore summore...oh well..beli beriye2 tapi taknak balik kolej..ape cer??~!! :P btw,i bet alang dah sampai umah and deeply in her beauty sleep at the mo me nanti okei :* oh well..malam ni dinner..hmm..kenapa cam tak look forward plak eh?heuheuheu..insyaAllah rajin..esok i update on the dinner ;) toodles~*

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adrenaline pumping..but yet sleepy :P

waahhhh..s00oo tired..maybe everytime i switch into my fyp mood..i will go all tensed and my back all ached..haishh..anyways..watched 300 just now..dayme nice movie i shall say..the brutalism is very the above 21 punya rate oo..huhu..and yeah..its definitely the warriorism in spartans are s0oo high~~~!!!i really really enjoyed watching it..go watch peeps...very da cool ;) today..nothing much..doing laundry,went to the dentist,helping ma cooking ( i made sotong celup tepung okei..very niceeee!! :D ) then off to fyp mood then end up sleeping throughout the rain huh!sangat masyukkk kalau tido time hujan2 nih ;)

then woke up..went to OU with my parents and ash.i dah aimed nak beli kasut baru..i am s0ooo inlove with the adidas ballet shoes...but budget i dah aimed nak beli kat vincci..tapi kan..sangat sedihhh coz i went to both vincci and both out of stock~!the shoes ada,but size yang takde..benci!!! huhuhu..tapi sedapkan hati jugak..pegi makan dulu di nandos..met a cute guy but tak sempat nak ngorat..hehe (nak mampos..parents ku depan mata :D ) acehh buat innocent plak..n then after having our dinner..i went for shoes hunting some more.saw some cute pumps and peep toes..then wedges..takmo la..lenguh kaki nak berjalan.then some stilettoes..urmm..takmo juge..sebab i nak bawak pakai pegi kelas :D and suddenly bling!bling! dari jawooohhh i saw this cute shoes~!!!wahhhh~~!! i very the loike~!! second best shoes collection i ever had..(the first one goes to nike la kan :p ) and's black..suede and got cute beads~!!! wahhh sangat suke!! bought it from alain delon..i went like..ahhhhh sangatttt sukeee twice!! coz ada annual dinner tomorrow..dapatla saya memakai kamu wahai kasut yang comell..heheh..overacting tak :p so here is the cutie pie

comel kan??hehe..but then tak sure plak nak pakai..sebab rasa sayang..ingat nak pakai sandal comel butterfly ku je.. :D hoh!esok ada dinner..mama siap prepare jewelleries for me..sangat sweeet tau mama nih :x then she even tolong carikan tudung for me and all..baiklah!akan ku cuba untuk kelihatan vogue malam esok..hehe..okaylah..badan pun dah sakit..tensed gilerrr....esok nak bangun awal nak pegi jog..and oh!can't wait for alang!!she's coming back tomorrow !!! (^0^)/~ tak sabar nak jumpa si comel!!! nite nite xoxo

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

God opened my eyes,forbid me from sins..let me drown in my own wallow

am at home at the usual in this so-called-too-big-for-me-room always..since kakak got married i feel like the only girl at home..went out for dinner with pa and ma..then went to abang's house to visit si kenit~ he is such a DOLL~!!saiko cute pleaseee~ then i was browsing through the nisa and yus said.."ko carila macam mana pun..sure tak jumpa..macam kitorang..duk berjam2 depan komputer pun tak jumpa2 jugak" huhuuhu..i definitely agree with that~ so mata macam nak bengkak..tadi email keitai nuren..omg~!!!she is s0oo gonna get in trouble if she doesnt get herslef connected to me before i ham~~ u balik today right?saje nak make that mana tau tomoro nite we can chat :P oh well mata dah tak larat nak bukak..tapi keje banyak nak buat as in project went like saiko tergendala at the mo~!!but then this fingers gatal bukak friendster..and i guess i get too obsessed..i went and search for faren's id..and GEDEGANG!!bila dah jumpa..rasa cam nak tutup2 je friendster dia..kan dah nyesal.. :P tak sukenyee..kenapa rasa cam tak berkenan?!!!huhuhu..but..oh well~!! Allah had opened my eyes so that i wont get myself into trouble..but i still think i am much better..oh apekah??~ :P

i don't judge people..but i did when i'm jealous and when i'm i'll go like.. "eleh..i am s0oo much better~" or "just because ur older doesnt mean u had the right to 'pijak my head'.." heuheuheuhe..and i will go and judge myself even more and bercakap sorang2 like.."siapala aku...muka takde..gemoks plak tuh..pendek :P yada yada yada" "*** definitely won't ****** me..sape lah aku.." etc etc i end up..wallowing kyle in his tub and as for me in my bed..more less like me in my comfort zone..under the greatness master comforter :'( it made me wonder..kenapa kita suka memperkecilkan diri sendiri bila kita rasa kita tak layak? kenapa kita fikir negatif bila hakikatnya tiada yang melihat dan mempertikai? kenapa kita putus asa hakikatnya kita belum pun mencuba...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i am so happy~~~!!!! kicking arses :P

