Sunday, February 11, 2007

peopleee~~ it was a very nice ceremony..congrats kak anem ;)

i lyke this picture s0oo much!! ;) we're actually in the mirror

hey ho..yep!i made it to kak anem's engagement was
GREAT!very well organized and i was happy too!!we were all happy :)
to start the day was a bit funny la coz i promised kak ecah to be in lrt
damai at 9(yeah..rite!!) then overslept and woke up at 8.45!!hello...part
mana yang i can be there at 9?? i rushed and managed to get all
done by 9.then took the cab straight to taman bahagia and arrived at
damai at 9.45am.sowieeee..but then we plak sesat on the way to kak
anem's house.ingat nak ada kat sana before 11am.but sampai2 je..(after
sesat for almost an hour.haha) it was already nasib baik the
ceremony belum start ;)

s0o..the whole thing was sangattttt OK!congrats kak anem for a well
organized ceremony.sangat gempaks okei =D ouh,btw..i was the only
one i did mentioned it was okla..since most of
them was my dorm mates masa kat ssp ;) thanks kak ecah for the lift.
and kak mizz!!sila comel giler sebab kena teman dia pegi stesen minyak
before balik seremban!!haha.even kak sher kak sharifah and kak siti
hafta teman!!boleh tak??but its ok..kiotrang dapat air mineral sorang
satu.haha.anyways..the whole day the whole thing was reminds
me of those good friends of mine yang i couldnt go to their engagement
ceremony i bet you were all excited and happy like kak anem.she looked
so0oo happy and pweeety today;) so kak anem's you are now officially
ENGAGED!! congrats!!(^__^) pictures : kak anem's engagement

p/s:cepat tak i update ?:P

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