Wednesday, February 28, 2007

weee....dah berjaya meletakkan comment..kehkeh..

hai..this is a short post..actually..tengah merelakskan had been really stressful everytime buka pc and start doing my system.i almost cried whenever i think i really can't do dumbness and laziness and everything yang ness ness made me feel s0oo low..stressful and usual..i may be exaggarating but trust me,i'm sure all of u've been there or even going there.i believe i do have friends who's in the same shoes~ alel,azz,jido and all final year students..lets do it!!huh!everytime i feel so0 stressed i put myself in thoughts of friends who are in the same position as i am right now..i'm sure..everyone's in the battle of our own.azz and jid with law papers,lela with her geophysics (wow!!sila horror tau lel!) and me with my bloody straight to hell system.i think like i am s0oo not capable of doing whatever i am doing right now

people keep asking,"why use vb?" entahla..i think i am more familiar using vb,plus people said if u want to do embeded..better use vb..see..all these problems are coming from people. (yelah kan takkan kucing kut..haha!) then i realized..i never learnt vb..but i DO know how to design an interface using vb..but NOT the codings please..never learnt,never even been to a class for VB (saya budak system..mana ada blaja) so then i end up having to learn from scratch~!! sangat susah!!!!vb,access..oh Allah..i then realized how wish i took that i can be prepared,unlike right wat state does a person is prepared when all she has is ZERO knowledge and definitely MINUS zero of confidence..strength and selfesteem..see..i started to babble again..sheeessh~~so people..i really need words of wisdom words of encouragement and anything in the world which can keep me going on and have the faith that i can make it...

p/s:tapi kan..yeay!!sebab i berjaya membuat comment..menggunakan haloscan.jangan gelakkan okei..thanks to kak anem..bersusah payah aku mencari :P

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

whoopss..what has happened????heheheh

yosh~~baru lepas tengok cite skeleton key..huhu..cite lama tuh~~suke la tengok kate hudson..dia comei..she and sandra bullock sangat kewl okei..ouh,first time tengok cite horror sorang2 :P adikku juga terkujat tengok aku duk menonton sambil sound system to da max!heuheu..quite mencabar gak:P but tak horror sangat sebab cite pasal witch..bukan antu pun :P oh well,first and foremost..i finally changed my layout for almost 2 years now..lama kan??hahah..guess wat??i dah lama usha layout ni..tapi i just like to menyusahkan orang lain to scroll my ruang keciks yang ada kat blog lama..but since people can't really see the whole deal of my layout so why bother menyusahkan mika here i am blogging in my new layout *definitely another weird traits of*

nurenchunk called me semalam!!sangat thrill aaa...orang tu mana nak call aku kat sini...ingat kat taichunk je :P koi janai no?*winks*winks* no offends fuda~but we talked for half an hour!!lama tuh~!!best please~~~!!! thanks for calling hun~ dari japan lagi..hikhik..although alang called much longer pun pernah,but lang..u had been busy eh lately?miss u la babe :( its oke.i understanding ;) but sangat best!!!borak2 macam!hihih..gossips please!!!so i was telling her that my head had been s0oo heavy lately..dunno why~ *BIG possibility from my major gastric!* very sad....coz i thought i can push the limit..buat fyp is s0oo stressful!!so the more i paksa buat benda yang i tak faham...i think i kenot!!! :( *imagine 12-13hrs in front of the computer okei..* i will stress myself and end up like today..bad stomach ache and heavy headed for 3 days now!haish~!!!

then she said la.."lambat lagi tuh bulan 5!! jangan risau.." hehe..terus i went all lazy and tidak mahu menyambung lagi..sebab i rasa i kena relax la sket..hahaha alasan!! but WAIT!!since i had changed the new layout here..i am planning to bersemangat to start my fyp starting march!yosh!!!ganbaru~~~!!so i was thinking..all so sudden i rasa nak blog tonight sebab esok maybe i dah takde benda nak week uni dah start..then i dah kena tekun and concentrate on my project (finger crossed!!) so people...apekah susah membuat final year project..kenapa aku cuak terlebih??tulun~~~ wish me luck..

dan bulan depan jugak la my one and only sister is getting married~!!!sedih please~~!!!dahlah haritu pegi tempah baju..*guna kain yang alang beli kat indon..tak jahit2 lagi* thanks lel..sayang ko!!boleh tak kakak tailor tu kata apa?? "dia dah naik sket kat sini" hello~~ kat sini tuh mane???boleh tak??memang sah beyonce la aku!!!!(er..more like..adik beyonce sket..takdela besau cam dia,mak!!) hehehe..but demi kakak dah hantar le baju 2 weeks siap..wahh..everyone's getting married..sangat horror okei..its not like i'm getting married too~!!!but er..the thought of it freaks me out..huhu..oh well..nak sambung buat keje sket..azz!!!update~~!!!nurenchunk~~ sila update jugee..awak tuh dah nak sotsugyou~ :P misch ya all <33

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Friday, February 23, 2007

i think i'm not weird enough to be tagged..hihi

yabei~ heuheu..i've been tagged by kak anem..heuheuheu..apekah
berbadan keciks bermontot beyonce menjadikan aku peliks??:P
okei..okei..since i'm in the mood to here goes..the
weirdo part of me...