oh tak sangka~!!today i can open my blogger~~!!!so people..i'm back and alive..sure u guys like thinking erin is s0oo lazy to update lately~!!NOT!!! lately i dunno why the blogger went s0oo sengal..i had been trying to blog since last week..siap dah drafted like nak dekat 10 entries!! last2 i gave up..bawak laptop pegi faculty hari2 pun buat sakit bahu je~!although my nephew weighted more than the laptop..lagi sakit pikul bag laptop nih..huhu..anyways people..i'm still live and kicking in this world~!!woo-hoo~!!thanks who those still passing by..( i am sure korang pun dah busan asyik duk entry on my sister's but tu la..since blogger went like hampeh for a i thought i can still blog here :)

ouh..hamm..if ur reading this..i was a bit sad last week..but the reasons is remain as secret.hehe..but there's always otai burger to save the day~!hehe..and of coz eskrem kat mesra tew :D alhamdulillah everything's fine now and i can say that i'm the most thankful person on earth~!! recently is just me and my freaking fyp~!!apekah??? huhu..sangat cuaks sebab tengah cam stucked sekejap (harapnya sekejap la~*) sebab dah tak tahu camne nak proceed to the next step..haish~!!tapi alhamdulillah i had learned how to write the data on the mifare card (fyi : mifare card is the card yang korang duk guna untuk touch n go tu..ituler final year project saye) and at the mo am not sure if i'm doing it the right tengah tunggu reply from the reliable person (hope so) then tengah nak memikirler..gimana ler gw harus gunakan vb with that wukastank reader..heuehuheue..

ouh thanks to kak anem and che dar yang menjenguks blog saya di blogger ;) till it gets better..saya akan berblog di sini kejap..but cam tak best aa..sebab taleh gune layout saya yang kewl itew..hehehe..and ham *hugs* ghajinnnn awak update blogger ye~!! to nuwenchunk~~!!!where are thou??sayer rindu kamu ler~~!!! series kena updet with me okeiiiiiii...oh well..u know wat makes me feel better? everytime stress from doing
things yang sememangnye MENGSTRESSKAN..the only soothing song to my ears is 'larut'.makes me larut deeper into my thoughts and dozes off to sleepp peeps..stick aroun and peace ya all~ (^_-)v

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

fewh~~ finally i get to sit and started blogging..and fewhhh~~ so many pictures!!!hehe..just got back from kelantan..the kenduri belah lelaki..i wasn't in the mood to balik kampung since the journey took 6-8hours by car..but since i will not be seeing my one and only sister after this,so i took the chance and gone back to kampung by car with just papa and me..mama and kak dee went back by plane.. :) the journey was more of me singing and papa driving calmly..hehe..just to keep papa accompanied so that he won't feel sleepy (haha..yeah..right) i was bored to death but alhmdulillah there weren't so many cars on road since it was the journey only took 6 1/2 here are some pictures of the journey balik kampung:D

the pweeety view

just the two of us :)


then mama arrived jsut about 30mins while waiting for her..i watched ayah libathing labulutong..its a name of a sheep..note that its fur dah takde :P so it was my first time to see a biri2 to be bathed..series~~~!!!

dat's ayah li mandikan labulutong

then i had this all time favourite past times..riding a bicycle..its been ages!!!

that's abg

and that's me :)

then i took this cute lil baby pineapple..cute kan??

so the main agenda has finally come.....kakak was to wear this pweeeety light purple on her 'menyambut menantu day' :) so here are the pictures...enjoy.. pictures here : ++ sini ++

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the day i was left alone....

well..i actually wanted to update on my sister's wedding..but the internet was freaking lembap and i am still tired from the ceremony..but alhamdulillah...everything went well and i even made a draft on the event..but wait till i come back from kelantan coz tomorrow i'm heading east to our hometown for the event belah lelaki..but lemme give u a glint of the events held on the 10th and 11th march 2007

the room...

the hantaran

the bride and the mother

the ladies....


the famili

okei..that's all for now..hafta continue study for my test tomorrow..loads of pictures need to be uploaded..but hafta do it after the trip to kampung..hehe..tungguuu...i did upload some at my fotopages : ++ here ++ enjoy :)

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

finally...i dapat upload all the pictures..there are 800pics altogether..u just tengok kat my fotopages okei..i had been linking tiga pelik plak..actually..dah type like for the fourth time..asyik expired je page i are the pictures at the hall..enjoy :)

the people started to fill in the hall

the 'backbones' waiting for the pengantin..

the bunga manggar boy waiting patiently :)

finally the pengantin arrived

getting all nervous entering the hall..

the flower gal all excited

the camera gal getting a pose ;)

the pengantin all happy and smiley

the family too :)

even the kids were happy..

thanks to the wedding planner

making her BIG day a memorable one

and their moments captured together were the greatest one...

oke..for more picture just go to the fotopages yeah..thank u :) hope u enjoyed the pictures ;)

