Wednesday, February 07, 2007 hard disk is corrupted!!!wat am i gonna do??

dis is the worst week ever!!imagine this.parents not at home.
gone back.cooked meals for almost everyday for my sis and bro.
same ol spageti for the whole week.spent most of my money on
transport pegi balik serdang-ttdi.broke.forgotten my calculus
test on sunday.rushed back to serdang the morning papa just
got back from beijing.artificial intelligence test the next my pocket money.spent rm150 in just 2days!broke.and
yessss!!!the worst agenda ever!!!!MY HARD DISK ROSAK!!!!
and i can't even get into c: before formating and even my d:
also belum tentu boleh diselamatkan!!no backup files.research
materials,final year project proposal,thesis chap 1 and 2
all GONE!!!!dammit!!!i really..really hate being manipulated
by the technology when the only thing i'm relying on is my
freaking laptop!!all my work can not be research,my
thesis,my software~~~ haisshhhh then i have to buy
a new hard disk sum the mifare card reader sum more..
BROKE again la weyhh!adeihhh kenapa time nak buat final year
project la baru dia nak buat hal!!maji f***ed up and geram~~~!!

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