RULES: People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6
weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the
end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their
names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are
tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1.i will start to soon as i hit the shower..tak kisahla..baru
bangun tido ker..mata belum buka ker..baru lepas *toot* ker..i
think the water berhantu coz i will end up singing all kinds of song
from avril to anak itik tokwi hehehe..weird enough??tell me...

2.if i want to eat at a gerai makanan with nasi campur..i will sniff
the lauk first before eating because i can tell if its delicious or not :P

3.i think guys who wears his watch on the right hand is a hottie.
because i wear mine on the right hand that makes both of
us weirdos!hehe.(but of coz i tengok jugakla orangnyer..kang
mamat bangla mana plak ke kan..hehe..)

4.i think i am fat although i am underweight and i will look at the
mirror and asked my lil bro "am i fat??" haha.i guess too many
skinny chinese gals made me feel i'm fat :P hahaha..

5.i like to stay awake till 2-3am..woke up at 9am and i will feel
automatically sleepy at 5pm.and will end up sleeping till maghrib.
every day~!! i wonder why myself (?__?) even my mom called
me musang!

6.ouh..i think perfectionists are freaks coz they always want
things to be perfect and just the way they wanted..but never
bother to own their mistakes if they made one coz they think
they are too perfect to make mistakes.bullshits huh?*no offends..
i wasnt refering to anyone spesifically.serious!*hehe..

so that's it i guess..i dont think i'm weird enough like my brother
where he can cry just because i told him..he's like indian..NOT
very macho cry baby..haha..he's 17 btw.mengada kan?:P i'm
just joking je..tu pun nak nangis tagging..

1.nurenchunk (coz i want u to update ur blog pleaseee...)

2. azz (sebab i tak rasa u weird but sure u ada weird dark secrets)

3.nadz(sebab hang jarang update since dah keje nih..hehe)

4.jido (because i nak tau rahsia kesliman u..haha)

5.ilham (sebab ham takde keje after spm nih.meh i bagi keje)

6.canaz(sebab i think ppl in japan are weird :P)

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

i'm spinning arounnn~

u think i worked so0o hard?tell me about that..sementara
menunggu sisa-sisa streamyx nih..*note i tak bayar lagi bil :P*
so i was completing my kenkyuu yep.the research where i hafta
record the conversations between malaysian tourist guide and
japanese tourist.then kena type it all back..peninnnggg satu
kepala..pastu tak start2 lagi nak buat fyp.after 3 days berehat
please~~tak larat ler..hari2 duk depan pc..mata sakit..kepala
pening.and yep!dah ada simptom2 my headache sebab
angin dah naik kat kepala..gastrik pun dah melanda..haish~ hari2
pun asyik suruh ash belikan timeout.tak makan sehari rasa boleh
mereng kepala...heuheu.pastu agak2 stress baca buku lipstick
chronicle kak anem.dah abes dah satu!interesting aa..
cam cerita 'cinta' 4 kisah cinta in one book..hehe..oh anyways,i
wanted to buy this presto watch

my aunt said dah murah..weee..tak sabar pleasee..tapi i takde
duit ler...huhuhu..tu last watch..which was presto too...

dah takde bateri..hihi..males nak bubuh lagi..nanti2 least
ada alasan nak beli jam baru...weeee~~ ouh..well..okei..harap2
jam tu still ada lagi :( head's spinning idi..too much
staring at the pc..sigh~

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hoho..i didn't do that much..s0oo little time~ sigh*

well..its been s0oo little time..too many staying up late..and i'm
getting blinder~ haha..imagine me in a front of a laptop
for 12hrs a day..blinding?yep! and guess wat?the screw from my
glasses started to wear off..haish~!!so now i'm wearing my ever
realiable but senget glasses while waiting it to be fixed tomorrow..
hehe.oh well~at least it helped me from NOT getting rabun to
blind~haha. iran friend 'ym'ed me and asked me to help her friend
to translate the abstract for his/her master first she said
it was only a paragraph so it was my pleasure to help her...and
suddenly it went like 2 pages okey~~ and i was like "alamak!tadi
kata sat perenggan.takkan nak tarik balik kut the offer" so i was
like urgh~!!!wat shall i do???so here i am stucked in the middle of
the translation,multitasking..talking to pee and nuren and writing
an entry at the same time.huhu...i am so0o NOT focused please...