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

papa...papa jangan nakal sangat ..heuheueheu

after watching the fabulous cat kat gang starz..hari2 bahu n asyik terhinjut2 everytime dengar lagu papa jahat..lagu tu takler menarik mana..tapi cukupla untuk buat kepala ni goyang2 badan pun rasa cam nak joget sama..hehehehe...cumel~ the lady is super hot la kan..altho gediks tableh blah but seriously..i like her body..very the cun!hehehe..*note that i've gained weight a bit* urgh~!!kenapa pompuan ske pikir pasal gaining weight????teringat satu dialog dalam 'dunia baru 2' azhar sulaiman spoke to elyana

prof (azhar) : kenapa awak sibuk2 sangat nak diet opie?

opie (elyana) : saya dah gemuk la prof.

prof: awak perasan eh?tak elok tau perasan..perasan ni..

opie: (aphal plak aku perasan???)

prof:orang perasan ni..perasan orang tengok dia..sebab tu dia sebuk2 nak kurus.

opie: ??

apekah aku di dalam situasi si opie???aku tak perasan..tapi aku perasanla yang badan aku ni dah takdeler aku perasan orang tengok aku..heuheuheu..make sense ke ape si azhar sulaiman tuh cakap??tak cukup pasal sis plak anta mms semalam..series dah keding bleh minah sms dia cakap :

kakak: erin..kakak dah kurus balik la (dulu die kering tapi dah gained sampai 53)

erin:aaa??alaa..biasa je la...takdela kering sangat..okeila tuh lepas kawin gemuk balik.

kakak : kering sangat.awak cakap terus terang..elok tak kakak kurus ke macam kering ker macam mayat berjalan??

erin:??? erm..taklah...oke je..kan awak pakai tudung..baju tu pun oke la sket kalau loose.

masa dia ukur baju wedding dia..masa tuh 53kg..skarang dah 45kg!!! so baju dah dia sabtu nih boleh???

kakak : (anta mms siap ada muka dia okeiii) tengok nih ~

erin : (sambil melihat mms) what???ko kenapa???kurus nak mati!!! urm..okei..ape eh?? nak gemoks balik...dalam masa 3 hari ni..ko makannnnn je..bangun makan..sebelum tido makan...pastu tido pentang..pastu makan dan makan lagi..confirmed dalam 3 hari leh gemoks least berisi la sket :P

err..membantu tak aku??hahaha...series..kakak ku dah kurus balik!!!dia tak makan tengah hari and malam please~~~~ 8 kilos in less than 2 months!!!! aaahhhhh!!!jealous sebab dia berjaya kuruskan badan...but kesian sebab dah keding sangat...but i assured her..baju tu takpela..orang tak nampak dia keding sangat.. * aku pelik sebenarnya..dia nak kurus ke taknak sebenarnya??* huhuhu...so0oo susah jadi pompuan..aku nak kurus..dia nak gemuk.boleh tak?aku ni memang la keciks..tapi montot 'adik' beyonce pleaseee...sengal jer..dah tak muat size '0' GAP!!!! in kat montot la kan!!!camne ek?? hrrrmm..

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

one down..3 more to go~

hye people..after a while..after looking at my blog and blog-hopping-around..terasa sayu plak because dah lama my blog sunyi sepi :( lemme tell you about my progress..hmm..after a while..been thru hell with my alhamdulillah..phase one dah lepas..but baru lepas phase one yang mudah je..but since i am totally "visual basic 6 for dummies" so one down..three more to go~!!yosh!!ganbarimasu!!then i have 3 more phases since i've got the mifare card read write cam tak tahu nak buat ape ngan benda cinonet pelik ni (device dia kecik giler tapi harga rm400!!gilak aaa!!!) so its more like 300 more to go instead of 3!!

then,setelah sekian lama si mamat tuh balik oz...baru la semalam bertanya kabar..s0,semalam called pee..hehe..pee!!i thot u dah pengsan!!!boleh tak?hahaha..but seb baik still living and kicking sambil bermain sims..aduihhh boleh dia balik tak tanya kabar kat aku eh?aku dah separuh mati kat sini.haha..ko nih memang aa pee!!(saje je) anyways,shila called~~~!!ala babe!!windunyer!!!bila ek u nak balik mesia..rindu dengar suara ko :x boleh tak??dia stressed life sebab *toot* ,takde langsung dalam diary hidup dia,stressed sebab studies..dahlah dak medic..bestnyer!!!memang gifted la u shil!!neeways,thank you for calling all the way from ireland :X

oh,yosh!!kali ni confirm berjaya comments ku..coz this time i use bloggernyer codings.hebat tak saya??hahaha padahal senang je..dia dah bagi dah pun..haha..cuma takde masa nak amek masa lama2 cari kat help center :P so yep~!!this time yatto!!!!!berjaya..ngeee :D ..boleh tak benda lain suka je cari codings..tapi kalau vb sengallllll je nak cari.oh well..nak sambung menyengal ngan VB.hari sabtu ni kakak nikah~~!!waht???!!!!huhuhu..sedih la jugak..sebab nanti i sorang je kat umah..tade kawan :'( oh well~ cest la vie xxx c u aroun about :P

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