Sunday, January 21, 2007

sape kata KL takde tempat menarik?? =D

hellllooo..wah!!wat a tiring day~~yesterday i was really..really
tired..imagine me having this 'lenguh-lenguh' the whole kaki!!!
i never realized that i was not that energetic as i used to.haha!
went to accompany two japanese friends and suan yesterday.remember
i mentioned about the we DID.but i only got 15minutes!
huhu..s0oo sad.BUT the 15mins of recording was GREAT!!thanks to
suan!she did a great job!well..since the recording need a person
to explain on tourists spots..maka berlakonla kami berempat!!hihi!
it was fun!my japanese friends juga sangat bersemangat nak membantu!

so the agenda was...going to KLCC.we went there at jalan2 cari
makan dulu sebab we all were i ate laksa johor and i
'osusume'-recommend to yokota san to eat laksa nyonya!!he CAN eat!!
trust me,japanese DON'T eat spicy food.merah jugak muka member duk
tahan pedas..hehehe..kawaiiii..then the agenda was to go to the
park and suan will introduce about the petronas twin tower.sugoii
budak ni..leh explain details.*of coz i did my homework and gave her
the text*hehe..and we did get the recording done naturally,syukur..
so after that we terus pegi ke..AQUARIA.hihi..rasa cam budak2 balik.
maka..berjalan la kami ke sana and yeap!it was fun!!i managed to
take few pictures but suan tak sempat nak explain apa2..sebab saya
tidak prepare text!zannendatta!!but then we had fun~!!i saw this lil
monkey~ smallest in the world!!anak dia besar 'thumb' je tau!!

can u see it??cute kan??

then jalan2..i hate the amphibias and reptiles sections..ewee s0oo geli!
so takde pictures..sowie :P so we jalan2 lagi till we lalu the tunnel..
so fun..the fish were s0oo big okei.i mean really BIG!!then we saw this
catfish!!s0oo cute tau!!macam senyum je..kat kitorang :P

here are they:suan,misa and yokota

that's me and suan,getting tired.and yokota san too!

lepas aquaria..we went to the...guess what?!!it's EYE ON MALAYSIA!
fewh!had to take the monorail *i'm afraid of monorail.sebab dia cam tak
seimbang.haha*then we headed to titiwangsa!!wah!!sampai2 je..sangat
thrill okei!!first time dapat naik ferris wheel yang besar!!!(^0^)/
huhu..sape kate KL takde tempat menarik nak pegi..?hihi..dulu saya
ler yang cakap kat sini kitorang recording sket2 je..then
i just lepak2 and enjoy my time here..tengokla our pictures kat
sini : click here for pictures

tada~!!eye on malaysia!!

me and suan in the e.o.m

eye on malaysia at night.cantik kan??

we waited till malam to get the nice shot of the lighted up ferris
wheel so..we hafta wait till its dark..fewh~so tired..masa naik
e.o.m it took about 12mins like 6 rounds to first gayat.
but at the end.tak terasa pun..sebab dia pusing agak cepat :P btw,
its air conditioned okei..hihi..siap ada pasang lagu lagi ;) so then
after thath we headed home at 9.i sampai umah at 10..fuiyoo~~imagine..
from pagi,ada driving then go entertain my friends..well for kenkyuu no
tame ni(research's sake) but i had a great time..maybe we should do
it again.hihi..

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