today..i was s0oo tired anyways..slept in late at 2 and woke up as
early as 7.20am to go for a jog with papa.he is s0o energetic okei..
and i plak jadi was okei je..but i end up sleeping for 3hrs
after lunch..tired please~~not really right after though..coz we
went shopping for is planning to make his very own
botanical garden.cayalah~~ so yeah..pretty much i was lazing
around,sleeping on couch and just spending the evening watching
tv hehe.well..tomorrow is BIG day.i really need to do my research,
thesis and translation as well..haishh~~~ now i know its
really hard to do a last minute work..(baru sedar ker??:P) regret? tell me..we'll see.. (^__-)v

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

woot woot~!!make way for eghiinnnnn :P

weeeeeee...sangat thrill~drove mama's car today..kinda funny coz
kebetulan my cousin,mil and my bro nak tumpang pegi OU.hello~!!!
it's my first real drive with license okeiii tak berani aku!!but then..
kakak teman me to drive since we suddenly feel like having goreng
pisang and kerepoklekor for tea.s0o..i went like "kakak.awak make
sure belahkiri takde kete.kalau brake jerit kuat2 tau saya ni mengelamun
sket" heuheuheu..boleh tak?but well..i made it :P heuheu agak cuak when
bawak kete aa masa class bawak kancil jerk..hihi..but okei jee..
oh,then there's this part when i was driving at a bumper and suddenly
ada keretapolis ni at the opposite way 'potong' lori and boleh tak i tengah
tekan minyak (i ni memang kaki tekan minyak je)hehe..pastu 'ter'ke kiri
fewhh~~ seb baik..tak terlanggar kete tepi jalan.(cam tercorner mengejut
sekejap.hehe) mesti polis ingat aku dah lama bawak..boleh plak dia ske
hati merempit kat bumper..aduih..but overall..okei jee..

balik2 jer papa was like "camne?ok?best??"hehehe..i went all smileeyyyyy..
hihihi..hellowww...first experience dah naik merce !!gilo apo??dah kakak
takmo bagipinjam savvy sape soh~??but it was fun!!woot woot~!!(jangan
gelakkan aa..i know u guys dah lama bawak kete..hehe) wat a dayy ;)

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Friday, February 16, 2007

ape itu heritage?heuheuheu..i looked like japs..i lyke~!!

wahhh~~!!akhirnyaa..hihi..petang tadi internet lagging kut..sebab tu taleh nak postkan heritage ni :P actuallydah buat since semalam..tapi problem ngan internet maka tergendala sebentar..well..memang interesting giler..dukbusan2 so main ngan benda heritage ni..duk testing kat gamba a-ash,papa,pojoe pun i funny.actually dah pernah tengok kat azz punya blog before ni..then kak anemplak tengah rajin2 nih..buatla..hehe..

heuheu..skali testing2 lagi dapat takuya~~ahh sangat cute!!tableh blah kan??and i realized i dapat muka this korean actress dua kali..apakah??hehe..nama dia son ye jin.n i oso got beyonce..hahah tangmana lah tu??

anyways,tagging nuren,ilham,azz,canaz,jido,hallie,alang nak jugak ker :P leh aaa :D hihihi..oh,tadi pee dah balik oz.hihi funny plak call sampai 2-3 kali..tapi cakap.."okla.." bla bla bla..pastu letak..lawak please..anyhow,dont miss me ok.. ;) one more year to go tired today..ntah kenapa malas nak buat keje and all end up playing with my lil ameer hihih..lagi bestt~~~suddenly windu kat my friends in brits la..miss u azz..alang!!sangat!!!!jido~!!!and er..sape lagi ek..oh denise~!!u kat kira boleh masuk skali la:Pwindu u guysss..cepat balik pleaseee~~!!

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

peopleee~~ it was a very nice ceremony..congrats kak anem ;)

i lyke this picture s0oo much!! ;) we're actually in the mirror

hey ho..yep!i made it to kak anem's engagement was
GREAT!very well organized and i was happy too!!we were all happy :)
to start the day was a bit funny la coz i promised kak ecah to be in lrt
damai at 9(yeah..rite!!) then overslept and woke up at 8.45!!hello...part
mana yang i can be there at 9?? i rushed and managed to get all
done by 9.then took the cab straight to taman bahagia and arrived at
damai at 9.45am.sowieeee..but then we plak sesat on the way to kak
anem's house.ingat nak ada kat sana before 11am.but sampai2 je..(after
sesat for almost an hour.haha) it was already nasib baik the
ceremony belum start ;)

