Wednesday, January 03, 2007

updating from the lab..huhuh

shaisshh~~~!!!its freaking hot here!!!tableh blah siottt..upm is s0oo hot!!
anyways..i'm updating from the HPC lab..this morning went to send kak yan
and abg walid and cute lil arisa at the airport..they're going back today..
i bet on the plane idi..another 3hrs to go and they'll arrive the la la
land of japan~!!haishh!@@@ s0oo jealous of them=p i am s0oo missing
japan at the mo..huhuhu

anyhouuu..semalam sampai kolej awal and went all bored coz no one was at the
room when i arrived.shaitt~!! i was the first person :p tableh blah siottt~~
but anyways..sampai2 aroun 1.30pm then kemas2 barang then siap aroun 2pm.
solat jap then t0oo tired by then sebab bangun dozed off to sleep
sebab tunggu my roommates s0oo lambat to sampai..aroun 4 sumting feaqa sampai..
fewh~!i tot i was gonna sleep ALONE last nite:P s0oo dah tak tahu nak watpa..
wokeup and mandi and just lepak2 kat bilik waited until dinner =D then went out
for dinner aroun 8..tapi 9pm baru leh makan!!!sebab the gerai buka sket je
semalam so0o kena tunggu nasi masak 2nd round baru bleh 9.30 baru
abes makan!!lambat kan??then slept in early sebab today nak pegi anta kak yan
today =D so now i'm updating about today;) got class at 8 and 10 but i missed
it kira cancel =D tomorrow got calculus..huhuhu..horror!!!then abes
aroun 12..patut boleh balik terus..but then janji ngan nuren to meet her on
friday!!!yeay!!!cant't wait to meet her (^0^)v toodles~*

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