Saturday, February 10, 2007

wat i've been up to without my baby lifebook?? :'(

welll....wat i've been up to lately?? the mo..i'm using desktop at home.seb baik ada gak pc kat umah..since i'm the one in charge of the streamyx at home *i yang pasang and on kan balik homeline and semua kena guna duit sendiri..huhu*so no one can use the modem i i'm not at desktop ni baru na disettingkan internetnya..huhuhu.since i dah balik umah ni..huhu..i am s0oo kenot live without my laptop!!sangat necessary!!*betul ker aku eja?:P* haha b.i is getting worse.anyhow,i was sad a day before..i even cried..nasib baik i decided to networkkan this desktop so i can talked to nurenchunk.huh.seb baik nurenchunk online.and after talking to her..i feel s0oo much better.she told me dat maybe i wasstressed out one thing yes la kut..sebab fyp taleh start sebab laptop rosakand then i wanna all my softwares dalam laptop tuh!!s0oo sad!!then i had this crushed feelings AGAIN!!but then after talking to her wat she told me really made i was ok then :)

and oh!!funny thing is dat i was all excited yesterday..i mean i planned wat to wear,which bag and all..its my first ssp-someone-getting-married-or-engaged occassion.hehe.yep~wait,i'll fill u in later..i was texting kak ecah when suddenly she asked me if i DO know the occassion is tomorrow!!lol.mati2 aku ingat harini!!!haha so nasib baik kak ecah okei..tomorrow i'm going to kak anem's engagement =) s0oo can't wait!!i heard that the make up is s0oo good.but actually i'm nervous and a bit takut coz..i'm meeting all my seniors there!!hehe agak cuak..sebab apakah aku sorang je yang junior??:P but xpe..since kak anem dah jemput.kita datangje meramaikan majlis :) so peeps..will update later..with my baby lifebookcoz esok i'm gonna get back my baby ;) yeay!!(^0^)/


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