s0o..the whole thing was sangattttt OK!congrats kak anem for a well
organized ceremony.sangat gempaks okei =D ouh,btw..i was the only
one i did mentioned it was okla..since most of
them was my dorm mates masa kat ssp ;) thanks kak ecah for the lift.
and kak mizz!!sila comel giler sebab kena teman dia pegi stesen minyak
before balik seremban!!haha.even kak sher kak sharifah and kak siti
hafta teman!!boleh tak??but its ok..kiotrang dapat air mineral sorang
satu.haha.anyways..the whole day the whole thing was reminds
me of those good friends of mine yang i couldnt go to their engagement
ceremony i bet you were all excited and happy like kak anem.she looked
so0oo happy and pweeety today;) so kak anem's you are now officially
ENGAGED!! congrats!!(^__^) pictures : kak anem's engagement

p/s:cepat tak i update ?:P

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

wat i've been up to without my baby lifebook?? :'(

welll....wat i've been up to lately?? the mo..i'm using desktop at home.seb baik ada gak pc kat umah..since i'm the one in charge of the streamyx at home *i yang pasang and on kan balik homeline and semua kena guna duit sendiri..huhu*so no one can use the modem i i'm not at desktop ni baru na disettingkan internetnya..huhuhu.since i dah balik umah ni..huhu..i am s0oo kenot live without my laptop!!sangat necessary!!*betul ker aku eja?:P* haha b.i is getting worse.anyhow,i was sad a day before..i even cried..nasib baik i decided to networkkan this desktop so i can talked to nurenchunk.huh.seb baik nurenchunk online.and after talking to her..i feel s0oo much better.she told me dat maybe i wasstressed out one thing yes la kut..sebab fyp taleh start sebab laptop rosakand then i wanna all my softwares dalam laptop tuh!!s0oo sad!!then i had this crushed feelings AGAIN!!but then after talking to her wat she told me really made i was ok then :)

and oh!!funny thing is dat i was all excited yesterday..i mean i planned wat to wear,which bag and all..its my first ssp-someone-getting-married-or-engaged occassion.hehe.yep~wait,i'll fill u in later..i was texting kak ecah when suddenly she asked me if i DO know the occassion is tomorrow!!lol.mati2 aku ingat harini!!!haha so nasib baik kak ecah okei..tomorrow i'm going to kak anem's engagement =) s0oo can't wait!!i heard that the make up is s0oo good.but actually i'm nervous and a bit takut coz..i'm meeting all my seniors there!!hehe agak cuak..sebab apakah aku sorang je yang junior??:P but xpe..since kak anem dah jemput.kita datangje meramaikan majlis :) so peeps..will update later..with my baby lifebookcoz esok i'm gonna get back my baby ;) yeay!!(^0^)/


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Wednesday, February 07, 2007 hard disk is corrupted!!!wat am i gonna do??

dis is the worst week ever!!imagine this.parents not at home.
gone back.cooked meals for almost everyday for my sis and bro.
same ol spageti for the whole week.spent most of my money on
transport pegi balik serdang-ttdi.broke.forgotten my calculus
test on sunday.rushed back to serdang the morning papa just
got back from beijing.artificial intelligence test the next my pocket money.spent rm150 in just 2days!broke.and
yessss!!!the worst agenda ever!!!!MY HARD DISK ROSAK!!!!
and i can't even get into c: before formating and even my d:
also belum tentu boleh diselamatkan!!no backup files.research
materials,final year project proposal,thesis chap 1 and 2
all GONE!!!!dammit!!!i really..really hate being manipulated
by the technology when the only thing i'm relying on is my
freaking laptop!!all my work can not be research,my
thesis,my software~~~ haisshhhh then i have to buy
a new hard disk sum the mifare card reader sum more..
BROKE again la weyhh!adeihhh kenapa time nak buat final year
project la baru dia nak buat hal!!maji f***ed up and geram~~~!!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

it's february!!!love is in the is mine ;)

weee...woke up with a great feeling~~!!woke up to kakak's sambal
nasi lemak.wahhh s0oo sedap.she's off today coz it's hari wilayah oso off today coz thaipusam!haha.but since tomorrow got
no class so..woke up late..hihi..had a flu i tooked actifed
and dozed off like a baby =) and then had nasi lemak for breakfast
and got testimonial from hana..hehe budak itu sangat kelakar bley??
and then feel s0oo good today so i think a good day to start my
final year project.had started the 3 chaps for the thesis and a
lil bit design for the vb.haissshhh i am s0oo not good with vb ler.
sho0 sadd..but its ok.since i'm in the i'm willing to read
the step-to-step of quick VB tutorial.hehe.aiyo!!it's already 1st
of feb.i definitely have to start concerntrating on my fyp.if not
i'm gonna find my doom's day.huhu..

but oh well hapiness still here this morning when i got MMS from
papa in beijing.sangat comeeellll!!hihi he said it's -1c over there.
so he's wearing like nak pegi berperang je!!hahaha..but cute la pa!!
i bet mama's taking the pic,so she's not in the pic.miss her s0o much
la :'( ok..i want to start reading.hihi.wish me luck~

papa before going to great wall.

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