Tuesday, January 02, 2007

wooohoo~~!!HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!!

welcome 2007~!!but i am sure gonna miss 2006~loads of things had
happened from sweet to sour=p i lost my bloved handphone samsung
DH800,i lost my retainer..HAHA...i lost my money,lsot my nike
watch :'( fewh~!!takmo ingat semua kalau boleh..but i still have
fiza,lela,nuren and shila~!!and all my close ssp friends,faranad,
azz,jid,eija,denise,mcna,azar,kaem,kemek,qoyye etc heheh..i still
have my le sport sac=p hehe s0oo out of topic.so this year is
gonna be MY year..my final semester in UPM..**note dat i'm going
back today anytime soon**sigh** so00 sad because i really miss my
friends..jessica,siew ping,stella,siti and kak ona.sob.sob.coz they
all dah graduated last year (>__<) this year i will have to go to
classes alone now.i miss going 'brunch' with jess..since we have 2
classes sama..now i'm the one going to only 2 classes this year..
BEST!!!!(^0^)/ tapi lonely la sket...huhuhuhu...

results dah keluar..and alhamdulillah..i'm still maintaining my
grades~!!tapi..tengah cuak ni..sebab kerja research aku tak siap
lagi~!!matila aku azz!!!camne nih~?!!tapi tu la..aku tengah berdoa
je harap2 saat2 terakhir ni dapatla rezeki..ya Allah please help
me~!! (>__<)anyhouuu..takmo spoil the mood..HAPPY NEW YEAR..wats
ur new year's resolutions??hmmm..mine..after figuring out berpikir
panjaaaaang semalam*actually i fell asleep early semalam*..i start
my new year with mount hiking with papa..hmm..a great start.. :)
then we went shopping at One Utama..spent rm400 on groceries..woah~
another good start..haha..then just hanging aroun and had the comp
of each other dats the best.sebab starting esok..semua dah start
another new book of life;)

my resolutions are to make my wish come true *goin to japan for
masters*,eat less spicy food *coz i was attacked by a serious ulcer
last month*,eat less carb and chocs=p ,try to keep in shape and aim
to get my ideal weight 44-45kg =D *note dat i gained weight now :(
dont be too lavish coz soon i have to save some money before getting
any job*note that its my final year this year** and score another
dean list.one last one,and graduating with flying colors THIS YEAR..

insyaAllah.how about you?ok..hafta go.might not be aroun for awhile
coz hafta to register and attend classes.will get back to u this

take care to all my friends and thank you for a fabulous 2006!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR & TAKE CARE~~love xxx erin adnan 2007 xxx

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