Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hoho..i didn't do that much..s0oo little time~ sigh*

well..its been s0oo little time..too many staying up late..and i'm
getting blinder~ haha..imagine me in a room..in front of a laptop
for 12hrs a day..blinding?yep! and guess wat?the screw from my
glasses started to wear off..haish~!!so now i'm wearing my ever
realiable but senget glasses while waiting it to be fixed tomorrow..
hehe.oh well~at least it helped me from NOT getting rabun to

anyhow..an iran friend 'ym'ed me and asked me to help her friend
to translate the abstract for his/her master paper.at first she said
it was only a paragraph so it was my pleasure to help her...and
suddenly it went like 2 pages okey~~ and i was like "alamak!tadi
kata sat perenggan.takkan nak tarik balik kut the offer" so i was
like urgh~!!!wat shall i do???so here i am stucked in the middle of
the translation,multitasking..talking to pee and nuren and writing
an entry at the same time.huhu...i am so0o NOT focused please...

today..i was s0oo tired anyways..slept in late at 2 and woke up as
early as 7.20am to go for a jog with papa.he is s0o energetic okei..
and i plak jadi mangsa..it was okei je..but i end up sleeping for 3hrs
after lunch..tired please~~not really right after though..coz we
went shopping for grass..lol.papa is planning to make his very own
botanical garden.cayalah~~ so yeah..pretty much i was lazing
around,sleeping on couch and just spending the evening watching
tv hehe.well..tomorrow is BIG day.i really need to do my research,
thesis and ouh..my translation as well..haishh~~~ now i know its
really hard to do a last minute work..(baru sedar ker??:P) regret?
hehe..you tell me..we'll see.. (^__-)v

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