Wednesday, February 28, 2007

weee....dah berjaya meletakkan comment..kehkeh..

hai..this is a short post..actually..tengah merelakskan had been really stressful everytime buka pc and start doing my system.i almost cried whenever i think i really can't do dumbness and laziness and everything yang ness ness made me feel s0oo low..stressful and usual..i may be exaggarating but trust me,i'm sure all of u've been there or even going there.i believe i do have friends who's in the same shoes~ alel,azz,jido and all final year students..lets do it!!huh!everytime i feel so0 stressed i put myself in thoughts of friends who are in the same position as i am right now..i'm sure..everyone's in the battle of our own.azz and jid with law papers,lela with her geophysics (wow!!sila horror tau lel!) and me with my bloody straight to hell system.i think like i am s0oo not capable of doing whatever i am doing right now

people keep asking,"why use vb?" entahla..i think i am more familiar using vb,plus people said if u want to do embeded..better use vb..see..all these problems are coming from people. (yelah kan takkan kucing kut..haha!) then i realized..i never learnt vb..but i DO know how to design an interface using vb..but NOT the codings please..never learnt,never even been to a class for VB (saya budak system..mana ada blaja) so then i end up having to learn from scratch~!! sangat susah!!!!vb,access..oh Allah..i then realized how wish i took that i can be prepared,unlike right wat state does a person is prepared when all she has is ZERO knowledge and definitely MINUS zero of confidence..strength and selfesteem..see..i started to babble again..sheeessh~~so people..i really need words of wisdom words of encouragement and anything in the world which can keep me going on and have the faith that i can make it...

p/s:tapi kan..yeay!!sebab i berjaya membuat comment..menggunakan haloscan.jangan gelakkan okei..thanks to kak anem..bersusah payah aku mencari :P

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