Thursday, February 01, 2007

it's february!!!love is in the is mine ;)

weee...woke up with a great feeling~~!!woke up to kakak's sambal
nasi lemak.wahhh s0oo sedap.she's off today coz it's hari wilayah oso off today coz thaipusam!haha.but since tomorrow got
no class so..woke up late..hihi..had a flu i tooked actifed
and dozed off like a baby =) and then had nasi lemak for breakfast
and got testimonial from hana..hehe budak itu sangat kelakar bley??
and then feel s0oo good today so i think a good day to start my
final year project.had started the 3 chaps for the thesis and a
lil bit design for the vb.haissshhh i am s0oo not good with vb ler.
sho0 sadd..but its ok.since i'm in the i'm willing to read
the step-to-step of quick VB tutorial.hehe.aiyo!!it's already 1st
of feb.i definitely have to start concerntrating on my fyp.if not
i'm gonna find my doom's day.huhu..

but oh well hapiness still here this morning when i got MMS from
papa in beijing.sangat comeeellll!!hihi he said it's -1c over there.
so he's wearing like nak pegi berperang je!!hahaha..but cute la pa!!
i bet mama's taking the pic,so she's not in the pic.miss her s0o much
la :'( ok..i want to start reading.hihi.wish me luck~

papa before going to great wall.

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